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Explore Epson’s Mobile Printing Solutions: TM-P20II, TM-P80II, and TM-P80II Plus

Posted March 29, 2024

See the Epson Mobilink wireless receipt printers in actions:

Discover Epson’s versatile POS wireless receipt printers including the Mobilink TM-P20II, Mobilink TM-P80II, and Mobilink TM-P80II Plus. Streamline mobile printing with compact designs, fast print speeds, and seamless connectivity.

In today’s fast-paced business world, mobility is essential. Whether you work in retail, hospitality, or field services, having dependable mobile printing solutions can help you optimize operations and deliver an elite customer experience. Epson, a trusted name in printing technology, offers a range of wearable portable printing solutions tailored to meet diverse business needs from anywhere, anytime. Dust- and water resistant, the small but mighty Mobilink printers won’t let you down in the field. We’ll review the features and benefits of three of Epson’s most popular wireless receipt printers: the Epson Mobilink TM-P20II, Epson Mobilink TM-P80II, and Epson Mobilink TM-P80II Plus.

Epson Mobilink TM-P20II

Streamlined for mobility, the Epson Mobilink TM-P20II wireless portable receipt printer offers a compact, lightweight1 design ideal for on-the-go printing. As the lightest Epson Mobilink printer with the smallest footprint, this 2-inch receipt printer ensures comfort, convenience, and efficiency for your staff during mobile printing tasks.

Here are some key features:

Portability: With its 2-inch pocket-sized design, the TM-P20II is perfect for mobile workers who need to print receipts, invoices, or tickets on-site. Boasting a swift 3-hour full charge time and an impressive 27-hour battery life, productivity remains uninterrupted. Weighing a mere 0.5 pounds, its lightweight design is complemented by a handy belt clip, ensuring easy wearability and facilitating hands-free mobility for seamless operation.

Connectivity: Seamless connectivity options including Bluetooth 5.0, Wi-Fi 5, and NFC for easy integration with various mobile devices and POS systems. Supported operating systems include iOS, Android, and Windows.

Durability: Though small in size, the TM-P20II is incredibly durable, built to withstand the rigors of mobile situations. It provides dependable performance while on the go thanks to its durable build and long battery life. Remarkably, out of all the Mobilink TM-P versions, it has the greatest drop test rating, easily withstanding falls as high as 6.9 feet.

Sustainable: A distinctive paper-saving mode that not only champions eco-friendliness but also conserves valuable resources. Plus, enjoy the added benefit of cutting costs by reducing paper usage.

Epson Mobilink TM-P80II

The TM-P80II is printing powerhouse designed to withstand the demands of multi-industry environments. With a print medium width of 3 inches and a weight of less than a pound, this model, which is somewhat larger than its TM-P20II sibling, maintains the ideal balance between portability and durability. With the TM-P80II’s capacity to withstand drops from as high as 6.2 feet, reliability is guaranteed, providing comfort in even the most taxing situations.

Here’s what else sets it apart:

Battery Longevity: When fully charged, the TM-P80II can run on a single charge for up to 47 hours, a process that takes only 2.5 hours to reach.

Versatility Meets Quality:

Versatility is at the heart of the Epson Mobilink TM-P80II, accommodating a range of printing formats such as receipts, labels, and tickets to cater to diverse business requirements. With a wider media holder capable of accommodating receipt paper of up to 51 mm, it offers expanded capabilities. Powered by vibrant printing technology, expect nothing less than sharp, high-quality printouts.

Connectivity Options: Like the TM-P20II, the TM-P80II offers versatile connectivity options such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and NFC, ensuring seamless integration with mobile devices and POS systems.

Epson Mobilink TM-P80II Plus

The Epson Mobilink TM-P80II Plus takes efficiency to new heights with its advanced features and capabilities. What’s more, it retains the Epson Mobilink hallmark traits of ultra-fast speed, compact size, and rugged durability, ensuring top-notch performance in any environment.

Here’s what you can expect:

Easy Handling with a Larger Design: The TM-P80II Plus stands out with its larger frame (dimensions of 4.1″ x 6.0″ x 2.6″) for easier handling while still holding court as a ultra-compact mobile printer.

Enhanced Receipt Turnout: The TM-P80II Plus includes a receipt paper auto-cutter and de-curler for easy printing and high-quality results. You’ll appreciate the clean, smooth edges, which come out at industry-leading print rates.

Impressive Battery Life: Although the TM-P80II Plus comes in slightly behind the standard TM-P80II in terms of battery longevity, its impressive endurance still leads in the market, boasting an outstanding 34 hours of usage on a single full charge.

Compare Epson Mobilink Printers

Mobilink TM-P20IIMobilink TM-P80IIMobilink TM-P80II Plus
Media Width2″3″3″
Auto CutterNoNoNo
Compatible Media TypeReceipt rollReceipt rollReceipt roll
Print SpeedUp to 100 mm/sec2Up to 100 mm/sec2Up to 100 mm/sec2
Max BatteryUp to 27 hours3Up to 47 hours3Up to 34 hours3
Drop Test Rating6.9 feet46.2 feet44.9 feet4
IP RatingIP54IP54IP54
ConnectivityWi-Fi or BluetoothWi-Fi or BluetoothWi-Fi or Bluetooth
Weight0.5 lb0.8 lb1.3 lb
Dimensions3.1″ x 4.7″ x 1.8″4.1″ x 5.4″ x 2.2″4.1″ x 6.0″ x 2.6″

Epson’s Mobilink TM-P20II, TM-P80II, and TM-P80II Plus offer versatile and reliable mobile printing solutions tailored to various business needs. Whether you’re a mobile retailer, restaurant owner, or field service provider, these printers provide the performance, durability, and connectivity required to stay productive on the go.

If you’re interested in exploring the Epson Mobilink wireless receipt printers further, or have any questions about mobile printing solutions, feel free to contact us. Our team is here to help you find the perfect mobile printing solution for your business.

1 Compared to the Mobilink TM-P80II and TM-P80II Plus.

2 Speed based on charging with Epson® genuine battery chargers (OT-SB20I, OT-SB80II, OT-CH20II, OT-CH80II).

3 Battery life will vary considerably depending on connectivity (Wi-Fi or Bluetooth), usage and environment.

4 Drop test varies by model: TM-P80II Plus = 4.9 feet, TM-P80II = 6.2 feet, TM-P20II = 6.9 feet.

Design and Print Professional Labels Effortlessly with TekLynx Labelview

Posted May 16, 2023

Looking to streamline your labeling process? Look no further than Teklynx LabelView!

This cutting-edge software empowers businesses like yours to design and print professional labels effortlessly. With its intuitive interface and robust features, LabelView ensures accuracy and compliance while saving you valuable time. Experience hassle-free labeling today.

Key Benefits of TekLynx Labelview Software:

  • Streamlined Labeling Process: Teklynx LabelView simplifies label design and printing, allowing you to create professional labels quickly and efficiently. Say goodbye to manual processes and enjoy a streamlined workflow.
  • Enhanced Accuracy and Compliance: Ensure precision and regulatory compliance with LabelView’s advanced features. It enables barcode creation, variable data printing, and label validation, minimizing errors and enhancing product traceability.
  • Time and Cost Savings: LabelView helps you save valuable time and reduce costs associated with manual label creation. With its user-friendly interface, intuitive design tools, and seamless integration with existing systems, you can improve productivity and achieve a significant return on investment.

Optimize labeling processes, increase accuracy, and save time and costs with Labelview from Teklynx.

Contact us today for a free assessment and to ensure your label processes aren’t costing you loads of time and money.

Honeywell PM45 Industrial Printers: Maximum Productivity in Distribution Environments

Posted March 22, 2023
honeywell pm45 barcode label printer

There are more and more problems with production flexibility, inventory turnover, and cost control for businesses today.

The Honeywell PM45 industrial printer is made to give businesses the freedom and accuracy they need to print high quality barcode labels, RFID tags, and more at scale.

The track-and-trace feature of the PM45 printer is meant to improve print efficiency and supply chain transparency in many different industries, such as the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, warehouse, and distribution center management industries.

The reliable PM45 printer is built on the Honeywell print platform and can print at speeds of up to 14 ips. With a print registration range of up to +/-0.5 mm, the PM45 printer can print high-quality barcodes, text, and images, even on small labels for electronic parts and medical devices.

As an industrial printer with a lot of connections, the PM45 has improved WWAN connectivity so that deployment isn’t too limited by the site’s network topology. Because the PM45 printer is so flexible, the user can add RFID, parallel, industrial, and applicator interfaces to meet unforeseeable business needs in the future.

The PM45 printer supports variable network protocols and multiple print languages to make it easy to integrate into your system, whether it is in the cloud or on a local server. This will help you move toward intelligent manufacturing and supply chain management.

With Honeywell’s Smart Parse software built in, the PM45 lets you quickly change the position of objects and barcodes, the size of objects and barcodes, or the font type on labels without having to make changes to the backend system or know how to code.

With Honeywell’s Operational Intelligence software, users can manage and keep an eye on the diagnostics and output performance of the PM45 printer from afar. The PM45 works with a wide range of media, including ink-in and ink-out ribbons with a 1-inch core size. This makes it easier to go longer without having to restock media.

Since Honeywell’s firmware platform supports multiple print languages, the PM45 printer is a great replacement for Honeywell or mixed printers that are already in use. A durable, all-metal print mechanism, an easy-to-replace printhead, and a platen roller that doesn’t need any tools to be changed all help to reduce downtime and maintenance needs.

Watch the Honeywell PM45 Video

The Honeywell PM45 is a productivity powerhouse. Additional features include:

  • Accurate & reliable high speed printing (direct and thermal transfer)
  • Broad connectivity options
  • Device management and track & trace functionality
  • Compatible Software, including Nicelabel, BarTender, Operational Intelligence, Teklynx Labelview
  • Compatible Drivers, such as CUPS Driver for Linux, InterDriver for Windows, and Certified Device Types for SAP

For a full list of detailed specifications, download the PM45 spec sheet.

TSC Alpha-30L and Alpha-40L Mobile Printers

Posted March 17, 2022

Introducing the new mobile printers that propel you into the next generation of smart, enhanced technology solutions for industrial-grade label printing applications, the TSC Alpha-30L and Alpha-40L.

User-friendly, heavy-duty, and drop-resistant, the Alpha printers are intelligent label printers for enterprise professionals. Ideal for applications including manufacturing, retail, transportation & logistics, and healthcare, the innovative Alpha-30L and Alpha-40L have been carefully crafted from the ground up to provide you with durability you can depend on.

With high productivity features for direct store delivery (DSD) and industrial field service, the Alpha-30L and Alpha-40L not only provide seamless mobility communication with users’ devices, they also securely print labels wherever they are needed.

Not only are the Alpha-30L and Alpha-40L versatile media handling solutions, but they also include a built-in peeler and a factory option for a linerless kit for a smarter, greener solution.

Included with a full line of accessories to assist in performing labeling tasks on the go, including hands-free mobility, the TSC Alpha-30L and Alpha-40L allow users to easily integrate the printer onto a forklift with intuitive RAM mount components and more.

For warehouse vehicles in need of a continuous power source, opt for the battery eliminator kit to increase productivity and prevent downtime for an entire work shift.

Key Features of the TSC Alpha 30 and Alpha 40 Series Printers

  • Seamless Mobility Communication: Apple certified MFi Bluetooth 5.0 connection with NFC tap-to-pair setup and dual band Wi-Fi
  • Integrated Software Pack: Supports label printing applications for different platforms and is available for both iOS and Android users
  • IP54 rating for dust and water resistance and a rugged design that can withstand drops from 1.8 m and tumbles from 1.0 m
  • Sophisticated TSC Sense Care: Auto scans and detects printhead bad dots during printing while monitoring smart battery to ensure maximum efficiency
  • SOTI Connect and TSC Console support multiple management tasks, reduce maintenance costs and avoid downtime of business-critical devices

To learn more about the next generation smart solution mobile printers, contact us today.

Get Intelligence and Toughness with SATO’s CL4NX Plus Industrial Thermal Printer

Posted December 15, 2020

Offering a vast array of standard features that are unequaled by its competition, SATO’s CL4NX Plus sets a new and groundbreaking industry standard for ease of use, intelligence, on-board emulations, connectivity, speed of processing data streams, user activity interface, and much more.

Built with integrity, designed with the user and productivity in mind, the CL4NX Plus supports up to 10-inch outside diameter of media and 1968-foot (600-meter) ribbon and incorporates Smart Printhead technology to keep track of usage specific to the mounted printhead. The platen roller with the Pure Line indicator provides a visual wear indicator so users can be proactive when it is necessary to change this vital component. The Micro Label Print Mode provides higher print accuracy for small pitch labels and can dispense labels as small as 10 mm. 

Using SATO Application Enabled Printing (AEP), you can build custom standalone applications that can be run directly on the printer and connect peripheral devices directly to the printer for data input, such as a barcode scanner, keyboard, or weigh scale.

The CL4NX Plus Industrial Printer is fast, precise, and intelligent. It will exceed your expectations of the printing technology of today.

Shop the SATO CL4NX Plus Printer online or Contact your Barcodes, Inc. Account Manager for more information.

How to Provide the Best On-Point Quality Care with Citizen Mobile Printing

Posted August 25, 2020

Improving medical service at the point of care continues to be a top priority for hospitals and other healthcare facilities. Nurses and healthcare staff, who spend most of their time caring for patients, need access to critical information while operating remotely. In order to improve care at the patient connection point, hospitals need to overcome the challenges that plague today’s healthcare workforce – challenges that increase the opportunity for error at the bedside and reduce the amount of time required to devote to direct patient care. Barcodes, Inc. and Citizen can help you deliver a point of care solution that meets your patients’ expectations through mobile printing, scanning, healthcare labels and wristbands. Watch how the Citizen CMP-30II and CMP-25L are ideal for on-point quality care:

Contact us today for a free assessment and see if you have the right point of care solution in place.

How to Create an Error-free Pharmacy Labeling Solution

Posted August 25, 2020

Pharmacy labeling contains critical information such as how to use the medication correctly, the number of doses per day, the length of time the medication should be taken and any precautions. While the information seems straightforward, mistakes are often made that can be costly. Barcodes, Inc. and Citizen can help you create an error-free pharmacy printer and label solution that meets the high customer demands and is compatible with healthcare pharmacy information and dispensing systems such as Cerner, Epic, OptiFill, ScriptPro, Meditech, VA Hospital, MedStation, Pyxis and Mediware. Watch how the Citizen CL-E300 and CL-S700 are ideal for pharmacy labeling:

Contact us today for a free assessment and see if you have the right pharmacy management solution in place.

How to Measure Your Industrial Printer’s Durability

Posted August 20, 2020

Today’s operations face unprecedented demands for faster order fulfillment and greater order accuracy. To meet customer demands without breaking your budget, Barcodes, Inc. recommends reevaluating your printing system since it lies at the core of successful order fulfillment.

See how Zebra’s rugged industrial printers meet these demands in our video:

Linking rugged consumables and intuitive software, your industrial printer holds the potential to streamline operations, which is why it should display:

  • Physical durability – Does your printer remain functional in a variety of different environments such as low temperatures, humidity, dust-prone, and high-altitude locations?
  • Intelligent adaptability – Just like any other piece of technology, your printer’s OS must be updated. Are updates still feasible, and will they be disruptive?
  • User flexibility – Before entering a brand-new peak season, can your printer adapt to new unexperienced employees without increasing training times?
  • Trustworthy security – Past studies indicated that over half of businesses’ data breaches occurred through networked printers. Is your printer protected against unauthorized access?

Developed by the leaders in rugged adaptability, Zebra’s industrial printers, like the ZT230 and ZT411, equip workforces with reliable durability that extends beyond printing processes. By combining it with Zebra’s Certified Consumables (Labels, Ribbon and Printheads) and Print DNA, Barcodes, Inc. works with you to design a complete printing solution that integrates:

  • Customizable labels that adapt to extreme environments
  • On-demand RFID printing
  • Future-proof OS updates and security measures
  • Dependable data breach protection
  • Assisted printer configuration
  • TrueSupport
  • On-site support and repair services
  • Simplified printer decommissioning

Get a closer look into what efficient printing looks like in our infographic.

From procurement to maintenance, refine your competitive edge with Barcodes, Inc. Speak to our printing specialists today for an in-depth consultation of your current printing system, and redefine durability your way.

Tech Tip Tuesday: What Do I Need To Print Out Amazon Labels?

Posted March 20, 2018

Fulfillment by Amazon

Many merchants use Amazon as a platform to reach out to their customers. Each unit that you send to Amazon for fulfillment needs a scannable barcode to enable storage at their facility.

So what do you need to do to label your inventory for Amazon?

Amazon advised that you should,

  • Use a direct thermal printer with a print resolution of 300DPI or greater. (Each label must be readable and scannable for 24 months)Amazonlabel2 2
    Amazon fulfillment centers currently use the Zebra GX430t models with direct thermal setting. (More affordable and comparable option, Airtrack DP-1)

    • Labels to include
      1. Barcode
      Format: Code 128A
      Height: Greater than 0.25″ or 15% of barcode length
      Narrow Barcode element: For 300 dpi printers-3.33mils For 200 dpi printers-20mils
      Wide to Narrow Ratio: 3:1
      Quiet Zone (sides): Greater than 0.25″
      Quiet Zone (top and bottom): Greater than 0.125″
      2. FNSKU: Used by Amazon fulfillment centers to identify each unique product. To get the FNSKU, set the product as Fulfilled by Amazon, and then launch it to Amazon. Once the item is in your catalog in SellerCentral, Amazon will assign an FNSKU to the product.
      3. Title and Description
      4. Condition of the Unit
      5. Any Optional information to specify the product

Label Specifications require it to be printed on a white label and recommended to print on a dimension between 1×2″ and 2×3″ with a removable adhesive if directly on product. If you do not wish to label your own inventory, you can sign up for the FBA Label Service and have Amazon apply barcodes to your eligible items. (Per-item fee applies)

What about Shipment Labels?Screenshot 9 4

Each box or pallet that you send to Amazon must be properly identified with a shipment label.

  • Labels supports the measures of 4×6″.
  • Don’t place labels on the seems of the box. (Might get cut by a box cutter which results into an unreadable barcode)
  • FBA shipment label should be placed next to the carrier label. Both needs to be uncovered for easy scanning.
  • Each box you include in the shipment must have its own label from the shipping Queue.
  • Each pallet needs four labels, one on top and the center of each visible sides.

For more in depth packaging and shipping instructions, please review this reference guide from Amazon.

Feel free to click on a few of our products that can help you create the labels you need for your business. If you have any needs or uncertainty, contact our dedicated account manager and they can help you pick the right equipment you need.

gx430tdp 1

GX430t                                      DP-1                                   3×1″                                  4×6″

Honeywell XL Thermal Transfer Labels

Posted August 2, 2017

labelsIf you don’t know what’s cool about the Honeywell XL Thermal Transfer Labels, please read below.

What is it?

  • 4” x 6” Thermal Transfer Label with a thinner liner.
  • 1,500 labels per roll vs standard 1,000
  • 3” core and 8” outer diameter.


  • Thinner liner = more labels & less weight per roll.
  • Less time changing rolls.
  • Less to order.
  • Saves on freight costs and storage space (6,000 rolls/case versus standard 4,000/case).
  • Environmentally friendly without a price premium.
  • Can be used with Zebra Thermal Transfer printers.

For a quote on the Honeywell XL Thermal Transfer Labels, contact one of our Barcodes, Inc. representatives.

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