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AirTrack Barcode Scanner

AirTrack barcode scanners provide superior solutions for scanning of any 1D, 2D, or stacked barcode symbology. From capturing mobile coupons to checking-in shipments and inventory, AirTrack has a scanning solution to meet the most demanding applications.

AirTrack S1 Scanner

AirTrack S1

The S1 is an entry level general purpose 1D linear imager barcode scanner. It is ideal for retail, light manufacturing, document processing, and financial institutions where point of sale, asset tracking, inventory control or other daily operations...

$132.00 to $148.00

AirTrack S2 Scanner

AirTrack S2

The S2 is a general purpose 2D imager barcode scanner. It is ideal for retail, light warehouse, and commercial services institutions where point of sale, asset tracking, inventory, work-in-process, or shipping operations are conducted. Its...

$235.00 to $265.00

AirTrack S2-W Scanner

AirTrack S2-W

Designed to fulfill the needs of users in retail, manufacturing, logistics, warehousing, and hospitality environments, the AirTrack S2-W provide superior 2D barcode scanning performance at a more affordable price. Regardless of the barcode type, the...


AirTrack S1-W Scanner

AirTrack S1-W

While the market is trending towards 2D barcodes, 1D barcodes are still very popular across many data captures environments. 1D barcodes are used in a variety of applications such as product identifier barcodes, packaging, and utility bills. Due to...


AirTrack S2-P Scanner

AirTrack S2-P

The popularity of reading barcodes off of smartphone and loyalty cards has spread across all market segments of the data capture industry. Now, with more affordable pricing and virtually no drawbacks with area imaging technology, 2D barcode scanners...


AirTrack SP1

AirTrack SP1

The SP1 companion scanner from AirTrack is the easiest way to bring barcoding to any business. With just a push of a button easily pair the wireless Bluetooth scanner to your phone, tablet, or computer. The quick set-up gives the SP1 a true...

$260.90 to $325.90

AirTrack SP2

AirTrack SP2

The tiny but powerful SP2 companion scanner from AirTrack brings new value to the table. Pairing to your phone, tablet, or computer is a breeze with the push-to-pair set-up. Designed with aggressive reading technology, the SP2 can easily read all...

$395.90 to $487.90

AirTrack SP1-C

AirTrack SP1-C

With a compact design AirTrack's SP1-C houses an aggressive linear scan engine. Boasts an impressive 20,000 scans worth of memory the SP1-C can work off a Bluetooth or Batch mode. If ever out of the 33-foot Bluetooth range the SP1-C will begin...

$201.60 to $251.60

AirTrack SR2 Ring Scanner

AirTrack SR2 Ring Scanner

AirTrack's SR2 Ring Scanner is optimized for all-day scanning and provides more comfort than traditional handheld scanners. The wearable design gives users the freedom to move and perform tasks comfortably while keeping both hands free to keep the...

$615.00 to $712.00

AirTrack Bundle

AirTrack Bundle

Airtrack works with Pointy to get your products online instantly. Watch your online inventory automatically grow as you scan your in store products and be set up on Google for local people to find. Pointy can help your store and products appear...

AirTrack S1-BT Barcode Scanner

AirTrack S1-BT Barcode Scanner

The AirTrack S1-Bluetooth barcode scanner was designed with a sharp and highly visible scan line, making the scanner more user-friendly while keeping the enhanced depth of field to read barcodes at an intuitive distance. Keeping a consistent family...

$388.80 to $418.80

AirTrack S2-BT Barcode Scanner

AirTrack S2-BT Barcode Scanner

Best suited for applications in the point of sale, the AirTrack S2-Bluetooth 2D imager features a new illumination and aiming system. These features were developed with the intent to reduce visual stress in the user during daily scanning activities...

$488.80 to $521.80

AirTrack LC-1D Barcode Scanner

AirTrack LC-1D Barcode Scanner

AirTrack's LC-1D scanner offers superior scanning capabilities in an improved ergonomic form factor. With the improved ergonomic design, users can work efficiently by quickly reading dirty, tiny, damaged or out of spec barcodes even on curved and...


AirTrack FB-1


AirTrack Parts

$10.10 to $5,526.30