AirTrack Barcode Scanners

AirTrack barcode scanners provide superior solutions for scanning of any 1D, 2D, or stacked barcode symbology. From capturing mobile coupons to checking-in shipments and inventory, AirTrack has a scanning solution to meat the most demanding applications.

AirTrack S1 Scanner

AirTrack S1

The S1 is an entry level general purpose 1D linear imager barcode scanner. It is ideal for retail, light manufacturing, document processing, and financial institutions where point of sale, asset tracking, inventory control or other daily operations...


AirTrack S2 Scanner

AirTrack S2

The S2 is a general purpose 2D imager barcode scanner. It is ideal for retail, light warehouse, and commercial services institutions where point of sale, asset tracking, inventory, work-in-process, or shipping operations are conducted. Its...


AirTrack S2-W Scanner

AirTrack S2-W

Designed to fulfill the needs of users in retail, manufacturing, logistics, warehousing, and hospitality environments, the AirTrack S2-W provide superior 2D barcode scanning performance at a more affordable price. Regardless of the barcode type, the...


AirTrack S1-W Scanner

AirTrack S1-W

While the market is trending towards 2D barcodes, 1D barcodes are still very popular across many data captures environments. 1D barcodes are used in a variety of applications such as product identifier barcodes, packaging, and utility bills. Due to...


AirTrack S2-P Scanner

AirTrack S2-P

The popularity of reading barcodes off of smartphone and loyalty cards has spread across all market segments of the data capture industry. Now, with more affordable pricing and virtually no drawbacks with area imaging technology, 2D barcode scanners...


AirTrack Parts

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