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Introducing the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active5: The Ultimate Rugged Mobile Tablet

Posted May 6, 2024
Barcodes blog banner Samsung Galaxy Tab Active5 Tablet

The modern office has been completely transformed by mobile tablets, which provide a host of advantages that improve flexibility, productivity, and connectivity. First, tablets enable workers to work productively from any location by giving them immediate access to essential data and apps. Tablets are also perfect for on-the-go duties because of their portability and versatility. When it comes to a rugged mobile tablet particularly suited for enterprise business field work, or for industries like construction and manufacturing, the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active5 Tablet excels in productivity and performance.

Built to Thrive in Any Environment

If you’re looking for the best mobile tablet for frontline field workers, the Galaxy Tab Active5 is ready to go to work for your crew. The elements and hazards in fast-paced work settings can be extreme, but with an IP68 rating, this Android tablet is both dustproof and water-resistant, and stands up against extreme heat and cold temperatures. Meeting MIL-STD-810H standards means it can handle drops, bumps, and vibrations, giving you peace of mind in even the toughest conditions.

Field worker using Samsung Galaxy Tab Active5 mobile tablet

Enterprise Performance for Seamless Workflow

The easy-to-configure, multi-device management capabilities of the Galaxy Tab Active5 make it a leader in enterprise mobility computing. Equipped with a robust octa-core processor and 6GB of RAM, the Galaxy Tab Active5 effortlessly handles demanding tasks and heavy files. Multitasking becomes effortless, enabling you to switch between applications with ease and stay ahead of your workload.

Superior Battery Management for Uninterrupted Work

Running out of battery mid-task is a frustrating inconvenience and a productivity-killer. Trust the Galaxy Tab Active5 for an impressive 16 hours of uptime on a single charge. Have no time for charging between shifts? A replaceable battery ensures continuous productivity – simply swap in a fresh battery and keep going. Tech tip: switch to No Battery Mode to save some juice when the device is connected to a dedicated power source.

Glove-Friendly Touchscreen for Enhanced Productivity

No more struggling with touchscreen devices while wearing gloves. The Galaxy Tab Active5 features a responsive touchscreen that detects touch even with gloves on, ensuring productivity in any condition – whether you’re on a construction site or a chilly warehouse floor.

Field worker using stylus pen on Samsung Galaxy Tab Active5 mobile computer

Advanced Connectivity, Security and Storage Options

Beyond durability and performance, the Galaxy Tab Active5 prioritizes connectivity, security, and storage. With optional 5G connectivity, the Galaxy Tab Active5 keeps you connected and in sync with your team, even in remote locations.

Samsung Knox Platform Security safeguards your data, while expandable storage options ensure you have ample space for all your critical files and applications.

Jack of All Trades: Industry Applications

Whether in a truck, on a construction site, or in a bustling retail POS environment, the versatile Tab Active5 Galaxy Samsung tablet comes in strong and remains dependable. Suited for any professional or industrial environment, the most popular uses for rugged mobile tablets include:

  • Warehouses
  • Manufacturing factories
  • Construction sites
  • Law enforcement
  • Retail POS
  • Healthcare
  • Truck drivers
  • General field work
Restaurant server using POS software on Samsung Galaxy Tab Active5 Android tablet

Start Working on the Go

For any field worker on the move, the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active5 tablet is the ultimate companion. Built to withstand the rigors of daily work and keep you productive wherever you go, it’s time to elevate your business game with the Galaxy Tab Active5. If you’re interested in exploring the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active5 further, or if you have any questions about mobile computer tablets, feel free to contact Barcodes Inc. Our team is here to help you find the perfect enterprise mobility solution for your business.

Cab SQUIX 4 M: The Best Label Maker for Small Label Printing

Posted May 2, 2024

Navigating the vast array of label printers to meet your specific needs can be overwhelming, especially when seeking a solution for printing very small labels on diverse materials. If rapid, small label printing for industrial operations is what you need, then simplify your search with the Cab SQUIX 4 M small label printer. Exclusively designed for very small label printing, The Cab SQUIX 4 M is a compact, yet powerful, label printer engineered for precision, speed, and quality printing on any material.

The Power of Precision Labeling

The SQUIX 4 M industrial label maker is engineered to tackle all your printing needs with precision and ease. Whether you’re working with materials wound on rolls or reels, or even fanfold configurations, the SQUIX 4 M excels, making it the ultimate choice for versatility. Its capability to handle very small labels, as tiny as 3mm in length and under 25mm wide, sets it apart, ensuring no detail is overlooked. Plus, with remarkably consistent print registration, you can trust in professional-quality results every time you hit print.

Versatility at Its Core

From label application for printed circuit boards (PCB), type plates, or on cardboard shipping boxes, the Cab SQUIX 4 M Label Printer can accommodate a variety of labeling needs on multiple materials – even very small labels or slim continuous materials such as pressed shrink tubers. Width-adapted print rollers are provided, requiring no additional adjustments for slim materials. With support for a wide range of label types and sizes, it lends itself to any industry, including automobile and aviation component manufacturing where cable cover barcode labels are commonly used. Plus, high-speed printing up to 300 mm/second with 300 dpi print resolution ensures that you can get the job done quickly, without sacrificing quality.

Compact Yet Mighty

One of the standout features of the Cab SQUIX 4 M Label Printer is its rugged industrial composition in a compact design. Despite its small footprint, this printer packs a punch in terms of durability and performance. Its sleek design means it can fit seamlessly into any environment, but under the surface the print mechanics and chassis are made of high-quality materials that support long-lasting, continuous use. A center guided material guide offers additional printing accuracy and flexibility across label sizes and materials compared to left-aligned components.

User-Friendly Interface

Technology is at its best when it’s intuitive, and the C SQUIX 4 M Label Printer delivers on that front. Featuring a user-friendly interface, it’s easy to set up and operate, even for those who aren’t tech-savvy. With its simple navigation and straightforward controls, you can start printing professional-quality labels in no time.

Enhanced for Textile Printing: The Cab SQUIX 4 MT

Do you have the unique requirement to print on fabric? The SQUIX 4 MT printer is expertly adapted to handle textile materials typically found on continuous rolls. With added features like a static brush and separator, the SQUIX 4 MT ensures smooth printing, overcoming high static levels for flawless results.

The SQUIX 4 MT’s versatility is underscored by its ability to print labels on common materials along with fabric. This dynamic printer seamlessly transitions between various materials and printing formats, ensuring it meets a diverse range of label printing requirements with ease.

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a versatile, small label maker capable of continuous roll, multi-material printing, look no further than the Cab SQUIX 4 M Label Printer. With its unmatched combination of power and precision, it’s sure to become an indispensable tool in your operations.

If you’re interested in exploring the Cab SQUIX 4 M further, or have any questions about label machines, feel free to contact us. Our team is here to help you find the perfect label printer solution for your business.

Streamlining Supply Chains with Barcodes and Loftware’s Integrated Solutions

Posted April 30, 2024
Man applying barcode label to shipping packages.

In today’s complex global market, efficient supply chain management is more crucial than ever. With customer demands evolving and regulations tightening, managing supplier compliance effectively is essential for seamless operations. At Barcodes, in partnership with Loftware, we specialize in integrating sophisticated labeling solutions into customer printers, ensuring that each step of your supply chain is compliant and efficient.

Streamlining Supply Chains with Efficient Supplier Compliance

For large manufacturers, the web of processes and stakeholders involved in managing supplier goods is notably complex. From planning to execution, every step is critical to ensure smooth operations. Disruptions often occur during the physical handoff from suppliers, where costs can quickly escalate. For instance, our partner Loftware has observed significant expenses associated with the relabeling of supplier materials—costs that can be substantially reduced through more efficient processes.

Barcode labeling application in manufacturing warehouse.

The Challenge of Traditional Processes

Traditional methods, such as using Advanced Shipping Notices (ASNs), often fall short, leading to chaos in receiving departments due to inadequate information. Mislabeled items, incorrect receipts, and excess inventory lead to significant time and resource wastage. So, how can these challenges be overcome?

Cloud-Based Labeling: A Revolutionary Approach

Imagine a system where labeling is controlled beyond your organizational boundaries. With Loftware’s cloud-based labeling solutions, integrated seamlessly into your printers by Barcodes, this becomes a streamlined reality. This method allows for the direct application of your data, barcodes, and instructions onto the labeling process, ensuring that all inbound materials are accurately labeled according to your specifications.

The Power of Our Partnership

Barcodes and Loftware bring together the best of both worlds: advanced cloud-based labeling technology and expert integration services. This powerful combination ensures that:

  1. Seamless Integration and Support: Barcodes provides expert integration of Loftware’s solutions into your existing printer setups, ensuring a smooth transition and continuous support.
  2. Elimination of Relabeling Needs: By applying accurate labels from the outset, our solution eliminates the need and cost associated with relabeling.
  3. Increased Operational Efficiency: Our integrated solutions increase the velocity of inbound receiving, reducing delays and improving throughput.
  4. Reduced Inventory Overhead: Achieve Just-In-Time (JIT) inventory objectives by minimizing excess stock and related costs.
  5. Enhanced Supply Chain Visibility: With improved labeling accuracy and consistency, gain better insights into when supplies will arrive, enhancing overall planning and resource allocation.
  6. Future-Proof Operations: Standardizing on a centralized automated cloud platform through Loftware, with Barcodes’ integration expertise, enhances visibility, efficiency, and security across your supply chain.
Warehouse worker applying barcode label to packaging.

Conclusion: Embrace Integrated Solutions, Enhance Supply Chain Compliance

By implementing barcoding technology and utilizing Loftware’s cloud-based labeling solutions, you can streamline your entire supply system while enhancing compliance and reducing costs. Ready to improve your supply chain efficiency?

FREE WEBINAR! Attend Loftware’s upcoming “Optimize Your Supply Chain Operations Through Supplier Compliance” webinar on May 16th, 2024, 1pm EDT / 10am PDT.

  • Learn new and innovate ways to deliver business transformation & optimize your supply chain operations.
  • Listen to industry experts discuss common challenges that hinder supply chain effectiveness.
  • Discover how cloud-labeling solutions can significantly enhance your supply chain operations.

Newcastle NB Power Cart: Get the Most from Your Label Printers

Posted February 26, 2024

So you just invested in an industrial label printer for the warehouse. Before you dedicate a table and workstation where it will print labels in one place for eternity, read this.

Printer Placement is Key

Consider strategically placing your equipment on a Newcastle Power Cart, such as the NB300NU2, which is trusted by industry leaders like Walmart, DHL, Tesla, UPS, and Wayfair.

By integrating your label printer with a Newcastle Power Cart, you enable your employees to print labels directly on the pallet, effectively doubling output while significantly reducing errors. This seamless integration ensures that your employees have access to all resources, increasing productivity and reducing costly errors by up to 92%.

Newcastle NB Series Power Carts Pay For Themselves in 6 to 8 Months

The Newcastle NB300NU2 not only simplifies label printing but also streamlines workflow processes, resulting in a remarkable twofold increase in worker output. With this innovative solution, workers no longer need to travel to a distant printer, freeing up their time to focus on important tasks.

Investing in a Newcastle Power Cart like the NB300NU2 provides an excellent return on investment, with most businesses seeing payback within six to eight months of implementation. By consolidating resources and improving operational efficiency, the Newcastle Powered Cart proves to be a valuable asset in increasing throughput while lowering payroll costs.

Integrating your label printer with a Newcastle Power Cart will improve printer performance, period. This powerful pairing ensures increased productivity, fewer errors, and a faster return on investment, allowing your team to accomplish more while maintaining operational excellence.

For a detailed list of features and specifications, download the NB300NU spec sheet.

See the NB Powered Mobile Cart in Action

Contact us today to see how a mobile workstation from Newcastle can reduce redundant movement and inefficiencies in your operation.

For Improved Efficiency, Consider Newcastle’s PC Series Mobile Workstations

Posted September 21, 2023

How do you increase throughput, shorten order cycle times, and maximize labor productivity, all while maintaining order accuracy in the warehouse? It doesn’t have to be a complicated, high cost challenge. A rugged industrial scanner and printer workstation often solves these issues on its own.

The problem: most dedicated workstations are stationary in one area of work. Imagine a workstation that you can easily cart around. With unparalleled mobility, PC workstations from Newcastle provide extra space for a laser printer, supplies, inventory, and more.

Newcastle Mobile Powered Carts let you tackle all these issues at the same time in a cost effective manner. By bringing your displays, mobile computers, and label printer to the pallet, you eliminate hours of back and forth in the warehouse.

Observe the PC Series Mobile Workstations in an Operational Environment

Key Features of the PC Series Workstation

  • Mobile Workspace: Choose from a 30″ or 48″ tabletop, offering ample space for your laptop and paperwork
  • High Carrying Capacity: Durable design with a remarkable 400 lbs. load capacity
  • Precision Movement: Our specialized casters ensure smooth and accurate mobility, even when fully loaded
  • Expandable Tabletop: Add our folding shelf accessory to expand the tabletop to a spacious 66″ x 24″ (11sf in total)
  • Battery Options: Available in both lightweight Lithium and SLA battery variants

For a full list of detailed information, download the PC Series spec sheet.

Contact us today to see how a mobile workstation from Newcastle can reduce redundant movement and ineffiencies in your operation.

Newcastle Mobile Powered Carts: Getting Products to Customers Faster

Posted September 14, 2022

These are tough times to run a warehouse. How do you increase throughput, shorten order cycle times, and maximize labor productivity, all while maintaining order accuracy? 

Newcastle Mobile Powered Carts let you tackle all these issues at the same time in a cost effective manner. By bringing your printer to the pallet, you slash time walking.

What’s more powerful than a rugged industrial scanner station in the warehouse? One that you can easily cart around thanks to modular power carts from Newcastle.

See the NB Mobile-Powered Carts in Action

Contact us today to see how you can initiate a warehouse solution for maximum productivity and efficiency.

6 Ways Enterprise Mobility is Empowering Fast-Paced Warehouses

Posted September 2, 2021

It is estimated that nearly 73% of organizations plan to begin warehouse modernization by equipping workers with mobile devices. Increasing demand for faster and more accurate order fulfillment is a major contributor to this trend, despite fluctuating labor turnover rates. To keep warehouses ahead of demand, enterprise mobility solutions should aim at:

  1. Validating incoming inventory to establish accurate stock counts as products arrive.
  2. Streamlining put away, picking, packing, and shipping to prevent misplacements and lost stock.
  3. Enhancing your reverse logistics process for seamless returns since most shoppers expect easy and free returns.
  4. Simplifying inventory management and replenishment to avoid out-of-stocks.
  5. Scaling up theft prevention capabilities with clear real-time tracking and counterfeit prevention.
  6. Gaining universal mobile device management and support for maximized uptime.

Watch the video to see how Barcodes, Inc. and Zebra Technologies reinvent enterprise mobility in your warehouse.

To maximize your operational output, especially with labor shortages, you’ll need to rely on more powerful mobility technology and more efficient processes.

Implementing mobile devices is only the first step towards ensuring your warehouse’s future success. By partnering with Zebra Technologies, Barcodes, Inc. establishes a centralized hub where products flow to the market with ease, accuracy, and convenience. Examples include:

  • Simplified receiving and picking – Ensure inventory accuracy with versatile mobile computers and RFID technology.
  • Mis-shipment prevention – Save time and improve customer satisfaction with devices that scan and verify items as they’re packed to ensure on-time, accurate deliveries.
  • Accelerated return process – Optimize the value of returned items and reduce revenue loss by accurately tracking and storing returned items.
  • Streamlined inventory level verification – Leverage robots and wearable technology to quickly track inventory, reduce waste, and improve accuracy in the reordering process.
  • Expanded asset visibility – Utilize RFID technology and smart lockers to increase mobile device visibility and prevent lost or stolen assets.
  • Ensured interconnectivity – Integrate all apps and devices on the same, secure wireless network.

Download our flyer to see more ways Barcodes, Inc. continues to redefine modernized warehousing.

Choose Barcodes, Inc. and Zebra Technologies for your future warehouse solution. Contact us today to learn more about Barcodes, Inc.’s EDGE that maximizes your warehouse success with mobile device management.

3 Signs Your Operations Need to Speed Up Efficiency

Posted April 27, 2021

In the age of instant gratification, speed and accuracy are imperial to keeping businesses competitive. However, the rising number of omnichannel shoppers has posed a challenge to maximizing speed and accuracy at the same time. Inefficient speed can be harmful to supply chains, which is why Barcodes, Inc. helps small and growing businesses recognize the signs of ineffective acceleration through the following signs:

  1. More inaccurate orders are leaving the loading dock
  2. Workers are consistently overwhelmed
  3. Inventory counts are rarely accurate or updated

While there are multiple optimization routes businesses may take to streamline operations, Barcodes, Inc. recommends starting with simplified inventory labeling.

Accelerate productivity and maximize accuracy with Zebra Mobile Printers  

When inventory is readily and accurately identified, workers can quickly move products down the supply chain without wasting time. Zebra’s mobile printers go a step further by bringing optimized labeling to every point of the warehouse along with:

  • Dramatic reduction in travel and wait times since workers no longer need to walk over to centralized printing stations.
  • Long-lasting battery power that makes sure workers can count on continuous uptime throughout longer shifts.
  • Faster printing speeds and easy media loading to eliminate any technical complications and downtime.
  • Easy Bluetooth tap-to-pair for faster connectivity with your mobile devices.
  • Pre-installed PrintSecure that protects any sensitive data printed through your device by warding off unauthorized users.

In their commitment to strengthening small and growing businesses, Barcodes, Inc. strives to lower operational costs with future-forward solutions that grow with your operations. See how you can speed up productivity when you contact Barcodes, Inc. for a free consultation of your workflows to target growth opportunities.

6 Key Performance Indicators Every Small and Medium Business Should Track

Posted April 26, 2021

No matter the operation’s size, every business strives for better profitability and customer retention. To do so, companies often track several key performance indicators (KPIs) to monitor and forecast business growth. While there are many viable KPIs to track, small and growing businesses are often encouraged to monitor the following indicators:

  1. Order accuracy rates address how often orders are shipped with the correct products to the correct customer within the correct allotted time.
  2. Inventory turnover rates can record the fluctuating demands for any particular product while assessing your ability to move goods down the supply chain.
  3. Gross profit margins provide a clear picture of final profits after operational expenses such as labor, shipping, and the like are paid off.
  4. Cash flow forecast assists small businesses in predicting the costs of high demand, so they can make adjustments accordingly before profits are hindered.
  5. Funnel drop-off rates allow you to see how many potential customers abandon purchases to optimize business tactics.
  6. Market share clearly depicts how your business compares to competitors by measuring company sales with total industry purchases.

To track multiple KPIs in real-time without costly errors, Barcodes, Inc. recommends simplified and scalable digitization

Track it all with Barcodes, Inc. Digitization Solutions – built with Zebra’s Scanners

Unlike paper-based systems, digitized warehouse management curbs the likelihood of manual data entry errors, misplaced files, missed sales, late deliveries, and bottlenecks. Zebra’s enterprise-ready scanners successfully transfer all your crucial data into the digital system of your choice, all for…

  • Faster order throughout
  • Increased order accuracy rates
  • Sharable data with minimized workflow disruptions
  • Easy configuration for faster deployment
  • Faster onboarding thanks to their intuitive user-friendly build

At Barcodes, Inc., digitization doesn’t have to be complicated. Take a closer look into how we make optimized inventory management seamless, simple, and scalable with Zebra’s rugged scanners. Contact us for a free assessment.

How to Maximize Visibility and Minimize Costs at the Same Time

Posted March 25, 2021

Inventory management is a prominent struggle for most businesses, especially small and growing warehouses. Inconsistent stock counts can severely impact customer loyalty as they lead to surprise out-of-stocks, shipping delays, and misplaced products within the warehouse. Since the effects of improper inventory management can be detrimental, enhancing operational visibility is key to remaining competitive in today’s high-demand markets. To do so, businesses have sought to eliminate:

  • Paper-based systems – Small data entry errors can yield enormous costly consequences over time.
  • Disparate spreadsheets – Although digital spreadsheets are less likely to contain errors compared to paper-based systems, disparate logs can cause more confusion in the future as employees must navigate through several databases to find needed information.

As a Zebra Premier Solutions Partner, Barcodes, Inc. simplifies inventory management for small and growing businesses with Zebra’s adaptable mobile computers.

Increasing Visibility With Zebra Mobile Computers

Reduce the number of deployed devices and increase digital visibility when you optimize your inventory management system with Zebra. No matter which device you choose to integrate, Barcodes, Inc. closely assists you in connecting your workflows on a digitized platform, enabling:

  • Streamlined data capture and processing – Capture barcodes and upload data immediately via your handheld computer to eliminate wait times for faster order fulfillment.
  • Greater data security – Not only does Zebra’s fortified Android facilitate onboarding, but it also protects your data with government-grade encryption and recurring security patches.
  • Sustained communication systems – Keep your teams unified with integrated push-to-talk capabilities along with long-range WiFi connectivity.
  • Maximized uptime from day one – Barcodes, Inc. works alongside your team from design, to deployment, to ongoing support to make sure your visibility solution remains functional whenever and wherever you need it.
  • Mobile device management – Barcodes, Inc. can help augment your IT staff by loading mobile device management software, pushing out updates and troubleshooting devices that are down in order to keep your mobile workforce fully operational.

Contact Barcodes, Inc. today to see how you can start optimizing your crucial tasks with technologies built for more efficiency and affordability.

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