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Star mC-Label3: A One Touch, Versatile Receipt Printer

Posted October 13, 2023

Introducing the remarkable mC-Label3 receipt printer by Star Micronics, a true game-changer in the world of printing. This versatile tool is about to revolutionize your working environment, thanks to its unparalleled flexibility and user-friendliness. The Star mC-Label3 is meticulously designed to not only meet but exceed your labeling needs, and it’s set to redefine how you handle your printing tasks.

Convenient Receipt Label Storage

With the Star mC-Label3, you can effortlessly save and assign up to three static receipt or label images. This means you have easy access to your most frequently used designs, streamlining your workflow and making your labeling tasks a breeze.

Switch Between Multiple Applications on the Go

Whether you’re in need of conventional receipt paper, die-cut labels, permanent linerless labels, or any other label type you can dream of, this powerhouse can handle it all. Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional printers and embrace the freedom to print whatever your business demands.

Linerless Labels: A More Eco-Friendly Option

Now, let’s consider the eco-friendly aspect of the Star mC-Label3. By enabling the creation of linerless labels, this innovative solution significantly reduces the amount of waste generated during the labeling process. This, in turn, leads to a decreased need for space in landfills, making it a responsible choice for your business and the environment. Choosing the mC-Label3 means you’re not only enhancing your productivity but also contributing to a greener and more sustainable future.

For a list of detailed capabilities, download the mC-Label3 spec sheet.

See the mC-Label3 Series Printer at Work

In a nutshell, the mC-Label3 by Star Micronics isn’t just a printer; it’s a game-changer that combines flexibility, convenience, and eco-friendliness into one powerful package. With its ability to save time and reduce waste, it’s the ideal choice for any business looking to take their printing tasks to the next level. Say hello to a new era of printing with the Star mC-Label3.

Star TSP143III Thermal Receipt Printer: A Closer Look

Posted August 31, 2023

The Star TSP143III thermal receipt printer is easy to setup and provides professional print quality.

tsp143iii thermal receipt printer

This printer is incredibly popular for applications in the retail, hotel, convenience store, restaurant, and cannabis industries. Star Micronics provides everything you need to get started right out of the box:

  • internal power source
  • power cables
  • mounting kit
  • paper roll
  • futurePRNT receipt customization software
  • USB-A connector for charging mobile devices on the move

The TSPI43III is the ideal complement to any mPOS bundle.

TSP143III Printer Key Features and Benefits

Simple Setup and Installation
The TSP143III works effectively with all devices, regardless of the OS. Print receipts from whichever iOS, Android, and Windows devices you have in place at point of sale. With USB, Bluetooth, Ethernet (LAN), and wireless (WLAN) connectivity options, you have plug and play access right out of the box.

A Printer Designed with Efficiency at the Forefront
mPOS solutions often have redundant devices or incompatible parts. Not the TSP. Connect your POS devices to the USB-A port and enjoy simultaneous charging and data transfer. Your shopping experience will feel clean and modern, especially with minimal wires and the small footprint. Existing accessories and mounting kits also play nice with the TSP printer.

But How Does the TSP143III Perform as a Printer?
A convenient customer experience drives repeat business, period. In the digital, instant gratification age, anything to speed up the checkout process is welcome. The TSP143 is a direct contributor, with rapid printing speed (250mm/s), an auto-cutter (no manual tearing or employees required), and no receipt curling. And when the receipt roll needs to be replaced, simply “drop in and print” without wrestling open the device in front of a customer.

Software for Receipt Customization Included
Users can improve their printed receipts with the powerful FuturePRNT Windows software by adding graphics, printing multiple copies, or using the text processing function to replace printed information, custom coupons, and much more. The TSP printer works exceptionally well with industry-recognized POS software as well. In fact, the TSP143III is the preferred thermal receipt printer of many POS software providers.

For a full list of technical capabilities, download the TSP143III spec sheet.

A Thermal Receipt Printer You Can Rely On

With hundreds of integrations with retail and restaurant POS software suppliers, Star Micronics proudly offers a reliable POS hardware solution for enterprise chains and SMB storefronts alike.

star tsp100 printer

Elevate your business with the TSP143III thermal receipt printer’s unrivaled performance and versatility. Speak with a dedicated receipt printer professional for all your hardware, software, and paper replacement needs.

Star Micronics: Cannabis POS Collection

Posted June 12, 2018

Star-collectionStar Micronics, one of the largest providers of POS printers, has developed a special line of products for use in cannabis stores and dispensaries. The Cannabis POS collection includes POS/ label printers, NTEP (National Conference of Weights and Measures) approved weed scales, and cash drawers that are compatible with most POS software for easy set up.

POS Printers include the TSP100III, TSP650II, and the TSP700II thermal label printer with high reliability and many interfaces to choose from.

Mobile Printers such as SM-S230i and the SMT300i are for in-line transaction, pre-order, and delivery that allows employees to assist customer and take orders from anywhere in the store. Long battery life that is suitable for a whole shift.


The CD3 Cash Drawer have 13″ or 16″ models available, lockable with durable steel construction.

To complete the set, Star also offered three highly reliable and NTEP approved scales with different accuracy, the MGS322, MG-S1501, and the MGS8200. (Coming Soon)

Cannabis products face stricter regulations than most other products, the receipt then becomes a proof of legal purchase for the consumer and Star Micronics’s printers can provide the durable printers and cash drawers for that transaction.

Check out the selection that they have with us! Give our dedicated account manager a call if you have a question or would like a quote in any of products above.


Star Micronics SMD2 Series: Mobility Cash Drawers

Posted April 6, 2018

There is no shortage of options to select from with the SMD2 series. Star gives you three options to best fit what you need for your environment. All three-options come with the standard printer driven interface but also has the ability to connect via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.1, MFi certified Bluetooth, or Ethernet. This allows the user flexibility in configuring their store layout without the restriction due to wires or traditional infrastructure limitations. The SMD2 series of cash drawers all have durable steel construction, come with a standard removable ABS plastic cash till, and are Kensington lock capable for added security.

smd2-1214-comboFirst up is the SMD2-1214, the most compact cash drawer in its class. The 1214 is perfect for space sensitive or low cash volume situations. This cash drawer has the functionality of a full-sized cash drawer with a removable 5-bill/4-coin till and a single media slot for checks and cash management.

smd2-1317-comboNext up is the SMD2-1317, an ideal cash drawer for any retail environment. The 1317 offers a reasonable amount of storage for standard cash volume situations. This standard sized cash drawer comes with a removable 4-bill/4-coin till.

smd2-1617-comboLastly is the SMD2-1617, the full-size cash drawer of the SMD2 Series. The 1617 offers robust payment storage that is needed for high cash volume situations. This large cash drawer comes with a removable 5-bill/4-coin till and has two media slots for checks and cash management.


For any questions or a quote on any of your Point of Sale needs contact us at Barcodes, Inc.

Star’s SK1-21 Kiosk Printer: Improve Your Cinema Experience

Posted November 3, 2017

Besides the movie that you are going to watch, the ticketing system are integral to the cinema experience as well. Kiosks can be used to purchase tickets, retrieve tickets bought online, and to place concession orders. This is especially important for movie goers who arrive with just a few minutes to spare. They can bypass the line to purchase tickets or snacks and still make it in time before the movie starts.

Kiosk Printer

To make sure your cinema kiosk is reaching its full potential by considering these 4 things:

1. Your Kiosk should support a thermal printer– A cinema kiosk should support a heavy duty thermal printer with a jam free system to produce tickets in the fastest way. Star’s SK1-21 Kiosk Printer two inch series provides dependable, maintenance- free printers that have a fast print speed of 200mm/ sec with 203 dpi resolution. All SK-21 models will intergrate with many commonly used kiosk solutions. It provides high speed, reliability, and will integrate in your kiosk seamlessly.

2. Barcode Scanner- Movie theaters often offer their own loyalty program to keep the customers returning back.  Your customers love freebies and accruing points towards free movie tickets, so don’t keep them waiting on the full service line to rack up the points.

3. Integrated Speakers- Talk to the customer through the ticket buying process. This is important for those who aren’t familiar with the self-service kiosks check out.

4. Card Payment Acceptance- Not everyone carries cash, so make sure that your kiosk is equipped with a card reader and payment processing platform.

Check out the video below on a successful self service kiosk integration at Nitehawk Cinema.

For any questions or a quote on any of your printing needs contact us at Barcodes, Inc.


New Peripheral Support for Star’s mPOP System

Posted June 2, 2017

Star has announced a new series of peripherals for their comprehensive mPOP system. Star’s mPOP now supports an optional scale, 2D barcode scanner, customer display, and external cash drawer. With these added peripherals, retailers and restaurateurs can now transform their mPOP into a complete point of sale hub to accept more versatile transactions in higher volume.

Star has integrated support for three Detecto APS scales. The APS scales supported are offered for varied use cases. The APS10 (max. 15 kg) is ideal for candy shops, delis, frozen yogurt shops, etc., where the APS20 (max. 15 kg) is better for larger items like bags of fruit and vegetables at a farmer’s market or grocery store. The APS12 (max. 160 oz.) is best in similar environments as the APS10, or any other location than prefers to measure in ounces.

Star has integrated a 2D barcode scanner for the mPOP. Now, users have the option of choosing between the Star 1D scanner and the new 2D scanner. The 2D barcode reader will be beneficial to accept coupons in the form of QR code, or access item information. In addition to 2D barcode scanner support, Star has designed a two-line, blue backlit customer display with up to 20 characters per line. With this support, the retailer can not only show the customer their transaction price, but they can also add advertising messages for when the mPOP is not being used.

Lastly, Star added a cash drawer connection port (DK port) to the mPOP to support an extra cash drawer. This is ideal for users who need a point of sale system with a small footprint, but still have a higher cash flow, such as a bar or deli.

Elo and Star Introduce New Fully Integrated mPOS Solution

Posted January 24, 2017

The fully integrated POS solution works right out of the box and has all the features that merchants demand. The Elo I-Series Android Digital display is paired with Elo’s new mPOS Printer Stand with innovative housing for the Star TSP100III and TSP650II printers. The flip stand houses an optional expansion module with I/O ports that enable support for multiple POS peripherals. This mPOS solution’s space-saving design is ideal for small counter spaces with integrated cable management and a clutter-free appearance. Both Star’s TSP100III and TSP650II printer series offer a variety of interface options with simple set-up and high-speed receipt printing.

“Elo’s new mPOS printer stand with a unique flip design effortlessly converts the employee facing cash register into a customer facing display or a self-service kiosk,” said Sonal Apte, senior director of product management at Elo. “Elo continues to solve the challenge of using consumer devices at the point of sale.  Working with Star – an industry leader in printers – and eMobilePOS – with their award winning software – we’re able to deliver a complete solution with optimal flexibility for customers.”

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Tips: Pairing Your TSP650II BTi with an Apple iPad

Posted December 29, 2015

Apple MFi certified, Star’s TSP650II BTi receipt printer is the perfect solution to add receipt printing to your iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad based point-of-sale system. With operating system support for iOS, Android and Windows, the TSP650II BTi features the best of both worlds by coupling the comfort of legacy products with the speed and connection options demanded today in fast-paced point of sales environments.

Setting Up Your Star WiFi Power Pack with an iPad

Posted December 14, 2015

The WiFi Power Pack is designed to make any Star LAN interface printer “wireless” in a cost effective way without a lot of messy cables. This, in turn, enables the Star printer using the WiFi Power Pack to connect with tablets, smart phones and other portable electronic wireless devices.

This video tutorial will guide you to get your Wi-Fi Power Pack and iPad communicating in a few simple steps.

Star’s mPOP Now Integrated with Many Point of Sale Applications

Posted December 7, 2015

With Star’s latest release of its mPOP, Mobile Point of Purchase Solution, the first dedicated hybrid peripheral for tablet and mobile device based POS systems, industry leading POS software providers have shown keen interest in integrating this solution into their offering.

This compact and sleek ‘printer and cash drawer combined’ peripheral is the perfect solution for many retailers who are embracing the new era of electronic payment. Less cash usage allows smaller peripherals, like the mPOP, to be used at many stores’ point of sale.

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