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How the Right POS Solution Can Upgrade Your Customers’ Shopping or Dining Experience (Webinar)

Posted May 24, 2022


How the Right POS Solution Can Upgrade Your Customers’ Shopping or Dining Experience

Thursday, May 19th, 2:00 P.M. – 2:30 P.M. ET

Presented By:

John Mieli – Star Micronics

POS Solutions Can Elevate the Modern Customer Experience

Choosing the right POS application is critical to provide a modern customer experience. The solution has to offer the flexibility and reliability to ensure your business runs smoothly now and in the future.

The events from the past few years have brought changes and led to opportunities, including increased online ordering with most digital interactions happening in the cloud. Finding a POS solution based on your needs will allow you to thrive in this challenging, and at times unpredictable, environment. 

Watch the webinar to learn:

  • Why complete POS systems and intuitive user experiences have become essential
  • What steps to take to manage your devices from a single Cloud platform
  • How a Star POS solution can work with different ordering systems and multiple channels

Watch the Full Star POS Webinar

The Walmart Mandate: Tipping Point for RFID Adoption? (Webinar)

Posted May 13, 2022


The Walmart Mandate: Tipping Point for RFID Adoption?

Thursday, May 12th, 2:00 P.M. – 2:30 P.M. ET

Presented By:

Todd Muscato – Barcodes Group

Ashley Burkle – Impinj

Ensure Your RFID Labels and Tags are Compliant Before September Deadline

After success using RFID for apparel, Walmart is expanding its RFID mandate to scores of additional products. Could it be a tipping point for RFID adoption in U.S. retail?

With heightened omnichannel demands and continued supply chain disruptions, retailers with inventory accuracy and visibility are thriving. How do you thrive instead of just survive with RFID in retail?

In this webinar, Barcodes and Impinj discuss the following:

  • How RFID is helping big brand retailers adapt and thrive
  • What retailers and their suppliers need to get started on their RFID journey
  • How Barcodes can help with RFID solutions, including devices, software, tags, and support

Watch the Retail RFID Webinar Recording

Learn more about Barcodes’ Walmart RFID solutions, and contact us if you would like to have an exploratory discussion.

The Smart Warehouse (Webinar)

Posted April 27, 2022
smart warehouse webinar barcodes inc


The Smart Warehouse

Thursday, April 20, 12 P.M. ET

Presented By:

Will Barnett – Barcodes Group

Jeff Lem – Portable Intelligence

John Wirthlin – Zebra Technologies

Ensure Your RFID Labels and Tags are Compliant Before September Deadline

There are many challenges facing warehouses today. An increase of growth and demand accompanied by a shortage of labor and supply chain instability have industry executives looking for new ways to help alleviate these issues. In this webinar, we’ll discuss warehousing trends and technology that help increase operational efficiency, including:

  • The 5 Phases of Zebra’s Warehouse Maturity Model
  • Strategies to reduce inventory levels
  • Ways to improve your cycle counts and reduce inventory obsolescence  

Watch the Full Smart Warehouse Webinar

Let’s discuss technology upgrades in your warehouse and your business goals. The Smart Warehouse is much more attainable with trusted partners like Barcodes, Zebra, and Portable Intelligence.

How RFID Increases Shipment Accuracy (Webinar)

Posted March 24, 2022


How RFID Increases Shipment Accuracy

Thursday, March 24, 2022

Presented By:

Jeff Hudson – Barcodes Group

Matt Seltz – Zebra Technologies

Reduce Shipping Chargebacks with Integrated RFID Portal Solutions from Zebra and Barcodes

When your inventory is hard to identify or locate in the warehouse, it leads to incomplete, inaccurate, or delayed shipments. The annual cost of chargebacks due to mistakes in shipping is estimated to be $36B.

Reading RFID tags as they pass through portals or chokepoints is quickly becoming the most efficient and effective means of automating inventory and asset tracking.

Easy to implement and support, Zebra’s new Integrated RFID Portals easily validate shipments as they are loaded on or unloaded from trucks.

During this webinar, we discuss the following ways in which RFID increases shipment accuracy:

  • Why RFID drastically reduces the need for human intervention and manual scanning
  • What steps companies take to reach a 25% efficiency increase with RFID
  • How Zebra’s new Integrated RFID Portals monitor inventory, control costs, and optimize workflows

Watch the Webinar Recording

RFID is a key technology platform that we would love to discuss in more depth with you. In a landscape with lingering supply chain delays and rising labor costs, RFID is one of the most cost effective, scalable, and reliable solutions available today. Learn more about Barcodes’ RFID solutions, and contact us if you would like to have an exploratory discussion.

In Case You Missed It: Keeping Mobile Device Deployments in Scope, Within Budget, and On Time (Webinar)

Posted February 8, 2022


Keeping Mobile Device Deployments in Scope, Within Budget and On Time

Thursday, February 3rd, 2:00 PM – 2:30 PM ET

Presented By:

Marco Nielsen, Vice President of Endpoint Solutions (Barcodes, Inc.)

Deploying mobile devices to employees is more than purchasing devices and delivering cellular connectivity. It can free your business from desktop-bound apps and manual, paper-based workflows. But it stretches IT resources to support devices and apps throughout their life cycle.

Service providers can remove the risks of mobile device deployments. Working in tight coordination with the client, they provide well-documented project plans and rationalized timelines, allowing internal resources to focus on user experience and business value return.

During this webinar, we provide an overview of:

  • Challenges of mobile device deployments and the risks of compromising security
  • Support of provisioning services who provide devices that work right out of the box
  • Tips to optimize mobile device deployments and support afterwards

To speak with a mobile device expert, please chat with us or contact us today:

ICYMI: Re-Engineering Distribution Center Workflow with Voice Automation

Posted November 16, 2021


Re-Engineering Distribution Center Workflow with Voice Automation

Thursday, November 11th, 2:00 PM – 2:30 PM ET

Presented By:

Raul Cepeda Jr. – Barcodes Group

Doug Brown – Honeywell

Kelley Wood – Honeywell

Distribution center operations are under constant pressure to adapt and excel in market dynamics never seen before. Constant labor shortages, increasing demand to add eCommerce delivery options, and massive inbound vendor volatility are a constant threat.

The answer is in process change and data collection technology that enables worker automation. Join Barcodes and Honeywell on this webinar where we dive into the issues and things you need to know before your start your DC transformation.

In the webinar, we cover the following topics and more:

  • Why inefficient workflows such as poorly routed pick paths as so common in distribution centers
  • How a voice automation site analysis can increase worker productivity, accuracy, and safety
  • What the intuitive nature of voice technology does to impact employee onboarding and satisfaction

Contact us to schedule a personalized consultation to see how to incorporate voice automation with Honeywell in your DC.

ICYMI: TrueView – Device Management at Your Fingertips

Posted October 13, 2021


Device Management at Your Fingertips

Thursday, October 21st, 12:00 PM – 12:30 PM ET

Presented By:

Don Mech – Director, Platform Product Management, Barcodes Group

Companies of all sizes struggle to maintain visibility over their mobile and other devices. Insights are lacking in the location of assets, their condition and contract status.

Decisions on the right number, type, and utilization of necessary devices are often difficult to make.

The Barcodes TrueView portal puts essential information on assets, tickets, and contracts at your fingertips.

During this webinar’s demonstration, we cover the following:

  • How the TrueView portal provides visibility into your full asset base that Excel cannot
  • How to easily keep an overview of the devices in repair and their status
  • How to maintain repair and support history and utilize asset attributes to improve device management

We hope to see you there! Contact us to schedule your personalized demo of TrueView and learn more about the Barcodes, Inc. approach to asset management.

ICYMI: Keep Your Healthcare Staff Connected with Workforce Connect

Posted September 28, 2021

Workforce Connect Webinar

Presented by:

McLeod Williamson – Intelligent Edge Solutions Sales, Zebra Technologies

Steve Beno – Director of Healthcare and Field Sales, Barcodes, Inc.

The healthcare workplace is disconnected and inefficient with gaps in communication, teams and data which keep the frontline buried at their desk. But systems and processes don’t need to operate in this way. Zebra Technologies‘ Workforce Connect (WFC) provides answers at healthcare workers’ fingertips, immediate reach of coworkers, and the ability to instantly see and locate staff and devices.

If your workers use multiple devices to reach the data and people they need throughout the day, Workforce Connect is your answer for streamlined processes.

You’ll leave with knowledge on:

  • Workplace technology challenges for healthcare workers
  • An overview of WFC and how it solves communication pain points to increase productivity
  • Use cases within healthcare

Contact us with any questions regarding Zebra Workforce Connect.

ICYMI: Enhance IT Security with Mobile Device Management

Posted September 23, 2021

Mobile Device Management Webinar Presented By:

Tim Tassone – Principal Solutions Architect, Barcodes Group

Unmanaged mobile devices are a huge security risk. Mobile Device Management can control remote access to highly sensitive data, provide user authentication and even offer remote data wiping of devices if they become lost or stolen. Whether you are a small, medium or large enterprise, this webinar will help you:

  • Understand the value of Mobile Device Management, a toolset that enables Remote Management
  • Learn how the use of an MDM solution can save an organization $230 per device per year in support costs
  • Select the right MDM solution to best fit your needs

Contact us with any questions regarding mobile device management, or enterprise security in general.

ICYMI: Creating a Durable and Secure Vaccination Credential

Posted September 15, 2021

Presented by:

Tim Killion – Enterprise Account Executive, Barcodes, Inc.

Moshe Meppen – Co-founder and CEO, VAXSYS Technologies, Inc.

Experts believe vaccine credentials will likely be required in a variety of places such as air travel, sports and concert venues, restaurants, universities, and colleges, and anywhere with a large population density.

To facilitate secure vaccination credential verification, Barcodes, Inc. partnered with tech leaders Zebra Technologies and VAXSYS to create a durable, equitable, and secure vaccination credential solution to replace the less than durable, easily-to-counterfeit paper cards. Key secure vaccination credential topics from this webinar include:

  1. Various ways organizations will be utilizing vaccination cards in areas with large populations
  2. How our vaccination card solution will help facilitate secure credential verification
  3. The benefits of providing this solution

Contact us with any questions.

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