Retransfer ID Card Printer

Our Retransfer ID Card Printers provide an opportunity to enhance the design of your card with true over the edge printing.  The reverse technology applies a film over the card which provides more vibrant printing options, removes the potential to damage sensitive smart chips embedded in the cards, and gives options for true edge to edge printing. Retransfer ID Card Printers come in options of single and dual side printing, as well as single and dual side lamination. Explore our collection of cutting-edge, reverse transfer ID Card Printers.
  • Bright vibrant color images
  • Produce "Over-the-edge" image coverage
  • Available in single or dual-sided printers
  • Card surface interruptions such as smart chips, ridges caused by internal RFID antennae and debris do not affect print quality
  • Magnetic stripe, smart card and contactless encoding options
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