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Cab SQUIX 4 M: The Best Label Maker for Small Label Printing

Posted May 2, 2024

Navigating the vast array of label printers to meet your specific needs can be overwhelming, especially when seeking a solution for printing very small labels on diverse materials. If rapid, small label printing for industrial operations is what you need, then simplify your search with the Cab SQUIX 4 M small label printer. Exclusively designed for very small label printing, The Cab SQUIX 4 M is a compact, yet powerful, label printer engineered for precision, speed, and quality printing on any material.

The Power of Precision Labeling

The SQUIX 4 M industrial label maker is engineered to tackle all your printing needs with precision and ease. Whether you’re working with materials wound on rolls or reels, or even fanfold configurations, the SQUIX 4 M excels, making it the ultimate choice for versatility. Its capability to handle very small labels, as tiny as 3mm in length and under 25mm wide, sets it apart, ensuring no detail is overlooked. Plus, with remarkably consistent print registration, you can trust in professional-quality results every time you hit print.

Versatility at Its Core

From label application for printed circuit boards (PCB), type plates, or on cardboard shipping boxes, the Cab SQUIX 4 M Label Printer can accommodate a variety of labeling needs on multiple materials – even very small labels or slim continuous materials such as pressed shrink tubers. Width-adapted print rollers are provided, requiring no additional adjustments for slim materials. With support for a wide range of label types and sizes, it lends itself to any industry, including automobile and aviation component manufacturing where cable cover barcode labels are commonly used. Plus, high-speed printing up to 300 mm/second with 300 dpi print resolution ensures that you can get the job done quickly, without sacrificing quality.

Compact Yet Mighty

One of the standout features of the Cab SQUIX 4 M Label Printer is its rugged industrial composition in a compact design. Despite its small footprint, this printer packs a punch in terms of durability and performance. Its sleek design means it can fit seamlessly into any environment, but under the surface the print mechanics and chassis are made of high-quality materials that support long-lasting, continuous use. A center guided material guide offers additional printing accuracy and flexibility across label sizes and materials compared to left-aligned components.

User-Friendly Interface

Technology is at its best when it’s intuitive, and the C SQUIX 4 M Label Printer delivers on that front. Featuring a user-friendly interface, it’s easy to set up and operate, even for those who aren’t tech-savvy. With its simple navigation and straightforward controls, you can start printing professional-quality labels in no time.

Enhanced for Textile Printing: The Cab SQUIX 4 MT

Do you have the unique requirement to print on fabric? The SQUIX 4 MT printer is expertly adapted to handle textile materials typically found on continuous rolls. With added features like a static brush and separator, the SQUIX 4 MT ensures smooth printing, overcoming high static levels for flawless results.

The SQUIX 4 MT’s versatility is underscored by its ability to print labels on common materials along with fabric. This dynamic printer seamlessly transitions between various materials and printing formats, ensuring it meets a diverse range of label printing requirements with ease.

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a versatile, small label maker capable of continuous roll, multi-material printing, look no further than the Cab SQUIX 4 M Label Printer. With its unmatched combination of power and precision, it’s sure to become an indispensable tool in your operations.

If you’re interested in exploring the Cab SQUIX 4 M further, or have any questions about label machines, feel free to contact us. Our team is here to help you find the perfect label printer solution for your business.

Streamlining Supply Chains with Barcodes and Loftware’s Integrated Solutions

Posted April 30, 2024
Man applying barcode label to shipping packages.

In today’s complex global market, efficient supply chain management is more crucial than ever. With customer demands evolving and regulations tightening, managing supplier compliance effectively is essential for seamless operations. At Barcodes, in partnership with Loftware, we specialize in integrating sophisticated labeling solutions into customer printers, ensuring that each step of your supply chain is compliant and efficient.

Streamlining Supply Chains with Efficient Supplier Compliance

For large manufacturers, the web of processes and stakeholders involved in managing supplier goods is notably complex. From planning to execution, every step is critical to ensure smooth operations. Disruptions often occur during the physical handoff from suppliers, where costs can quickly escalate. For instance, our partner Loftware has observed significant expenses associated with the relabeling of supplier materials—costs that can be substantially reduced through more efficient processes.

Barcode labeling application in manufacturing warehouse.

The Challenge of Traditional Processes

Traditional methods, such as using Advanced Shipping Notices (ASNs), often fall short, leading to chaos in receiving departments due to inadequate information. Mislabeled items, incorrect receipts, and excess inventory lead to significant time and resource wastage. So, how can these challenges be overcome?

Cloud-Based Labeling: A Revolutionary Approach

Imagine a system where labeling is controlled beyond your organizational boundaries. With Loftware’s cloud-based labeling solutions, integrated seamlessly into your printers by Barcodes, this becomes a streamlined reality. This method allows for the direct application of your data, barcodes, and instructions onto the labeling process, ensuring that all inbound materials are accurately labeled according to your specifications.

The Power of Our Partnership

Barcodes and Loftware bring together the best of both worlds: advanced cloud-based labeling technology and expert integration services. This powerful combination ensures that:

  1. Seamless Integration and Support: Barcodes provides expert integration of Loftware’s solutions into your existing printer setups, ensuring a smooth transition and continuous support.
  2. Elimination of Relabeling Needs: By applying accurate labels from the outset, our solution eliminates the need and cost associated with relabeling.
  3. Increased Operational Efficiency: Our integrated solutions increase the velocity of inbound receiving, reducing delays and improving throughput.
  4. Reduced Inventory Overhead: Achieve Just-In-Time (JIT) inventory objectives by minimizing excess stock and related costs.
  5. Enhanced Supply Chain Visibility: With improved labeling accuracy and consistency, gain better insights into when supplies will arrive, enhancing overall planning and resource allocation.
  6. Future-Proof Operations: Standardizing on a centralized automated cloud platform through Loftware, with Barcodes’ integration expertise, enhances visibility, efficiency, and security across your supply chain.
Warehouse worker applying barcode label to packaging.

Conclusion: Embrace Integrated Solutions, Enhance Supply Chain Compliance

By implementing barcoding technology and utilizing Loftware’s cloud-based labeling solutions, you can streamline your entire supply system while enhancing compliance and reducing costs. Ready to improve your supply chain efficiency?

FREE WEBINAR! Attend Loftware’s upcoming “Optimize Your Supply Chain Operations Through Supplier Compliance” webinar on May 16th, 2024, 1pm EDT / 10am PDT.

  • Learn new and innovate ways to deliver business transformation & optimize your supply chain operations.
  • Listen to industry experts discuss common challenges that hinder supply chain effectiveness.
  • Discover how cloud-labeling solutions can significantly enhance your supply chain operations.

LTE Accomplishes More – It’s All in the Stats!

Posted June 4, 2018

6 in 10

workers now work outside the office at least part of the time.
Are yours as agile, secure, efficient, productive, and accurate as they should be?


increase in growth of number of devices between 2014-2015. (72% in one year)

8 out of 10

handheld devices now use Android.

You’re asking more from your mobile workforce. So, give them the network and devices that do more!

Watch the video below and see how you can get more from your mobility.

  • Prepare for the phasing out of the 2G/3G
  • Take advantage of the power of LTE’s lighting fast speeds, wider coverage, and greater realiability
  • See how Barcodes and Zebra can help you blaze through work, with friendlier, smarter, capabilities.


Contact us at [email protected] or call us at 866-349-5964, if you have any questions or need any additional information on how you can improve your mobility workforce. We will help you with the best solution for your workforce.


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Don’t Delay, Migrate Today! Why Migrating Sooner Pays

Posted June 4, 2018

There are four big reasons why leading carriers are upgrading their networks to LTE and why you should to- Faster speeds, wider coverage, greater compability, and better reliability. Already, Verizon has started diminishing its 2G/3G service and will begin to decommission its legacy network on Jan 1, 2020. Other carriers are expected to follow.

Investigate why companies are upgrading to LTE, analyze why migrating sooner pays, and explore the strategies that can help ease the transition.

Find out what all this means for you. Watch the video below to find out!

icon 1 See why it’s better   icon 2  Analyze how it fits icon 3 Map out strategies

Contact us at [email protected] or call us at 866-349-5964, if you have any questions or need any additional information on how you can upgrade to the new network with ease.

The Building Blocks of Success with Zebra and Barcodes

Posted June 3, 2018

Everyone knows, a strong foundation is the key to any business.  You need the right building blocks if you’re going to plan for success. Today, that means technology solutions that helps your business grow. Barcodes have the right resource that can help your business increase productivity, mobility, and efficiency in your daily operations.

From manufacturing, logistics, transportation, along with fulfillment, retail and hospitality, companies are evaluating and investing in the latest technology and solutions. Our solutions can find ways to help you streamline your workforce and bring you the return on investment you are looking for.
Our solutions can help you:pyramid

  • Find the right mobile device
  • Choose compatible hardware to work alongside mobile device
  • Integrate your devices into your business environment and custom applications
  • Configure, manage and maintain device remotely
  • Increase productivity, reduce error with speech-based voice-directed solutions
  • Enable your IoT strategy

Offering a total package from start to finish with consulting services, Zebra Technologies and Barcodes Inc. can help you deploy the right solution. Together we have the equipment and software that will put you ahead of your competition.

Feel free to schedule a time through email or phone to discuss the areas of your business that you want to improve with us and we will love to show you how Barcodes, Inc. can help achieve your goals.

What You Need in a Mobile Business

Posted January 5, 2018

Food-truckPop-up retail and mobile food trucks isn’t new. It is a secret weapon that small business owners use to get their product out into the world and into the hands of their customers. In the pop up world, business owners will find a venue like a coffee shop, store, craft fair, or farmer’s market, then set up a retail or food shop for a limited of time: anything from one day to a few weeks.

This is an opportunity for VARs to serve a growing trend, particularly because of the mobility and connectivity to customers are key for business owners running pop up shops.

What’s the point in pop-up?

Mobile locations are more flexible for entrepreneurs looking to grow a brand and gain funding without risking everything on their venture.

  • It’s authentic. Business owners are standing behind the customers, answering questions, building credibility, and connecting with the customer.
  • It’s special. The pop-up won’t be there forever, the perfect time for an impulse purchase.
  • It’s affordable. Your expenses are low, so you can just focus on the price points.
  • It’s mobile. Businesses travel to their customers, which is a great way to test the viability of a new business or a way to expand an existing business in a new location.

Solutions for a Pop- Up:

Pop-Up shops are becoming an accessible venture for many owners to expand on their current businesses without needing to fully commit to purchasing a location. Popular restaurants can simply park their food truck near a sporting event or music festival and capitalize on an event even if their actual location is far away.

Check out the solutions we have available for a pop-up. Feel free to contact one of our dedicated account managers if you have any questions to pick out the tools you will need in your mobile business.


Into the Cold: Cold Storage Mobile Computers

Posted November 22, 2017

Warm garments are essential for warehouse workers to perform daily operations in the cold, the same goes for mobile computers. Mobile computers must be built to perform under these demanding condition.

Moving a standard mobile computer in and out between normal and cold areas is extremely hard on the device even if it’s ruggedized. Short term: the LCD screen fogs up, batteries won’t release enough energy and processors may not perform optimally. Long term: Screens and housing will become brittle and repeated condensation can cause internal components to corrode, short-circuit, and fail.

If you work in an environment that is typically exposed to cold temperatures, consider the devices below:

Motorola‘s Omnii XT15f Mobile Computer
Omnii XT15

  • Lorax Scanner
  • 1/2D options
  • 11 a/b/g
  • Bluetooth
  • Windows CE 6.0
  • Condensation Resistant Chiller Model is built for -4º F / -20º C
  • Condensation Free Arctic Model is built for -22º F / -30º C
  • Screen defroster option


Honeywell’s CK75 Cold Storage Mobile Computer


  • Cold storage
  • Windows or Android OS option
  • Standard or extended range scanner
  • 11 a/b/g/n
  • 2D scanner (scans both 1D and 2D)
  • Standard Unit is built for -4º F / -20º C
  • Cold Storage Unit is built for -22º F / -30º C

Thriving in cold conditions requires the ability to adapt to the environment. Being prepared with the right resources and equipment can lower operating costs by increasing productivity and decrease equipment down time.

For any questions or a quote on any of your mobile computing needs contact us at Barcodes, Inc

KoamTac’s New KDC20 Miniature Bluetooth Laser Barcode Scanner

Posted May 21, 2014

KDC20KoamTac has announced the release of its new KDC20 miniature laser barcode scanner at CONNECT 2014, KoamTac’s annual partner conference. The KDC20 is the company’s most cost-efficient, stand-alone Bluetooth scanner. Equipped with a convenient swing-out USB connector, the scanner conserves consumer resources by eliminating cables and enabling the use of off-the-shelf multi-USB charging solutions.

Highly configurable, the new device includes four buttons: scan, up and down (for controlling Bluetooth connections and remotely activating soft keyboards), and a delete key. Customizable features available include, a vibrating option and an optional backup battery for the real time clock. The scanner is certified by Apple for use with iOS devices, as well as, compatible with Android, Blackberry, Mac, and Windows devices

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Zoom Room Improves Customer Service with Apple iPad and Socket Barcode Scanners

Posted November 28, 2012

2012 11 26 1607Every type of business is concerned with providing the best possible experience for their customers and taking advantage of new technology tools is a great way to do so. Utilizing mobile devices like the Apple iPad and Socket Bluetooth scanners can make any application more efficient and customer friendly.

Zoom Room, a chain of dog agility training centers, delivers top-notch customer service for canines and humans alike with the Apple iPad and CHS Series 7 barcode scanners from Socket Mobile. The mobile technology enables employees to spend more time helping customers, perform transactions and registrations away from the front desk, and minimize paper usage to support corporate green initiatives.

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Shadow QR Code Campaign Increases Sales 25%

Posted June 11, 2012

Many retailers experience a slow part of the day which can be a difficult challenge to solve.  Sometimes the best answer is engaging your customers in new and creative ways.

South Korea’s largest retailer, E-mart, was seeing a a large dip in daily business from 12pm to 1pm and came up with a novel way to get customers into stores.  They created a shadow QR code that was only scannable between 12pm and 1pm when the sun was in a position to cast the correct shape shadow.  When people would see these shadow QR codes outdoors they could use their smartphone to read them.  Once scanned, they are lead to a ‘Sunny Sale’ homepage with special offers, coupons and a download for the Emart ecommerce app.  This simple yet clever campaign helped increase Emart’s sale by 25% during their once difficult lunchtime slump. The campaign was conceived and managed by Cheil Worldwide who were also responsible for the virtual grocery store in Hangangjin subway station in Seoul.

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