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Secure Your Storefront

From fashion boutiques to specialty gift stores, retailers need to protect both Point-of-Sale (POS) and computer systems from outside threats. Traditional security solutions like anti-virus software slow down your computer's performance and your Internet connection.

MDS's solution protects against the latest viruses and threats while ensuring that sensitive customer credit card data is handled in accordance with PCI industry regulations.

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Take Security Off Your Plate

The restaurant business requires long hours to create food, menus and atmospheres that keep customers coming back. Part of the business is ensuring that customer data and credit card information is secure, as well as protecting company data.

My Digital Shield provides PCI data compliance and protection against the latest viruses and threats without the need for tedious, time-consuming updates, taking a critical part of protecting your company brand off of your plate.


"Always On" Data Security

The last thing a busy small business needs is to worry about is data security, especially when dealing with a large volume of sensitive documents. MDS is "always on," ensuring that private customer information and credit card data are safe from hackers and handled in accordance with industry regulations.

The "always on" technology filters Internet traffic before it even reaches your computer network, protecting your system from viruses and other outside threats. Ask your IT provider to implement MDS to protect your computer system (and your business) from any potential cyber intrusion.

  360 Protection 360 Protection + PCI Complete Control


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Features 360 Protection 360 Protection + PCI Complete Control
Intrusion Prevention:
Blocks hacker attacks
Malware/Virus protection
Denial of Service defense
Botnet Protection
Malicious Website Protection
Advanced Persistent
Threat protection
Quality of service for VOIP
Secures information
Suspicious Activity Monitoring  
Data Leak Prevention:
Prevent stolen information
Web Filtering:
Control internet usage
Application Control:
Control used applications
Secure Remote Access:
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