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ID Card Accessories

Our comprehensive selection of accessories will make your ID card system complete and reduce lost or misplaced cards. Keep cards easily accessible with holders, reels, and lanyards.

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What is the difference between a lanyard and a reel?
Lanyards and reels serve a similar purpose - to keep your ID cards easily accessible and secured to yourself. A lanyard is a cord worn around the neck or wrist and connects to a badge holder with your ID card in it. A reel is a retractable cord that can be clipped onto a belt or key chain and also connects to a badge holder.
Do I need a camera for my ID card system?
A camera offers the ability to capture an employee or customer image which you can print on the card. With the high resolution photo quality printing of your printer, a photo on the ID card is an added level of security and will help make forgery of the cards more difficult. Your design software will have to support image capture and in some cases specific camera lines will only be supported.