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How RFID Increases Shipment Accuracy

Posted February 3, 2023

Webinar Details

How RFID Increases Shipment Accuracy

Thursday, February 23rd

1:00pm – 1:45pm Central

Presented By

Tom O’Boyle – Principal RFID Solutions Architect – Barcodes Group

Nat Hillary – Solutions Engineer for Strategic Accounts, Impinj


Shipments sent to the wrong location, missing items, or containing the wrong items cost time, money and erode customer trust. Placed on points of transition, RFID technology can identify thousands of items per second, and is capable of achieving a read accuracy above 99% percent. And it delivers powerful insights into traffic patterns and service level metrics to further optimize your operations.

Attend the Webinar to Discover the Advantages of RFID for Your Organization:

  • Automate tracking of shipments moving in and out of dock doors without direct line-of-sight, reducing the need for human intervention and manual scanning
  • Read tags on pallets, cases, or items
  • Alert teams when a shipment is incomplete, contains the wrong items, or is loaded on the wrong truck
  • Experience repeatability and scalability with an easy installation process (no matter the size of your business)

That means RFID tags placed on individual items, pallets, or containers will be read accurately to ensure that the right goods are on the right truck – every time

We hope to see you there! Register here.

3 Benefits of DaaS For Barcode Scanners In Warehousing

Posted February 1, 2023
daas for barcode scanners in warehouses device as a service benefits

Within the barcode scanning industry, there has been rapid growth in retail and manufacturing. This growth is estimated to increase to more than US$1500 million between 201 and 2031. With the combination of growth, product demand, and inflation on the rise, there needs to be a more straightforward purchasing method for the tools and technologies companies use on a daily basis.

Device as a Service (DaaS) is a great solution to look for when purchasing new barcode scanners for your business. DaaS, also sometimes known as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), combines the elements of Hardware as a Service (HaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS) into one top-to-bottom solution with little to no upfront cost.

The global device as a service market size was valued at US$30.75 billion in 2020 and is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 37.8% from 2021 to 2028.

So what are the benefits to you and your business when it comes to implementing a DaaS solution over buying outright materials?

1. Little To No Upfront Costs

The #1 perk of a DaaS program is not having upfront costs for your barcode scanners. You are able to pay overtime based on your exact needs. So don’t wait time and money on additional services, software, or hardware you don’t need.

As an example, in an operational lease or traditional contract, the customer agrees to use a product for a specific period of time. This time is agreed upon in advance with very minimal leniency. In contrast, an ‘as a service’ contract is very flexible and often on a monthly basis.

Build What Works For You

Having the ability to avoid upfront costs is ideal for many businesses, especially for startups and young companies. When looking for the right barcode provider and DaaS contract for you, ensure all your needs are met, from financials to software needs and equipment quantities, to properly stock your barcode scanning team.

2. Repair and Replacement Plans

Are you having labor shortage issues? No need to add additional IT staff when on a DaaS contract. Being on a DaaS plan, you will be surrounded by a very supportive culture. In this transaction you will, in essence, be leasing the equipment from your provider. When you are done with it, they will want to clean the device of your business’ data and refurbish the barcode scanners for another company. However, this can only be done if the equipment is appropriately taken care of while involved in a DaaS plan.

Both Sides Benefit

Regular maintenance is key to your DaaS contract and will benefit both parties.

Your provider is going to want to ensure any equipment you have out on DaaS is being updated with the latest and greatest, as well as adequately handled if an error or issue occurs.

Luckily, for your business, you will always have the most updated barcode scanning solutions and will have access to a reliable support staff for questions, issues, and updates. Best of all, the costs and effort associated with upgrades and new releases are lower than the traditional model.

3. Scalability Options

For most companies, an end goal is usually to grow and scale your business throughout the years. So why not work with a provider that allows your barcode scanning solutions to grow with you?

Being on a DaaS contract, you are able to add and take away hardware and software solutions as your company deems fit. From the start of your contract, your provider will lay out the required timelines for specific parts of the agreement. Still, they will never wave off adding new scanners or additional software features that can benefit you and help your business skyrocket to the next level.

So, What Are You Waiting For?

If you are struggling with inflation or old, outdated barcoding solutions, consider finding a barcode scanning provider that offers you the convenience of a DaaS contract. Eliminate the headache of upkeep, upfront costs, and working with different vendors, when you can get all elements of your barcode scanning solution from one provider for a low monthly cost that is built unique to your business needs.

Announcing the Elo Touch 70 Series Full HD Touchscreen Monitor

Posted January 18, 2023

Our partners at Elo Touch are proud to announce the development of the new 70-Series Full HD touchscreen monitor.

The new launch will deliver commercial-grade, feature-rich platforms available in 22- and 24-inch in both white and black.

With a durable, energy efficient touchscreen, flexible kickstand, universal VESA mount and low blue light and flicker free features, the 70-Series is built to support continuous public use.

The 70-Series Touchscreen Monitors deliver the quality and reliability Elo is known for and are backed by their 3-year standard warranty, extendable to 5-years with optional advance unit replacement.

The new touchscreen monitor is built with minimalistic design and modern versatility.

Key Features of the ELO Touch 70-Series:

  • Narrow Borders Enhanced aesthetics and design
  • Low Blue Light Filter out harmful blue lights
  • Energy Star 8.0 Eco-friendly and energy efficient
  • Tilt display from 20 to 70°
  • Durable touchscreens built to survive continuous public use

Your Touchscreen Display, Your Needs

The 70-Series is available in 22″, 24″, or 27″ display sizes, depending on your unique applications. This includes both black or white colors:

As well as built-in speakers and integrated IO.

Touchscreen by Industry

The 70-Series touchscreen is made for self-service, interactive signage, and point of sale applications.

Contact us to speak to our display professionals about your touchscreen needs. From corner stores, to national kiosk deployments, Barcodes, Inc. has you covered.

The Zebra TC53 Touch Mobile Computer

Posted December 29, 2022
zebra tc53 mobile touch computer is a welcome addition to any enterprise

Your business needs new technology to keep up with changing customer needs.

With Zebra’s TC53 mobile computer, you can collect data in a whole new way. The TC53 offers lightning-fast speeds, lots of processing power, and the most up-to-date wireless connectivity so that your teams can get to the data they need from anywhere, at any time.

It also comes with accessories that mark the beginning of a new era of mobility.

With the the TC53, your employees can do more with their computers.

TC53 Mobile Computer: The Main Benefits

The TC53 rugged mobile computer is designed for use in harsh environments and demanding applications. The latest touch solution for the enterprise runs Android, is built tough, and lasts for entire shift durations without a hiccup.

The mobile computer from Zebra is built to withstand drops, spills, dust, and other hazards that may be encountered in the field. The TC53 is also equipped with a range of features that make it well-suited for use in a variety of applications:

  1. Robust construction: The TC53 is built to withstand drops, shocks, and other physical impacts, making it ideal for use in rough environments
  2. Powerful processor: The TC53 is powered by a powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, which enables fast and reliable performance
  3. Large display: The TC53 has a large, 5-inch display that is easy to read, even in bright outdoor conditions
  4. Long battery life: The TC53 is equipped with a long-lasting battery that can last for an entire shift, making it ideal for use in applications where access to power is limited
  5. Advanced scanning capabilities: The TC53 is equipped with a range of advanced scanning technologies, including a high-resolution camera and a long-range laser scanner, which enable fast and accurate data capture

For a detailed list of TC53 touch computer features, download the TC53 spec sheet.

See How the TC53 Touch Changes the Game

Overall, the TC53 is a rugged, feature-rich mobile computer that is well-suited for use in a variety of applications, including logistics, field service, and retail.

Contact us for a customized consultation, great prices, and rapid enterprise deployment.

Zebra ZQ600 Plus Mobile Printers Set a New Standard for Enterprise Mobility

Posted December 29, 2022

The ZQ600 Plus mobile printers produce high-quality label and receipts anywhere, whether in the order picking fleet in the warehouse, or on the road in a delivery driver’s arsenal.

ZQ600 and ZQ610 Plus printers improve Zebra’s popular QLn platform by adding new technology and design that make them easier to use, more productive, and easier to manage.

The ZQ series printers never fall asleep on the job thanks to a feature called “instant wake-up.” Also, your mobile workforce gets the fastest and most reliable wireless connections.

Your IT department will find it easier to integrate, set up, and secure the printers thanks to Zebra’s Link-OS operating system and powerful Print DNA suite of applications, utilities, and developer tools.

It’s safe to say that the ZQ600 Series printer is the gold standard for printing labels and receipts from a mobile device.

What are the Main Benefits of the Zebra ZQ600 Plus Printer?

The Zebra ZQ600 Plus is a mobile printer designed for use in a variety of operational settings. Some potential benefits for operational leaders include:

  • Rugged design: The ZQ600 Plus is built to withstand rough handling and harsh environments, making it ideal for use in field operations or other demanding settings
  • High-quality printing: Each EQ600/610 Plus produces high-quality, crisp and clear prints, which can be important for producing accurate and professional-looking documents in operational settings
  • Wireless connectivity: Bluetooth and WiFi make it easy to print from other devices in the field or on the go
  • Customization options: The ZQ600 Plus can be customized with a range of accessories and options, such as label peelers and cutter options, to suit the specific needs of different operational settings
  • Easy to use: ZQ600 printers include a simple and intuitive interface and easy-to-load media, which allows leaders to quickly and easily train new users on the printer, reducing downtime and increasing productivity

For a detailed list of features and specifications, download the ZQ610 printer spec sheet.

See the ZQ600 Plus Printer in Action

This coming year, rely on Zebra mobile printers to get the job done quickly and efficiently, anywhere your workforce goes.

Contact us to discuss your mobile label, tag, and receipt printing needs.

Equip Tough Environments with the ZT231 Industrial Printer

Posted December 28, 2022
zebra zt231 industrial printer

Your printing station plays a vital role in protecting the bottom line, which is why you shouldn’t have to compromise between printer performance and affordability. Improve productivity with the Zebra ZT231 industrial printer.

Warehousing teams depend on the Zebra ZT231 industrial printer for rapid, high quality label and tag printing in the harshest environments.

The simplistic, yet powerful rugged printer has it all:

  • Dependable functionality even in harsh, high volume warehouse environments
  • Very little setup required
  • Adaptable features for any print application
  • Seamless user-friendly experience
  • Most of all, crisp high quality labels at a rapid output

ZT231 printers also include Zebra’s print DNA, allowing deeper print functionality, improved data security, and device tracking visibility.

For more ZT231 details, refer to the product sheet from Zebra below:

Download the ZT231 Spec Sheet

Ask Us About ZT231 Printer Deployments and Service

From assisted solution design, to ongoing maintenance and troubleshooting, optimize your ZT231 printing station with Barcodes, Inc. Contact us to get started.

Four Ways to Incorporate Powered Mobile Carts in Retail

Posted December 28, 2022
powered mobile carts for retail newcastle barcodes inc

Powered mobile carts for retail eliminate the challenges of stationary point of sale infrastructure, providing the best customer experience possible. Here’s how (free infographic included below).

Are You Prepared to Adapt Your Checkout Technology?

POS in many stores tend to be anchored to checkout aisle stations. You have a monitor, printer, a handheld barcode scanner, stationary conveyor scanner, and a touchscreen payment terminal. The cash register, network, and wiring do not give you much leeway to reconfigure checkout for optimal revenue in peak shopping periods.

Customers won’t be eager to return to a checkout environment with long lines and suboptimal item scanning.

Introduce curbside pickup, e-commerce fulfillment and returns, and the need for a clear picture of inventory counts at all times – soon the need to mobilize a wireless, all-in-one checkout station becomes apparent.

4 Impactful Ways to Incorporate Powered Mobile Carts in Retail Environments

Newcastle Systems has long been an industry leader in mobile carts (picture computer, printer, scanner, and shelves on wheels with no power cords).

Powered mobile carts for retail applications are no different.

Here’s 4 ways to elevate your retail experience with powered mobile carts.

Mobilize Your Checkout and Inventory Management Today

Keep customers returning day after day with shorter lines, easy checkout, accurate stock information, and more. The NB Series from Newcastle is among many powered mobile cart solutions that does just that. Ready to learn more?

Print Receipts Anywhere Easily with the ZQ300 Plus

Posted December 20, 2022
ZQ300 Plus mobile printers from Zebra improve the customer experience

The ZQ300 Plus mobile printers produce high-quality label and receipts anywhere, with a user-friendly design, improved print speeds, and easier device management for operational leaders.

Choose the silver and black color scheme, which is more modern and great for retailers who care about style, or the dark gray color scheme with a scuff-resistant exterior for extra protection in tough conditions and outdoor use.

Zebra’s ZQ300 Plus printers give your retail team members freedom of movement anywhere on the store floor.

Mobile receipt printing enables customer sales and quicker stockroom deliveries for drivers.

With on-the-spot label printing, store employees can do markups, markdowns, and shelf label checks more quickly and accurately.

The Zebra ZQ300 Plus Series has the same features and specs as the ZQ300 Series, but it uses updated circuitry to make sure that the products will still be available in the long run.

What We Love About the Zebra ZQ300 Plus

With the ZQ300 Plus printer, you can improve the retail customer and employee experience in a variety of ways:

  • Its simplicity makes it easier to train employees, with clear instructions, a beautiful onscreen display, and low learning curve
  • The ZQ300 Plus printer prints personalized receipts, labels, and other materials for customers. Customers will have a more personalized and memorable experience as a result
  • The ZQ300 Plus reduces wait times and increase overall store efficiency, improving the customer experience by reducing frustration and streamlining the checkout process
  • Easy to maintain and clean, ensuring optimal performance and high-quality prints every time
  • The ZQ300 Plus printer can be used to provide further value to customers by printing coupons or loyalty cards

For a detailed list of features and specifications, download the ZQ300 printer spec sheet.

Watch the ZQ300 Plus Printer Video

Zebra mobile printers get the job done quickly and efficiently, anywhere your workforce and customers are.

Contact us to discuss your mobile label, tag, and receipt printing needs.

For Hospital Ready, Look No Further Than the Code CR7010/CR7020 Mobile Charging Cases

Posted November 23, 2022

The CR7010 and CR7020 mobile charging cases are here from Code Corporation.

Designed for fast-paced healthcare settings, the CR7000 series is complete with a disinfectant housing, sleek design, and rapid charging. All under the protection of quality charging cases that Code is famous for.

Mobilize and Supercharge Your Patient Care Technology

A mobile device used in healthcare must be able to withstand the same chemical disinfection protocol as any other piece of medical equipment.

A phone would not last six months without some kind of case for protection, depending on the severity of chemical baths. Some hospitals have even predicted that handheld mobile devices are on track to substitute high-priced computer workstations and all of the additional peripherals they require, such as barcode scanning equipment.

From a single mobile device running a mobile health information system, you can scan (using soft-scanning software and the mobile device camera), chart, verify, and document (HIS). Previously, a convenient and fast way to charge mobile devices on the go in a hospital environment meant substandard disinfections and poorly optimized workflows.

That’s no longer the case with the CR7010 and CR7020 cases.

A mobile device used in a hospital setting must also be resistant to disinfection protocols and accidental drops. With many employees scanning and managing sales and inventory on the device, the cases provide protection for both scenarios and keep employees and devices safe.

Protecting your mobile investment with a fully enclosed battery backup case extends device longevity in any environment.

If you want to use the mobile power of iPhone devices in your facilities, CR7000 series cases can protect your patients, employees, and devices. In contrast to the partial protection provided by most consumer-grade cases, full enclosure means complete protection.

Code CR7000 Series Mobile Charging Cases: Ready to Deploy in Healthcare Environments Nationwide

The CR7000 series mobile charging cases feature bi-directional data pass-through, an easily swappable external battery power that more than doubles the life of your phone, and a flexible battery charging system with multiple battery charging station options. The charge status of each battery is clearly displayed, eliminating the need for guesswork.

Improve daily productivity with a protective mobile charging case you can rely on. For detailed product information, download our CR7010-CR7020 PDF:

[Download the Code CR7000 Spec Sheet]

Contact us today to take a closer look at healthcare solutions and see if the 7000 series cases are a fit for your organization.

Your Returns Process: 3 Simple Tips to Increase Speed & Accuracy

Posted November 11, 2022

About this Webinar

Your Returns Process: 3 Simple Tips to Increase Speed & Accuracy

Wednesday, November 16th, 2:00 PM – 2:30 PM ET

Presented By:

Kevin Ledversis – Vice-President Sales, Newcastle Systems

Make Returns Both Faster and More Accurate

While you watch a truck departing from your shipping dock, two more are returning orders on your receiving dock! Typical scenario. Now’s the time to increase the speed and accuracy of your returns process to manage the onslaught valued at ~$800 billion in 2023.

What you will learn in this webinar:

  • The basics of reverse logistics
  • The obstacles that are costing you time, money, and customer satisfaction
  • 3 tips to increase speed and accuracy
  • Low-cost technology options, such as mobile carts, to improve your returns process now

Watch the Full Customer Returns Webinar with Newcastle

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