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Weighing and Scanning Large, Irregular-Shaped Items? Try the CubiScan 325

Posted September 28, 2023

Measuring large quantities of spatulas, machinery components, bolts, and apparel can be a challenge for order pickers and warehouse operators. Non-uniform shapes are hard to measure, and high turnover and rotating shift workers means you never get consistent measurements on your ever-changing library of SKUs. Inconsistency in measurement and process leads to unreliable master data, and inefficient downstream processes. Enter the Cubiscan 325, an automated object dimensioner and scale.

If you want to reduce inefficiencies in your supply chain, this machine is an excellent starting point. Master data collection, storage, carton selection, and pick and pack are much easier processes with the Cubiscan.

Accurate, Efficient Dimensioning with the CubiScan 325

The Cubiscan 325 eliminates the need for manual measuring and weighing by automating the dimensioning process, reducing physical strain on employees, limiting manual data entry errors, boosting overall productivity, and improving cost savings across every operational area.

Key Features of the CubiScan 325

Dimensional Accuracy
The Cubiscan 325 uses infrared light to collect product dimensions down to 1mm, ensuring that accurate data is used for inventory and shipping calculations. This reduces the possibility of costly mistakes in shipping and order fulfillment. This large format, automated imager and dimensioner accommodates SKUs up to 36′′ long, 24′′ wide, and 24” tall.

Cost Savings
With accurate product dimensions, shipping costs can be reduced. Accurate master data is fed to WMS and cartonization softwares to help packers pick the right box for an order. In turn, shippers ship less air and more product, reducing the overuse of packing materials to fill excess “air” in the box. This also reduces their overall parcel spend, because efficiently packed orders means shippers aren’t paying to ship extra air. The savings are particularly impactful for high-volume shippers, where efficiencies and proper packing are spread across thousands of shipments. Invest in a dimensioner, because the long-term cost savings from reduced errors, improved efficiency, and optimized storage are significant.

Inventory Accuracy & Enhanced Order Picking
Accurate product dimensions aid in inventory tracking. This is especially useful in industries with a large number of SKUs, where inventory discrepancies can be expensive and time-consuming to resolve. The Cubiscan 325 also integrates with existing order picking systems, assisting employees in efficiently and accurately selecting the right products, reducing order fulfillment errors.

Seamless Integration with WMS & ERP
The Cubiscan 325 can be seamlessly integrated with Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, reducing manual data entry errors, streamlining the flow of information, and improving overall database quality for irregular and complex SKUs in the warehouse.

Improved Warehouse Space Utilization
By accurately measuring product sizes, operations managers can optimize warehouse storage space and layout, reducing wasted space and improving overall efficiency.

Data Analytics
The Cubiscan 325 data can be used to perform analytics and gain insights into product trends, demand forecasting, and process optimization.

Ensured Compliance
For industries with specific regulations governing accurate product measurement and labeling, the Cubiscan 325 assists operations managers in ensuring regulatory compliance as well.

Faster Order Processing
Order processing becomes faster and more efficient with the Cubiscan 325’s automation capabilities, which can lead to faster order fulfillment and happier customers.

For a detailed list of capabilities, download the Cubiscan 325 spec sheet.

Watch: The CubiScan 325 in Action

Incorporating a CubiScan 325 into your workflow can help streamline operations, reduce costs, and improve overall productivity and accuracy, making it a valuable addition for operations managers across a wide range of industries. See how it works below.

Smarter Dimensioning Today

We’ve covered how useful the CubiScan 325 is. It’s also just plain magical to see in action. Contact us for your dimensioning needs today – we’ll deliver a custom solution for you.

The Epson TM-m30III is an Elegant, Compact Thermal Receipt Printer

Posted September 21, 2023

Epson’s OmniLink TM-m30III Thermal Receipt Printer combines an elegant, modern design with advanced connectivity. Enhance your business with the OmniLink TM-m30III receipt printer and experience the ideal combination of form and function.

An Deeper Look at Epson’s Compact Thermal Receipt Printer

For those in search of a dependable and efficient receipt printer suitable for business operations, the compact 3″ thermal receipt printer stands as a commendable choice. The OmniLink TM-m30III is designed with a sleek and contemporary aesthetic, and equipped with an array of impressive features that make it ideal for mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) receipt printing.

Compact Design with Flexible Paper Exit Options

At the core of this printer’s appeal lies its design. Characterized by its sleek and compact physique, it combines aesthetic appeal with practical functionality. Its diminutive size renders it versatile and adaptable to various work environments, effortlessly integrating into any mPOS setup. In addition, the receipt printer accommodates both front and top paper exits, affording users the convenience of selecting their preferred method of receipt handling.

Swift and Reliable Network Connectivity

A prominent attribute of the TM-m30III is its capability for swift network tethering. Establishing a wired network connection with iOS® or AndroidTM mobile devices via a USB-C connection is possible, with data transfer rates reaching up to 20 Mbps .1 This ensures expeditious transaction processing, contributing to customer satisfaction.

Diverse Connectivity Options

Regarding connectivity, this printer offers a comprehensive selection. It comes equipped with built-in interfaces, including USB-A, USB-B, USB-C, and Ethernet. For those seeking wireless connectivity, an optional dual Wi-Fi®/ Bluetooth® interface is available. The TM-m30III printer supports the connection of up to two USB point-of-sale peripherals, complemented by the Sync and Charge feature, which can deliver up to 18 W of power to mobile devices. For two more USB slots, consider the TM-m30III-H model. This versatility caters to a wide range of user preferences for different mPOS applications.

Seamless Cloud Integration

In the contemporary digital landscape, cloud printing holds considerable significance. This printer provides an option for Server Direct Print, facilitating the retrieval of print jobs directly from the cloud.2 Such functionality proves invaluable for businesses relying on cloud-based systems for online ordering and document management, streamlining operations and minimizing manual interventions.

Effortless Setup and Rapid Printing

Setup procedures are streamlined for user convenience, particularly when opting for the dual wireless interface. It enables the swift establishment of Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connections, expediting the deployment of the printer. Subsequently, the printer’s rapid print speed impresses with its ability to generate sharp and precise text, barcodes, and logos at speeds of up to 300 mm/sec, ensuring operational efficiency.3

Superior Service and Support

Epson, renowned for its commitment to quality, extends a 2-year limited warranty for this printer. For added assurance, Epson PreferredSM Plus Extended Service Plans are available, offering up to 5 years of uninterrupted coverage. These provisions safeguard your investment and contribute to the seamless operation of your business.

Paper Conservation and Enhanced Enclosure

In an era marked by environmental consciousness, even small measures can make a significant difference. This printer incorporates a paper-saving feature, potentially reducing paper consumption by up to 49%.4 Moreover, the printer’s IPX2-rated enclosure not only exhibits water resistance but also features antimicrobial properties and easy-clean attributes, ensuring a hygienic printing environment.

For a comprehensive list of features, download the TM-m30III and TM-m30III-H spec sheet.

Unboxing the OmniLink TM-m30III Printer

A Reliable, Versatile mPOS Elevates the Modern Customer Experience

The OmniLink TM-m30III printer presents itself as a formidable choice for those in need of a reliable, efficient, and versatile receipt printer for their mPOS systems.

Characterized by its modern design, rapid network connectivity, diverse connectivity options, and an assortment of other features, the TM-m30III is an invaluable asset for the enterprise. With this printer, experience smoother transactions, enhanced customer satisfaction, and overall operational efficiency.

1 The actual speed depends on a variety of conditions, including performance of the mobile device, operating system, number of applications running simultaneously and the conditions of other network devices such as switches or routers.

2 Requires an Internet connection.

3 Speed based on using approved Epson media. For more information, please visit

4 Paper savings depend on the text and graphics printed on the receipt.

Scan Barcodes 65 Feet Away with the Skorpio X5 XLR

Posted September 21, 2023

For extreme long-range barcode reading capabilities, look no further than the Datalogic Skorpio X5 XLR, a state-of-the-art mobile computer. This extraordinary device features the most extensive scanning distances available on the market in addition to a high-performing scan engine.

The Skorpio X5 XLR establishes a new standard for mobile computing with the ability to swiftly scan barcodes from close range and at great distances. It excels at tackling even the most challenging enterprise duties.

A Variety of Long-Range Imaging Options

The Skorpio X5 provides a variety of imaging options, such as the Linear Imager, Standard 2D Imager, Mid-Range Imager, and the exceptional 2D near-far Extra-long Range (XLR) scanner. The innovative Extra-Long-Range imager is ideally adapted for applications in which a single device must read barcodes at varying distances, up to a remarkable 20 meters (or 65 feet).

Skorpio XLR: An Indispensible Productivity Aid in Demanding Environments

The Skorpio XLR features a user-friendly aimer, exceptional data capture speed, and the unique ability to decipher barcodes through forklift windscreens, shrink wrap film, as well as dirty, damaged, and/or poorly printed barcodes.

Big, Bright 4.3 Inch Display: The largest and brightest on the market for mobile computers, assuring maximum readability while running applications with advanced functionality.

Designed for Long Shifts: Includes hot-swappable battery technology, adjustable battery management settings, and Datalogic’s industry-first wireless charging system ensure a reliable, contactless charge. In addition, the Datalogic Smart Battery interface makes it easy to monitor the battery’s status.

Unparalleled Computational Power: With the Qualcomm Snapdragon 600® platform’s market-leading 2.2 GHz CPU, multitasking is effortless

Simple, Secure, and Android™ 10 Ready: The Skorpio X5 XLR guarantees an unmatched user experience, stability, simplicity of use, and security through the updated Android™ 10 operating system. The addition of the GMS (Google Mobile Services) suite makes the mobile computer seamless for users who are accustomed to Android applications.

Rugged Yet Comfortable: The Skorpio X5 XLR is lightweight, ergonomic, comfortable to hold, and precisely balanced for extended use without fatigue. The new XLR models offer three different keyboard configurations to accommodate specific operational requirements.

The Skorpio X5 XLR is a completely rugged device that can withstand harsh conditions. It can withstand multiple impacts of up to 1.8 meters (6 feet) onto concrete, is dust-tight, and has an IP65 rating for protection against waterjets. As a validated “Android Enterprise Recommended” rugged device, the XLR scanner meets Google’s stringent requirements for enterprise hardware, software, and support.

For a detailed list of capabilities, download the Skorpio X5 XLR spec sheet.

See How the Skorpio X5 XLR Performs Under Pressure

Extended Range Scanning, No Matter the Industry or Application

Wherever you need long-range, rapid, and Android-ready scanning, the Skorpio X5 XLR is an impressive mobile computer that can handle virtually any challenge you encounter. Price checks, inventory, order fulfillment, receiving, putaway, replenishment, forklift operations, quality control, returns, and many more use cases are possible with Datalogic’s latest.

Contact us today to see where the Skorpio X5 might be a great fit for a mobile computer upgrade in your future.

For Improved Efficiency, Consider Newcastle’s PC Series Mobile Workstations

Posted September 21, 2023

How do you increase throughput, shorten order cycle times, and maximize labor productivity, all while maintaining order accuracy in the warehouse? It doesn’t have to be a complicated, high cost challenge. A rugged industrial scanner and printer workstation often solves these issues on its own.

The problem: most dedicated workstations are stationary in one area of work. Imagine a workstation that you can easily cart around. With unparalleled mobility, PC workstations from Newcastle provide extra space for a laser printer, supplies, inventory, and more.

Newcastle Mobile Powered Carts let you tackle all these issues at the same time in a cost effective manner. By bringing your displays, mobile computers, and label printer to the pallet, you eliminate hours of back and forth in the warehouse.

Observe the PC Series Mobile Workstations in an Operational Environment

Key Features of the PC Series Workstation

  • Mobile Workspace: Choose from a 30″ or 48″ tabletop, offering ample space for your laptop and paperwork
  • High Carrying Capacity: Durable design with a remarkable 400 lbs. load capacity
  • Precision Movement: Our specialized casters ensure smooth and accurate mobility, even when fully loaded
  • Expandable Tabletop: Add our folding shelf accessory to expand the tabletop to a spacious 66″ x 24″ (11sf in total)
  • Battery Options: Available in both lightweight Lithium and SLA battery variants

For a full list of detailed information, download the PC Series spec sheet.

Contact us today to see how a mobile workstation from Newcastle can reduce redundant movement and ineffiencies in your operation.

TSC Alpha-40L Mobile Receipt Printer

Posted September 19, 2023

The TSC Alpha-40L mobile printer is perfect for delivery drivers and any receipt printing needed while in the field. The Alpha-40L does its job so well, in fact, that it was featured in our Best Barcode Printers of 2023 guide. Let’s dig a bit further into what makes this printer a standout choice.

TSC Alpha-40L: Superior Receipt Printing in the Field

The TSC Alpha-40L mobile printer provides productivity and management features for a superior printing experience, allowing you to print labels and receipts wherever you need them.

The Alpha-40L has a printing resolution of 203 dpi and can print at speeds of up to 5 ips. Additionally, it has a color LCD screen with buttons, which provides easy access to the printer’s controls and options.

Gain visibility into real-time data regarding the performance of your printer thanks to the remote printer management software that comes included with the TSC Alpha-40L.

Key Features of the Alpha-40L

These new mobile printers usher in a new era of more intelligent and superior technology solutions for printing labels for business applications.

The Alpha-40L not only makes it simple and dependable for users to connect their devices, but it also securely prints labels wherever they are required thanks to Apple-certified MFi Bluetooth® 5.0 and 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi fast roaming.

With the help of the Alpha-40L’s smart battery, SOTI Connect remote printer management, and TSC Console, businesses can expand in a seamless and effective manner.

An eco-friendly and more intelligent method of handling media is provided by the factory-ordered liner-less kit and the integrated peeler that come with the Alpha-40L.

The new mobile printers are equipped with an extensive range of accessories that facilitate on-the-go labeling, particularly in high-demand logistics applications.

For a full list of features and technical details, download the Alpha-40L spec sheet.

Watch: Unboxing the Alpha-40L Printer from TSC

Mobile Printing Built Tough

The Alpha-40L meets MIL-STD-810G military standards for drop and vehicle vibration. Each model includes high-productivity features for direct store delivery (DSD) and industrial field service that make them great for receipt printing on the go.

Interested in learning more? Contact us today to discuss your unique requirements, number of printers to replace, and put together a comprehensive quote for TSC printer deployment.

Enterprise Mobility is Easier with Panasonic’s Toughbook N1

Posted September 14, 2023

The Panasonic TOUGHBOOK® N1 mobile computer is the ideal handheld companion for your everyday work adventures. This stylish, tough powerhouse is an uncompromising, all-in-one mobility solution. The Panasonic FZ-N1 has your back whether you’re braving the elements or navigating difficult environments.

Panasonic FZ-N1: Uncompromising Mobility

First and foremost, let’s discuss the FZ-N1’s power. This rugged handheld has an octa-core processor that keeps you on top of your tasks without fail.

Do you need to scan barcodes while on the go? Panasonic included a handy, rear-facing barcode reader.

The rain and glove mode touch-screen keeps you in command, rain or shine.

Not to be forgotten, the Toughbook battery is not only long-lasting, but also hot-swappable for long shifts of uninterrupted barcode scanning.

Android Enterprise Recommended

The TOUGHBOOK N1 is powered by the Android operating system, allowing you to work in an open environment. The Google Play store as well as Panasonic’s trusted partners provides teams with access to a treasure trove of enterprise-grade applications.

Flexible Connectivity & Communication

Do you need to stay connected while on the go? It’s all about adaptability. Optional WWAN capabilities on the TOUGHBOOK N1 include Multi-carrier 4G LTE, FirstNet ReadyTM with Band 14, cellular voice, and dual SIM card support.

Speaking of communication, this rugged beauty is AT&T-certified to support Enhanced Push-to-Talk (EPTT) and can connect with other EPTT handsets and LMR devices.

Living Up to the Namesake

The best part? The Toughbook N1 is made to last. A drop of seven feet? No problem, the handheld is up to the task. So, whether you’re heading to a construction site or a field mission, this device is your dependable companion through thick and thin.

In a nutshell, the Panasonic FZ-N1 is the perfect work companion. It’s ready to face challenges head on, and is an excellent mobile computer from Panasonic. See it in action here:

Full Specifications of the Toughbook N1

  • 4.7″ Fully Rugged Handheld with Android™ 11 (R) - Qualcomm® SDM660-2 64bit 2.2GHzx4+1.8GHzx4 Octa-Core with 4GB/64GB RAM/Flash
  • Wi-Fi, optional 4G LTE WWAN with GPS – Dual Nano SIM, Bluetooth® with Low Energy, NFC, 1280×720 550 NIT screen 10-point touch.
  • MIL-STD-810G, 7′ drop, IP66 and IP68 dust and water-resistant, NIAP and FIPS 140-2 security certification, Android Enterprise Recommended
  • 12-hours (19-hour long life battery) depending on user profile; 8-hour rated (or 16-hours with the long-life battery) in continuous data use. User-replaceable battery that is warm-swap capable
  • Standard: USB 2.0 (with option for Host or Client mode), front and rear facing cameras, rear-facing angled barcode reader with a scan engine

For a detailed list of key features, download the FZ-N1 spec sheet.

Ready to learn more? Contact a rugged smartphone expert today to explore applications, bulk pricing, and custom integrations and deployments from Barcodes, Inc.

Fetch Robotics AMRs Provide Powerful Solutions to Labor Challenges

Posted September 7, 2023

Companies nationwide are struggling to find qualified manufacturing labor, leaving many critical positions unfilled. The labor crisis isn’t going away any time soon. A recent study by Deloitte and The Manufacturing Institute revealed that the U.S. could see 2.1 million open manufacturing jobs by 2030, with a critical lack of skilled labor to staff those open roles. Manufacturers surveyed also reported that finding qualified talent is 36% harder than in 2018.

How can you prepare your business to remain productive and profitable during the worst labor crisis of our time?

Fetch Robotics are autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) from Zebra that seamlessly fill the labor gap, working alongside existing employees to improve efficiency, productivity, and accuracy.

Empower Your Employees with Fetch Robotics

Are you worried that your staff will think they’re about to be replaced by robots? Think again. Fetch robotics work alongside your team, empowering them with the tools they need to be more productive than ever.

Zebra AMRs can do the monotonous tasks your employees dread so they can focus on higher-level duties. Your employees will be overjoyed when they realize Fetch can push pallets for miles in the heat, so they don’t have to.

You can also delegate heavy lifting to the robots, protecting your employees from strain and possible injury. AMRs give your frontline team members a safer, more productive, and enjoyable job, reducing turnover and physical burnout while increasing employee satisfaction.

Fetch Robotics Means Improved Productivity

Zebra’s Fetch Robotics can deliver three times more productivity to your manufacturing plant by automating material movement. 

AMRS can move inbound goods, pick orders, and recycle, allowing workers to stay in their zone instead of wasting time walking back and forth carrying inventory around the warehouse.

Imagine how focused, productive, and less physically exhausted these workers will be. They’ll produce, pick, pack, and put away more items than ever before without the physical burnout that can result in reduced efficiency. You and your team will be amazed by how much more productive they are in tandem with AMRs.

When Can the Robots Start?

You might be surprised at how easy it is to add robotics to your warehouse.  Learn how AMRs add value immediately, help you plan for the future, and safeguard your operations with Fetch Robotics from Barcodes. The experts from Barcodes can seamlessly integrate Zebra robotics solutions without disrupting your warehouse operations. Questions? Reach out to us online or call (855) 233-2917.

The Samsung Galaxy XCover6 Pro Streamlines Your Workflow

Posted August 31, 2023
samsung galaxy xcover6 pro

Need a device that can survive even the most extreme conditions? With the Samsung Galaxy XCover6 Pro, you’ll be ready for anything.

Built like a beast, without sacrificing beauty. Provide your team the ability to perform multiple tasks any place, any time, with a single device.

Galaxy XCover6 Pro: Built Tough for Commercial Environments

The Galaxy XCover6 Pro’s tough design shields a powerhouse smartphone with high-speed 5G and Wi-Fi 6E connectivity. TheXCover6 Pro has an IP68-rated design that resists dust and water1.

The rugged smartphone from Samsung also passed MIL-STD-810H testing2, including a 1.5m (4.9 ft.) drop test. That’s the testing standard designed by the US Military to determine device limitations.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

More can be seen and accomplished on the 6.6-inch screen of the Galaxy XCover6 Pro. You’ll notice a considerable improvement in the clarity and sharpness thanks to the 120Hz fast refresh rate and FHD+ resolution.

The Galaxy XCover6 Pro also tracks your finger motions even when wet or wearing gloves.

For day to day performance, you can program Active Keys to automate recurrent chores at the touch of a single button, access commonly used apps quickly, and even communicate with colleagues in the warehouse with push-to-talk or walkie-talkie functions.

Unmatched Processing Power in a Familiar Package

The Galaxy XCover6 Pro combines octa-core processing capability with 6GB of RAM for quick and efficient performance. Enjoy 128GB of internal storage and expandable storage up to 1TB3.

The Galaxy XCover6 Pro will keep you ahead of the game. The XCover6 Pro supports 5G as well as Wi-Fi 6E4 for high speed connectivity everywhere, at any time. With Knox Capture5, your XCover6 Pro can readily become an enterprise-grade barcode scanner.

Simply scan as you would take a picture and the captured barcode data are automatically integrated into your business apps.

Galaxy XCover6 Pro’s removable 4,050mAh (typical)6 battery ensures downtime is kept to a minimum. To get back up and running quickly, either utilize the 15W Fast Charging charger or swap in a fully charged spare battery. The pogo pin also allows you to charge your device quickly and easily.

See the XCover6 Pro in Action

Full Specifications of the XCover6 Pro from Samsung

Dimensions: 168.8mm x 79.9mm x 9.9mm 

Weight: 240g

Processor/CPU: Snapdragon 778G,  Octa Core (4×2.4 GHz, 4×1.8 GHz)

Display: Touchscreen, 1080 x 2408p resolution, 6.6″ FHD+ TFT LCD Infinity-V (6.4″ with corners)

Camera: 13MP in front, 50MP in rear, HDR, Dual-LED flash, panorama, and HD video recording 1080p@30fps

Storage: 128GB, Supports MicroSD (Up to 1TB3)

Connectivity:  5G8, Wi-Fi 6E4, USB-C 3.2, Bluetooth® 5.2, Earjack 3.5mm, NFC

OS: Android 12, with 4 OS updates7

Sensor Type: Fingerprint (side-mounted), accelerometer, gyro, proximity, compass

Battery: Removable, 18 hours of continuous usage on Wi-Fi, 4,050 mAh capacity6


Video Formats: MP4, M4V, 3GP, 3G2, WMV, ASF, AVI, FLV, MKV, WEBM

Ready to learn more? Contact a rugged smartphone expert today to explore applications, bulk pricing, and custom integrations and deployments from Barcodes, Inc.

1 Water resistant in up to 5 feet of water for up to 30 minutes. Rinse residue/dry after wet.

2 These devices passed military specification (MIL- STD-810H) testing against a subset of 21 specific environmental conditions, including temperature, dust, shock/vibration, and low pressure/high altitude. Real world usage varies from the specific environmental conditions used in MIL-STD-810H testing. Samsung does not guarantee device performance in all extreme conditions.

3 MicroSD card sold separately.

4 Wi-Fi 6E availability may vary due to OS version, location, network conditions, and other factors. Requires a Wi-Fi 6E router, sold separately.

5 Knox Suite and Knox Capture sold separately

6 Based on average battery life under typical usage conditions. Average expected performance based on typical use. Actual battery life depends on factors such as network, features selected, frequency of calls, and voice, data, and other application-usage patterns. Results may vary.

7 Availability and timing of Android OS upgrades and features may vary by market. Years of hardware availability and years of security updates are calculated from date of global product introduction.

8 5G network connection available in select markets. Download and streaming speeds may vary based on market, carrier, content provider, server connection and user environment. Check with your carrier for availability and details.

Star TSP143III Thermal Receipt Printer: A Closer Look

Posted August 31, 2023

The Star TSP143III thermal receipt printer is easy to setup and provides professional print quality.

tsp143iii thermal receipt printer

This printer is incredibly popular for applications in the retail, hotel, convenience store, restaurant, and cannabis industries. Star Micronics provides everything you need to get started right out of the box:

  • internal power source
  • power cables
  • mounting kit
  • paper roll
  • futurePRNT receipt customization software
  • USB-A connector for charging mobile devices on the move

The TSPI43III is the ideal complement to any mPOS bundle.

TSP143III Printer Key Features and Benefits

Simple Setup and Installation
The TSP143III works effectively with all devices, regardless of the OS. Print receipts from whichever iOS, Android, and Windows devices you have in place at point of sale. With USB, Bluetooth, Ethernet (LAN), and wireless (WLAN) connectivity options, you have plug and play access right out of the box.

A Printer Designed with Efficiency at the Forefront
mPOS solutions often have redundant devices or incompatible parts. Not the TSP. Connect your POS devices to the USB-A port and enjoy simultaneous charging and data transfer. Your shopping experience will feel clean and modern, especially with minimal wires and the small footprint. Existing accessories and mounting kits also play nice with the TSP printer.

But How Does the TSP143III Perform as a Printer?
A convenient customer experience drives repeat business, period. In the digital, instant gratification age, anything to speed up the checkout process is welcome. The TSP143 is a direct contributor, with rapid printing speed (250mm/s), an auto-cutter (no manual tearing or employees required), and no receipt curling. And when the receipt roll needs to be replaced, simply “drop in and print” without wrestling open the device in front of a customer.

Software for Receipt Customization Included
Users can improve their printed receipts with the powerful FuturePRNT Windows software by adding graphics, printing multiple copies, or using the text processing function to replace printed information, custom coupons, and much more. The TSP printer works exceptionally well with industry-recognized POS software as well. In fact, the TSP143III is the preferred thermal receipt printer of many POS software providers.

For a full list of technical capabilities, download the TSP143III spec sheet.

A Thermal Receipt Printer You Can Rely On

With hundreds of integrations with retail and restaurant POS software suppliers, Star Micronics proudly offers a reliable POS hardware solution for enterprise chains and SMB storefronts alike.

star tsp100 printer

Elevate your business with the TSP143III thermal receipt printer’s unrivaled performance and versatility. Speak with a dedicated receipt printer professional for all your hardware, software, and paper replacement needs.

Exploring Autonomous Mobile Robotics Success Stories

Posted August 15, 2023

Exploring Mobile Robotics Success Stories with Locus Robotics

Wednesday, August 9, 2023

1:00 PM CT

This webinar covers how autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) have transformed industries, boosting productivity and efficiency. With inspiring success stories from businesses that have already reaped the benefits of AMR, there is a takeaway here for everyone curious about the ROI of robotics in the supply chain.

Presented By:

Jason Lum, Senior Strategic Alliance Manager, Locus Robotics

John Wells, Sales, Locus Robotics

Manthan Pawar, Product Manager for Autonomous Mobile Robotics, Barcodes, Inc.

Key Takeaways from the Robotics Webinar

  • Barcodes is a system integrator and installation partner for Locus Robotics
  • Industries served include manufacturing, distribution, supply chain, logistics, hospitality, retail, healthcare, government, education
  • AMRs help address labor shortages, ecommerce fulfillment demand, and overall flexibility incorporating automation in the supply chain

In this webinar, we speak in great detail about real-world AMR applications that have already proven successful. Watch the full recording of the webinar below:

Full transcript in progress. Check back soon for a full summary text.

Exploring Mobile Robotics Q&A

Can Locus Robotics integrate with Epicor Eclipse? Yes. We’ve got quite a few customers on Epicor, other older warehouse management systems, and even homegrowns. So as long as the database can communicate with us via SOAP, REST sockets or a few other protocols, we can integrate with that solution.

What are some of the hiccups and issues with robotics deployment that you have had to deal with in the past? One thing we find is what we put into operation on go live, day one doesn’t always look the same on subsequent days. Our team stays there, designs, develops, and changes onsite to make it work even better. Many of the issues arise from peer training. Users don’t always understand how to work with our bots. So we will spend a lot of extra time on training. Another aspect is is warehouse hygiene- making sure the warehouse has clean floors and organized aisles for AMRs to pass through. Things of that nature.

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