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Datalogic Mobile Computers are available as a small PDA-style device or as a rugged gun-grip device. Customers in manufacturing, healthcareimager-based and laser-based scanning technology that includes their patented Green Spot technology that provides good-read feedback after each scan by notifying the user that a successful read has occurred with a green light. Datalogic’s leading mobile computer devices include the Falcon X3+ (Gun Size), Skorpio X3 (Full Size), and Memor X3 (PDA Style). Call one of our experts to get a free consultation on a Datalogic Mobile Computer solution or to request a quantity discount.

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Top Datalogic Mobile Computer

Datalogic Falcon X3+ Mobile Computer Datalogic Falcon X3+
Mobile Computer

$1,517.40 to $2,345.00
Datalogic Skorpio X3 Mobile Computer Datalogic Skorpio X3
Mobile Computer

$878.60 to $1,372.00
Datalogic Memor X3 Mobile Computer Datalogic Memor X3
Mobile Computer

$523.80 to $800.90

All Datalogic Mobile Computers

Datalogic Falcon X3+ Mobile Computer

Datalogic Falcon X3+

The Falcon X3+ mobile computer delivers the ultimate in ruggedness, ergonomics, computing and data capture technologies, while providing a tailored solution for demanding environments needing real-time transaction visibility. The Laird/Summit IEEE...

$1,517.40 to $2,345.00

Datalogic Skorpio X3 Mobile Computer

Datalogic Skorpio X3

Whether in department or specialty stores, hyper or supermarkets, convenience stores, grocery or Do-it-Yourself stores, Datalogic's Skorpio X3 mobile computer fits most any retail in-store requirement for mobile data collection or validation. With...

$878.60 to $1,372.00

Datalogic Lynx PDA Mobile Computer

Datalogic Lynx PDA

The Datalogic Lynx PDA PDA combines the latest technology in a pocketable and robust package. This state-of-the-art PDA features an 806 MHz processor with 256 MB RAM and 512 MB Flash, all delivered in the industry"s most appreciated ergonomic form...

Datalogic Memor X3 Mobile Computer

Datalogic Memor X3

The Memor X3 mobile computer is the industry's most pocketable mobile computer. Besides significant improvements in speed and battery autonomy, the Memor X3 terminal features aggressive 1D and 2D scan capabilities. Laser models now feature Corning...

$523.80 to $800.90

Datalogic DL-Axist Mobile Computer

Datalogic DL-Axist

A robust, industrial-strength Android based handheld computer with full touch 5" HD display and advanced 2D imager that is ideal for assisted sales, merchandising, stock management, or as a Manager's device. It offers a protective rubber boot, and...

$870.90 to $1,096.50

Datalogic Joya X1 Mobile Computer

Datalogic Joya X1

Customers use the Joya X1 device simply by pointing it at a product barcode, clicking on a button to scan the code, which then shows a descriptions and the price of the product on the display. While shopping, customers will be able to check a list...


Datalogic Joya X2 Mobile Computer

Datalogic Joya X2

The Joya X2 General Purpose device with 2D imaging technology is the standardized version of the highly successful Joya Self-Shopping device, specifically developed to offer a simple and intuitive, yet powerful device for retail shop-floor...

$806.10 to $813.00

Datalogic Joya Touch Mobile Computer

Datalogic Joya Touch

The Joya Touch is the multi-purpose device for use throughout retail, optimizing your ROI.With two form factors available (handheld and pistol-grip), retailers can deploy device configurations to match their applications. Changing from one form to...

$860.10 to $1,245.00

Datalogic Memor X3 HC Mobile Computer

Datalogic Memor X3 HC

Datalogic announces the Memor X3 HC mobile computer for health care. This new offering provides health care professionals a safe and easy way to scan barcodes in a hospital or clinic. The Memor X3 HC is lightweight, pocketable, extremely durable,...


Datalogic Joya Touch A6 Mobile Computer

Datalogic Joya Touch A6

The Joya Touch A6 is a multi-purpose retail device that is ideal for various applications such as Self-Shopping, Price Checking, Markdowns, Shelf Replenishment, Inventory and more. The Joya Touch A6 device comes with a powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon...

$1,010.40 to $1,036.40

Datalogic Skorpio-X4 Mobile Computer

Datalogic Skorpio-X4

The Skorpio X4 is equipped with the largest high-visibility color graphics display (3.2 inch) in its class, the mobile computer helps users work more efficiently. With a choice of Windows Embedded or Android Operating Systems, the Skorpio X4 mobile...