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Maximize Efficiency with Honeywell’s Premier Scanners – Special Bulk Discounts Available!

Posted May 30, 2024
Maximize Efficiency with Honeywell's Premier Scanners

Enhance your business’s operational efficiency with our extensive range of Honeywell scanners. We have partnered with Honeywell to bring you innovative scanning solutions that promise reliability and performance across multiple industries. These scanners reduce device downtime and decrease total cost of ownership (TCO). Take advantage of our exclusive discounts on bulk purchases, a benefit of our partnership designed to give you the best value for your investment.

General Use Scanners:

Voyager XP: Elevate your retail operations with this versatile scanner that is perfect for high-volume transactions. Ideal for point-of-sale, in-store inventory, and self-checkouts, the Voyager XP combines performance with durability to withstand the daily rigors of retail environments.

Key Features:

  • Enhanced reading of poor-quality and damaged codes.
  • Durable, disinfectant-ready housings for regular cleaning.
  • Superior performance on traditional barcodes and digital screens.
  • Compatible with existing Voyager accessories, reducing total cost of ownership.

Learn more about the Voyager XP here.

Xenon Ultra Scanner: Discover the Xenon Ultra for its precision scanning capabilities, designed to accelerate checkout processes and manage inventory effectively. It is a versatile tool that adapts to both high and low throughput demands, ensuring a smooth customer experience.

Key Features:

  • Precision scanning for efficient checkout processes.
  • Adaptability for various throughput demands.
  • Built on the Ultra platform with optimized illumination and processor for snappier scanning and improved data capture.
  • Available in industry-specific models, including healthcare, retail, and light industrial operations.
  • Dual-camera extended range (XR) models for up-close and extended scanning capabilities.
  • Anti-microbial housing for healthcare applications, reducing germ proliferation.

Discover the Xenon Ultra.

Honeywell Xenon Ultra Scanner

Rugged Scanners for Industrial Challenges:

Granit XP: Built to thrive in the most demanding conditions of warehousing, manufacturing, and distribution. The Granit XP combines ruggedness with superior scanning capabilities to maintain workflow efficiency in any environment.

Key Features:

  • Ultra-Long-Range Scanning: Reads UPCs at 2 meters (6.6 feet) and 100 mil rack labels at 24 meters (79 feet).
  • Rugged Design: Survives drops from 3 meters (10 feet) and has a 7,000-tumble specification.
  • Dust and Moisture Resistant: IP67 rating with a scratch- and impact-resistant window.
  • High-Performance Scanning: Integrates high-resolution sensor and enhanced decoding algorithms for quick and accurate barcode reading, even for damaged or low-quality barcodes.

Learn how the Granit XP helped transform warehouse operations for Monat Global.

Outdated Scanners: The Hidden Cost

  • Slow Scanning: Outdated scanners often suffer from slow processing speeds, leading to delays and bottlenecks in your operations.
  • Poor Barcode Readability: Older models struggle with reading damaged or low-quality barcodes, causing further slowdowns.
  • Frequent Breakdowns: Increased downtime due to frequent repairs and replacements can severely impact productivity and profitability.

Benefits of Upgrading:

  • Improved Efficiency: Modern scanners like the Honeywell Voyager XP and Granit 1991iXR offer faster and more accurate scanning, streamlining your workflows.
  • Enhanced Durability: Honeywell’s rugged designs ensure long-lasting performance, reducing the need for frequent replacements.
  • Advanced Features: Enjoy benefits like ultra-long-range scanning, high-resolution sensors, and enhanced decoding algorithms that handle even the toughest barcodes.

With a variety of scanners tailored to fit the unique demands of different operational environments, we are here to help you find the perfect match for your needs. Our special bulk purchase discounts, thanks to our partnership with Honeywell, provide a cost-effective solution to upgrade your scanning capabilities.

Bulk Purchase Deals:

  • Special Pricing: Enjoy exclusive discounts on bulk purchases to encourage complete fleet upgrades, making it more affordable to modernize your entire scanning system.
  • One Year of Free Service: Benefit from one year of free service when you purchase scanners in bulk, ensuring your investment is protected and maintained.

Empower your operations with the efficiency and reliability of Honeywell scanners. To learn more about how companies across industries are achieving dramatic improvements in their operations with Honeywell scanners, visit our landing page.

For High-Performance RFID & Barcode Scanning, Look No Further than the Brady HH83 & HH85

Posted March 4, 2024
brady hh83 hh85 rfid barcode scanner

Brady RFID Readers

Brady offers a range of RFID readers in a variety of form factors and configurations to ensure customers always have the right reader for their application. Equipped with powerful UHF RFID engines based on the latest technology, high-performance antennas, a unified API, and support for accessories, Brady RFID readers offer best-in-class performance and unparalleled flexibility.

Brady RFID readers support all common RFID use cases, including asset tracking, work in process tracking, inventory management, and vendor managed inventory. 

Introducing the Brady HH83 and HH85 RFID/Barcode Scanners

Effective and user-friendly equipment, such as the Brady HH83 and/or Brady HH85, is critical in industrial settings. These exceptional RFID readers are both durable and rugged, yet also ergonomically designed and lightweight. For dependable and effortless operation throughout a long shift, look no further than the HH83 or HH85.

Both the HH83 and HH85 RFID readers are an invaluable tool for managing end-to-end data collection, with software-controllable RFID antennas, best-in-class scanning performance at ranges of up to 50 feet, and up to 18 hours of hot-swappable battery power. Here’s what you can expect from Brady scanners.

Key Features

  • Single API for all devices
  • Minimal software integration time
  • Flexible and rapid software development with Android 10 and NUR API
  • RFID and barcode scan range of up to 50 feet
  • Work glove friendly touchscreen displays
  • 5 foot drop protection
  • Strategically placed trigger and buttons are easy to operate
  • Rugged, durable construction with IP65 rating for dust, particle resistance
  • Two year hardware warranty
  • Responsive technical and customer support

For more technical details, download the HH83 HH85 spec sheet.

Watch a Demo of the HH85 RFID Reader

Enjoy high-performance RFID and barcode scanning with both the HH83 and/or HH85 from Brady. Contact us today to speak to an RFID expert who will help find the best solution for your organization.

How to Update the Firmware on your Honeywell Scanner

Posted January 23, 2024
how to update firmware on honeywell scanner with ezconfig guide

Honeywell updates their scanners’ firmware on a regular basis. Are your Honeywell barcode scanners running the latest firmware? This ensures your scanners perform at their best.  Updating firmware for Honeywell devices is simple.

How to Update Honeywell Scanner Firmware

1.) First, download the latest firmware from the Honeywell website. As an example, the Xenon 1900 firmware can be found here: Honeywell List of Software

2.) Expand the “Software” tab, Barcode Scanners, Handheld, and scroll down to “Xenon XP 1950g and 1950hc”. This takes you to that device’s specific firmware revision file with a download button:

honeywell firmware update

3.) Save the .SMOC file to your hard drive so that you can grab it later. For Bluetooth scanners, you will  need to update firmware for both the scanner and the charge/communication base.  Always remember – update scanner firmware first!

4.) Download EZConfig (a free scanner configuration tool): Honeywell EZConfig for Scanning

5.) Connect your scanner to your computer via USB.

6.) Open EZConfig.

7.) Click “Connected Device”. EZConfig will find your scanner.

8.) Check to see what the latest firmware version you have on your scanner (see below).  Don’t trust EZConfig if it tells you that your “Firmware is up to date.”  Check the Honeywell website – it gets updated first.

update honeywell firmware with ezconfig

9.) Select “Update Firmware” if you need to update your firmware.

10.) Click “Browse” under Update from File. Remember, just because it says firmware updated on the status, that may not be true.

update firmware on honeywell barcode scanner

11.) Select the .SMOC file you saved earlier and upload.

12.) Click “Update Firmware” and you are done.


Update the scanner’s firmware first, then the charging base firmware.  Also note that the EZConfig will say that the connected device is a “Xenon Charge and Communication Base”.  The system knows that you are upgrading scanner firmware (when you are updating the scanner’s firmware) and will update the scanner through the charge/communications base automatically.

Honeywell EZConfig for Scanners User Guide

New to EZConfig? Download the EZConfig guide.

The UI may look a little different, but the basic instructions still ring true. If you need further assistance with your Honeywell barcode scanner firmware, contact us.

Significantly Improving the Efficiency of Order Picking: The Honeywell 8675i Rugged Compact Wearable Scanner

Posted November 20, 2023

Within the ever-changing world of supply chain management, where accuracy and productivity are of the utmost importance, the Honeywell 8675i stands out as a revolutionary solution for order picking in the warehouse.

This durable, compact wearable scanner elevates operational productivity through the seamless integration of ergonomics, innovation, and durability.

Central to this technological achievement is the wearable scanner Honeywell 8675i, which has been specifically engineered to revolutionize the parameters of efficiency.

The device’s compact, ergonomic, and durable design guarantees its constant accessibility, thereby augmenting workflow efficiency. The 8675i eliminates the constraints of conventional devices by effortlessly scanning damaged or low-quality barcodes with its superior scanning capabilities.

Let’s dig in and see what the tangible benefits are of a ring scanner built with the quality you’ve come to expect from Honeywell.

FlexRange™ Technology for Workflow Enhancement

One of the first standout characteristics of the 8675i is its FlexRange™ technology, which expands the scanning distance to an extent that was previously only possible with more cumbersome portable devices.

By adjusting the distance from near-contact to 5 feet for 100% UPC and 33 feet for 100 mil Code 39, the device provides an effortless and rapid reading experience while responding intuitively to scanning requirements. A very suitable standard-range only option is also available for arms-length picking.

Redefining Ergonomics to Ensure User Comfort

Each component of the 8675i has been meticulously designed for better ergonomics.

The triggered ring can be easily converted between right and left hand configurations, accommodating a wide range of users.

Similarly, the strap glove can be instantaneously converted from a ring to a glove without the need for any tools, further accommodating a diverse user base.

The wearable accessories, constructed from non-absorbent materials, are simple to clean off with approved disinfectants once a rigorous shift wraps up.

Confronting Operational Obstacles Directly

And while we’re discussing rigorous shifts, the 8675i is designed to be used continuously across multiple shifts with its replaceable battery. This not only ensures the scanner remains operational but also prolongs its service life when subjected to routine usage.

Operational Intelligence from Honeywell also conveys critical data including Bluetooth connection status, battery life, and the necessity for battery replacement. This enables seamless management of a fleet of deployed 8675i devices.

8675i Ring Scanner Technical Specifications

The mechanical dimensions, weight, and scan performance of the 8675i serve as clear indicators of its technical proficiency, guaranteeing a smooth integration into operational configurations.

The device possesses IP65 encapsulation, a robust 2,000 x ± meter tumble specification, and a wide range of operating temperatures, rendering it well-suited to endure the challenges of high-speed environments.

For a detailed list of capabilities, download the 8675i spec sheet.

A Paradigm Shift in Order Picking Efficiency

The Honeywell 8675i is an indispensable instrument for supply chain executives seeking to optimize productivity, streamline workflows, and address the complexities of the contemporary supply chain environment.

The following unboxing video greatly illustrates how a transformative device sometimes does come in a small package.

For business leaders evaluating cutting-edge order picking, improving barcode scanning methods, all while making the work more comfortable for users, the Honeywell 8675i is an excellent choice. Its ergonomic design, innovative functionalities, and strong performance put this ring scanner firmly in the “can’t miss” category. Contact us to learn more about deploying ring scanners in your environments worldwide.

The Code CR1100 Barcode Scanner is Compact, Versatile, and Easy to Use

Posted November 14, 2023

The Code CR1100 cabled barcode reader provides world-class performance without a large footprint. The CR1100’s innovative dual-field optical platform allows users to quickly scan both wide 1D barcodes and compact, dense 2D barcodes.

The CR1100 can be used in both handheld and in-stand presentation modes. Users can also choose motion detection barcode reading or continuous scan for even more efficiency. The CR1100 has threaded brass inserts for OEM and fixed mount applications, which simplify installation.

The CR1100 is the perfect barcode reader for high-use applications because of its high speed, omnidirectional barcode reading, exceptionally low power consumption, and manual or automatic triggering. It is quite good at reading ticketing, kiosk applications, and mobile coupons.

Key Features

  • Both light and dark gray options are available
  • Effective use of power
  • Compatible with quick disconnect Affinity® USB and RS232 cables
  • Scans barcodes on the displays of mobile devices
  • Both automatic and manual triggering
  • Strong JavaScript data management capabilities
  • Patented technology to reduce glare when viewing barcodes on glossy surfaces
  • Dual-field optics with patents that combine wide and high densities in a single unit
  • Customizing haptic, audio, and visual indicators to meet workflow requirements

For a detailed list of technical capabilities, download the CR1100 spec sheet.

Watch Video

Reliable, Efficient Retail Scanning

The CR1100’s intelligent retail scanning capabilities, coupled with its robust construction and superior performance, renders it an optimal choice for a diverse range of applications, including small to medium sized businesses, supermarkets, and high volume convenience stores. This scanner continues to be exceptionally well-suited for both desktop and retail environments, epitomizing a versatile solution that seamlessly integrates into various operational settings.

As a result, this cutting-edge device stands as a testament to the commitment to excellence in modern retail technology, providing businesses with a reliable and efficient tool to meet their scanning needs. If you’re interested in a quote for CR1100s, get in touch with a barcode expert today.

Using the Honeywell Voyager XP in Shipping Operations

Posted October 16, 2023

Efficiency is imperative to every shipping operation, and the Honeywell Voyager XP 1470g/1472g is the key to unlocking a new era of productivity. Say goodbye to slow and error-prone scanning tasks and say hello to a streamlined shipping process like never before.

Dive into this blog to uncover the game-changing capability of the Honeywell Voyager XP 1470g/1472g and take the first step towards seamless shipping operations. 

Voyager XP 1470g/1472g Key Features and Benefits 

The Honeywell Voyager XP 1470g/1472g will change your shipping game. With rapid scanning, versatile barcode reading, robust durability, and “Android Enterprise Recommended” status, it will streamline your shipping operations and meet the highest industry standards. 

Ultra-Fast, Highly Accurate Scanning: The Voyager XP 1470g/1472g boasts lightning-fast scanning capabilities that are even able to read damaged and poor-quality barcodes. With an extended scan distance, you don’t have to use your tiptoes for that box at the top of the shelf or reach over into the bottom of the barrel.

Wireless freedom: With a longer Bluetooth range compared to competitive devices, this enables greater operational flexibility across the warehouse. 

Highly Versatile: This device excels in reading a variety of barcode types, including 1D, 2D, and even damaged or poorly printed barcodes. You won’t be slowed down by barcode type limitations any longer.

Rugged and Durable: The Honeywell Voyager XP 1470g/1472g is designed to withstand the rigors of shipping environments. This scanner can handle drops, spills, and rough handling, ensuring a long lifespan and minimal downtime. The Honeywell Voyager XP 1470g/1472g is a robust and resilient tool designed to thrive in the demanding world of shipping operations. This scanner can endure repeated 6-foot drops onto concrete, it is dust-tight for dusty environments, and has an IP65 rating for waterjet protection.

Seamless Integration: Additionally, it’s Android Enterprise Recommended, meeting Google’s high standards for enterprise hardware, software, and support, guaranteeing its seamless integration into your shipping processes. 

For a detailed list of capabilities, download the Voyager 1470g/1472g spec sheet. 

See the Voyager XP in Action

Embrace a new era of efficiency in your shipping operations with the Honeywell Voyager XP 1470g/1472g. From barcode scanning to inventory management, this versatile scanner is your key to smoother workflows. 

Contact us today to see how the Voyager XP 1470g/1472g can transform the way you work. 

Elevate Retail Efficiency and Customer Experiences with the CipherLab RS35

Posted July 11, 2023

cipherlab rs35

The CipherLab RS35 combines enterprise-grade capabilities with the portability of a consumer-style smartphone and a sturdy build. This exceptional handheld scanner features incredible adaptability at an economical price point, enabling users to:

  • Improve shopper and guest experiences
  • Provide helpful services on demand
  • Save precious time and effort

The RS35 gives both big box retailers and SMB storefronts a significant competitive advantage by allowing to do tasks quickly and in shorter timeframes.

cipherlab rs35

In an age of me-first, e-Commerce convenience, the RS35 provides a compelling reason why in-store shopping can be so much more personalized with the proper technology in place.

RS35 Key Benefits

  • Rugged Design: The RS35 is built tough, with a rugged design that withstands harsh environments and ensures durability in demanding work conditions.
  • Versatile Functionality: With a wide range of features and capabilities, the RS35 is a pocket-sized powerhouse that allows users to perform tasks like scanning, data collection, and communication all in one device.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: The RS35 prioritizes customer satisfaction by facilitating seamless service delivery, convenience, and time-saving for both customers and employees.

For a comprehensive list of technical capabilities, download the RS35 spec sheet.

Retail Environments, Enhanced with the RS35

CipherLab’s RS35 is a pocketable, consumer-style smartphone with durable construction that offers enterprise-class functionalities. In many ways, the RS35 resembles a Samsung Galaxy with a stronger build and a much lower starting price below $700. Android-ready, and recommended for the enterprise.

Enhance Operations in Any Industry with Code’s CR1500 and CR5000

Posted May 29, 2023

Enhance your operations with Code’s CR1500 and CR5000. Featuring high-speed scanning of both 1D and 2D (QR codes) barcodes, you can get more for your applications and improve efficiency in your workflow.

CR1500 Scanner, Built Rugged for Manufacturing and Industrial Environments

The CR1500 industrial scanner from Code is designed to meet the real-world challenges of industrial and manufacturing operations.

Integrating Code barcode scanners into a work-in-process application enables visibility throughout the manufacturing process, from tracking the arrival of raw parts and components to documenting shipments of finished goods.

Real-time data visibility assures appropriate inventory levels as well as the ongoing functioning of manufacturing processes.

Code’s industrial-grade barcode readers are engineered to outperform any other reader on the market. Code’s industrial readers can read DPM, laser-etched direct part marks, embossed codes, and even barcodes as small as 2 mils (DPM decoding is available via additional licensing).

The CR1500 scans virtually any barcode from any angle in any setting. Ready to make a rugged scanner from Code an indispensable element of your production workflow?


  • Pre-configured dark grey kits are available for easy connection to major MRP/ERP software programs
  • For convenience, a dark grey serial interface is offered. Programmable Connectivity to the Logic Controller
  • Read laser etched, DPM, or high-density codes
  • Level 2 disinfectant-ready housing is used in the Dark Grey variant.
  • Excellent power efficiency
  • Compatible with the quick disconnect feature of Code Affinity® USB and RS232 cables
  • Triggering can be manual or automated
  • Compatible with the software setup program CortexTools2® from Code
  • With JavaScript CortexRM® Remote Management, you have powerful data management capabilities
  • All 1D, 2D, and postal barcodes can be scanned quickly and omnidirectionally
  • Glare reduction technique with a patent for reading barcodes on glossy surfaces
  • Dual-field optics that have both high density and broad field in the same unit are patented
  • Workflow indicator customization includes visual, auditory, and tactile indicators
code cr1500 shop now

CR1500 Scanner for Healthcare with Disinfectant Housing

Healthcare environments have the most difficult barcodes to read from wristbands, medications, IV bags, medical equipment, and more, with no room for errors. Engineered for healthcare, the CR1500  features a dual field imager that can scan any barcode on any surface and conditions. It’ is built with market- leading, PVC free, CodeShield®, disinfectant- ready plastic that can resist the harshest chemicals such as Clorox non- bleach, Oxivir Tb wipes, 3% hydrogen peroxide solution, and 91% isopropyl alcohol, and more.


No more wasting time rescanning barcodes over and over. The Code CR1500 reads the barcode the first time, every time. Capable of scanning all standard 1D and 2D barcodes out of the box, it also comes with the option validation parsing that allows identity authentication. The CR1500 barcode scanner is the optimal healthcare companion for all clinicians, nurses, and other healthcare providers.


  • Compact, lightweight, and powerful
  • Dual field optics capable of scanning 1D,2D, PDF, postal codes
  • Glare reduction technology for reading codes on shiny surfaces
  • Optional data parsing for GS1, HIBC, and driver’s licenses
  • PVC- Free CodeShield plastics to stand up to disinfectants
  • IP54 seals out dust and moisture
  • Visual, audible, and haptic customizable indicators to ensure a good scan

For Retail Use, Consider the Code CR5000 Presentation Scanner

Designed for fast-paced environments, the Code CR5000 presentation scanner keeps your line and data moving.  Similar to the CR1500, this convenient and cost-effective scanner for retail is capable of scanning both 1D and 2D barcodes.


From products to mobile screens, it’s capable of reading barcodes on any surface. The CR5000 features image capture technology that allows users to scan mobile coupons, tickets,  loyalty cards, and customizable driver license formatting can integrate information on loyalty forms, credit card applications, and more.

Furthermore, high- speed omni-directional reading and hands free operation allows scanning of the barcode from any direction without twisting and turning the device. The CR5000 is a multi- purpose barcode reading solution that will enhance store operations and add workflow efficiency.


  • Omni-directional reading of 1D and 2D barcodes
  • Hands free operation or optional trigger reading
  • Efficient power consumption
  • Capable of reading barcodes on screen
  • Customizable driver license data formatting
  • Optional Age- Verification solution
cr5000 retail

Code has scanners built for manufacturing, healthcare, and retail. Whatever your need may be, please contact us and we can create a tailored solution.

The Unitech MS838 Barcode Scanner: A Closer Look

Posted September 21, 2022

With its robust data collection capabilities and adaptability, the Unitech MS838 Rugged Scanner aids organizations in doing better work, period.

Unitech’s excellent MS838B wireless 2D imager scanner combines exceptional 1D and 2D barcode scanning with the freedom of wireless technology, providing dependable performance at an affordable price. The well-integrated mobility design allows users to move freely while maintaining great comfort during long hours of operation.

Dependability that Doesn’t Break the Bank

This low-cost and dependable portable scanner offers the best mix of performance and portability, making it a perfect scanning tool for a variety of market applications such as point-of-sale, personal data identification, and inventory control.

Even with its inexpensive pricetag, the MS838 handheld scanner offers the optimal combination of performance that makes it an ideal scanning instrument for a wide range of market applications.

Excellent Performance, Everywhere

Even when barcodes are damaged or badly printed, the MS838 2D imager scanner gives outstanding performance for increasing productivity.

Additionally, the MS838B has Bluetooth, USB cable connection options, and 2.4G wireless technology with connections that don’t drop out beyond 100 meters.

With an IP54 rating and a 1.5 meter drop specification, the Unitech MS838B is the ideal option for any location without ever having to worry about it breaking. The MS838B combines efficiency with simplicity by reading the great majority of 1D and 2D barcodes.

Key Features of the Unitech MS838 Barcode Scanner

  • Dependable efficiency at a low cost
  • Supports trigger mode and presentation mode
  • Quickly reads 3mil barcodes
  • Supports trigger mode and presentation mode
  • Reads all 1D and 2D barcodes, both on paper and on screen
  • Even helps decode broken or badly written barcodes.
  • Robust construction, passing an IP54-rated drop test from 1.5 meters

Barcodes, Inc. has all the Unitech gear and accessories you need. After you’ve had a chance to review the MS838 spec sheet, we can help you incorporate the rugged scanners into your daily operations with minimal capital expense or internal IT resource drain. Contact us today to get started!

The RS5100 Bluetooth Ring Scanner is Comfortable, Lightweight, and Powerful

Posted September 15, 2022

Your workers need technology that delivers superior ease-of-use and adaptable functionality to meet the needs of their environments.

For maximum productivity, without compromising employee comfort, Barcodes, Inc. implements wearable devices like Zebra’s RS5100 Bluetooth scanner to provide unmatched scanning performance.

Simplify barcode scanning with a device that requires virtually no training and is practically weightless to prevent obstructions. The barcode scanner also has five interchangeable wearing styles to maximize user comfort.

As consumer demands continue to evolve in a world in motion, capture data with intelligent imaging faster.

Don’t be fooled by the ring scanner’s small form factor – Zebra’s RS5100 series is uncompromising when it comes to durability. Wherever you do business, count on the ring scanners from Zebra to achieve better uptime and perform better than ever before.

When you need efficient operations in tough environments, Barcodes dedicated service from design to deployment, and ongoing support are here to assist. As a dedicated Zebra partner, we’re committed to your operational success.

See the RS5100 Ring Scanner in Action

Cost-effective, cordless scanning. Easy deployment. Download the RS5100 spec sheet for a detailed list of features and capabilities.

Contact Barcodes, Inc. today for your own customized solution.

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