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Signature Capture Payment Terminal

Signature Capture terminals are payment terminals equipped with a tactile color screen. Robust and intuitive, signature captures are intended for network businesses and volume retail markets. Most payment terminals have a large catalog of payment and value-add service applications.

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VeriFone mx850 (M094-207-01-R)
Payment TerminalVeriFone mx850
MX 850 Payment Terminal - Color 200 MHz - 64 MB RAM - Master/Session, DUKPT, Triple DES - Fast Ethernet - USB, Network, SerialUSB - Serial - Signature Capture, PCI PED
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Hypercom L5300 (BDL-HYP-5300-PUSB)
Payment TerminalHypercom L5300
BUNDLE, TRANSACTION TERMINAL, SIGNATURE CAPTURE, MODULAR INTERACTIVE, INCLUDES USB CABLE, POWER SUPPLY. Requires key injection in order to accept debit or credit card payments. Please call for more information.
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