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Reasons Robotic Systems and Autonomous Mobile Robots Are Motivating Industry Leaders

Posted November 1, 2022

Businesses and enterprises are exploring robotic systems to help them overcome challenges. Finding the balance between meeting demands and controlling costs is familiar for Fulfillment and e-commerce, distribution centers, and manufacturing. However, since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, companies have found that the information technology and operational technology (IT and OT) that helped them operate effectively in 2019 no longer allow them to keep up. 

Robotic systems, including autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), support the intelligent, automated operations that enterprises need to stay competitive and profitable.

The Challenges Driving the Move to AMRs

Robotic systems and autonomous mobile robots give operations solutions to some of their most serious challenges. 


Job openings in the U.S. have totaled more than 10 million each month from 2021 to 2022. More than 800,000 of those positions are in retail trade, and 795,000 are in manufacturing – and industry growth is outpacing available labor by a 6:1 ratio. Furthermore, businesses are not only struggling to fill positions. They are also finding it difficult to retain them. 

AMRs can easily accomplish tasks in the warehouse or distribution center, such as transporting freight, replenishing parts to manufacturing lines, and transporting items or consumables to packing stations. As a result, robotic systems allow enterprises to make the best use of their labor as they automate basic tasks.

Supply Chain Disruptions

The pandemic also disrupted and slowed the supply chain worldwide. Fulfillment centers, warehouses, and distribution centers have had to respond with greater efficiency and visibility into inventory movements. 

Robotic systems enable operations to move materials, cargo, or merchandise effectively to keep the supply chain moving and make the best use of warehouse capacity. 

Customer Expectations: While labor shortages and supply chain issues increased, customers became more demanding. Expectations of instant, flawless service drive a greater need for speed and agility in operations. 

Robotic systems work consistently and quickly to move materials, deliver them where needed, and fulfill orders accurately, increasing throughput and customer satisfaction. 

The Added Benefits of Robotic Systems

Operations are deploying autonomous mobile robots to address some of today’s monumental challenges, but they’re discovering that they also provide additional advantages.

  • Cost savings: With AMRs moving inventory and materials, replenishing processes, transporting recycling, and performing simple –yet time-consuming and necessary – tasks, businesses can more easily control labor and overtime costs. Operations can see significant ROI from deploying robotic systems. 
  • Scalability: With less dependence on labor, operations can scale with the volume of work. 
  • Space optimization: Many robotic systems require only a small footprint, enabling operations to utilize their space efficiently. 
  • Enhanced safety: Autonomous mobile robots minimize unproductive travel and are designed to prevent accidents in a busy industrial environment. 
  • Operational data: Because robotic systems are connected to the enterprise’s network, they can provide real-time data on their tasks, information that allows operations to digitize and catalog workflows, and insights that can help improve processes.  
  • Employee satisfaction: Assisted by AMRs, employees can focus on higher-value tasks and quickly complete their work.

Learn More About Robotic Systems

If deploying robotic systems and AMRs is new to your team, you can watch our full webinar with Fetch Robotics and Zebra Technologies from earlier this week.

Zebra Intelligent Cabinets: Harness the Most Efficient Use of Devices and Workers

Posted June 16, 2022
zebra intelligent cabinets

How your business stores enterprise mobile devices has an often unrecognized impact on operational efficiencies. If your device storage solution lacks adequate space, security features or a purposeful design your operations are at risk.

Zebra Intelligent Cabinets offers an adaptable portfolio of end-to-end device storage solutions, software automation, security applications, and ongoing support to maximize the use and productivity of your devices such as mobile computers, mobile printers, tablets and scanners. Zebra Intelligent Cabinets help ensure assets and workflows function in tandem at high performance and optimal security to accelerate progress in warehouse, transportation & logistics, and retail operations.

Zebra-validated cabinets, racks, cradle locks and customized carts are designed and developed with over 15 years of experience to help ensure your assets and workflows function in tandem at high performance and optimal security.

Optimize how your enterprise mobile devices are stored, accessed, tracked, and managed with Zebra Intelligent Cabinets.

Watch Zebra Intelligent Cabinets Video

Zebra Intelligent Cabinets Set Your Team Up for Success

Zebra Technologies is committed to supporting a variety of warehouse needs, now and into the future. Intelligent Cabinets include the following features:

  • Optimized device storage, accessibility and management
  • Consolidated and connected to maximize performance
  • Automated workflows with software-driven management 
  • Protected devices with authorized-only security

Meet the enterprise storage solution that’s a step above the rest. [Download Infographic Sheet]

With functionality and security in mind, Zebra delivers industry-leading products capable of hitting the mark for all warehouse needs. Contact us today to see how you can bring a new efficiency level to your workforce.

With the DS2200 Series, Zebra Delivers Quality 1D and 2D Scanning at a Great Price

Posted June 16, 2022

zebra ds2208 barcode scanner

Zebra’s DS2200 Series barcode scanners make your checkout process simple, easy, and seamless for your workforce and customers.


The DS2200 provides the affordability your budget demands, and the simplicity your business requires. 

With the DS2200 Series, you get an affordable 1D/2D imager that doesn’t compromise performance or features for price. Your workers get best-in-class first-time, every time scanning with point-and-shoot simplicity. 

The DS2200 Series offers all the features you need to add high-quality scanning to your tablet-based POS.  With over 90 international keyboards, the DS2200 Series is easy to deploy all around the world. 

The device is pre-configured and ready to use right out of the box.

Just plug the DS2200 Series into your POS and the auto-host detect cables will automatically identify the interface and connect the imager – simplifying and reducing setup time.

Select the model that best fits your POS needs – the corded DS2208 or the cordless DS2278. But whichever model you choose, with the DS2200 Series, you can scan it all.

Watch a Video of the DS2200 Barcode Scanner in Action

Why the DS2208 and DS2278 Scanners are Worth the Upgrade

Zebra Technologies is committed to supporting a variety of retail and warehouse needs. The DS2200 Series enhances workforce efficiency with features including:

  • 1D and 2D barcode scanning capabilities
  • 90 international keyboards
  • Preconfigured and ready for immediate use
  • Corded and cordless options

Meet the barcode scanner that’s a step above the rest. [Download Infographic Sheet]

With affordability and simplicity in mind, Zebra delivers industry-leading barcode scanners capable of hitting the mark for retail and warehouse needs. Contact us today to see how you can bring a new efficiency level to your workforce.

The Zebra ZT421 Printer: Better Performance, Versatility, and Ease of Use in the Warehouse

Posted June 7, 2022

Efficiency within critical warehouse operations is imperative for workforce productivity. The Zebra ZT421 Printer is just the tool for the job.

Knowing that, the ZT400 Series label printers provide advanced technology that drives versatility, ease of use and performance to a new level. Zebra’s industrial printer series addresses a broad array of applications throughout manufacturing, transportation and logistics, retail, and more. 

See printer status at a glance and manage settings quickly using the large color touch display.

The ZT421 printer is offered in both 4 inch and 6 inch models with 203 dpi and 300 dpi available. These workhorses are capable of printing up to 12 inches per second. 

Easily add new features as your needs evolve with a wide variety of connectivity, media handling, and RFID options.

The ZT421 comes standard with Ethernet, Serial, USB, dual USB Host and Bluetooth 4.1. 

See Why the Zebra ZT421 Printer is Perfect for Industrial Label and Barcode Printing

Zebra Technologies is committed to supporting a variety of warehouse needs, now and into the future.

Zebra ZT421 Mobile Computer Features

The ZT421 is engineered to meet your operational needs with features including:

  • Thermal transfer and direct thermal printing
  • 203 and 300 dpi print resolution option
  • Print speeds per second up to 12″
  • Serial, USB, Ethernet and Bluetooth Interface
  • Prints labels up to 6″
  • Rugged metal case with 4.3″ color touch display

The ZT400 Series offers the versatility, reliability, and performance to meet your industrial printing needs, today and tomorrow. [Download ZT421 Spec Sheet]

Zebra delivers industry-leading label printers capable of hitting the mark for all warehouse needs. Contact us today to see how you can bring a new level of efficiency to your workforce.

The Zebra MC9300 Ultra Rugged Mobile Touch Computer Easily Handles All Your Warehouse Applications

Posted June 7, 2022

Even with streamlined warehouse processes, you may need to handle and ship more orders every day, faster than ever.  That’s where the Zebra MC9300 comes in. The next evolution of the world’s best-selling and most trusted enterprise mobile computer from Zebra Technologies is perfect for warehouse applications. 

Give your workers simplicity by utilizing Android, an operating system they know well, while providing a larger advanced touch display and the ultimate in processing power and memory. Choose the optional front and back cameras for new data capture capabilities, extraordinary scan ranges and superior direct part mark (DPM) capture. 

Remove power worries during shifts with the new battery that runs twice as long as the MC9200 on a single charge.

The Zebra MC9300 is the most rugged MC9000 Series ever created, ready to outlast virtually every device in its class in any environment. And since you can run your existing TE apps right out of the box, migrating to Android couldn’t be easier.

When you give your workers the MC9300, you give them a mobile computer that is easy to use, ergonomic, and rugged. These ingredients form an incredibly powerful mobile computer for the warehouse.

Watch the Zebra MC9300 Video

Zebra Technologies is committed to supporting a variety of warehouse needs, now and into the future.

Zebra MC9300 Mobile Computer Features

The MC9300 Series enhances workforce efficiency with features including:

  • Maximum processor power and memory
  • Maximum battery life
  • Withstands the most challenging environments 
  • Touchscreen and keypad inputs

Meet the mobile touch computer that’s a step above the rest. [Download Zebra MC9300 Spec Sheet]

With power and reliability in mind, Zebra delivers industry-leading mobile computers capable of hitting the mark for all warehouse and logistics needs. Contact us today to see how you can bring a new efficiency level to your workforce.

See How the Zebra RFD90 Sled Serves Your RFID Needs, Today and Tomorrow

Posted May 20, 2022

The RFD40 Sled from Zebra supports the current and future RFID needs of your warehouse. 

Your business is being challenged to work faster and more efficiently than ever before. Gain the competitive edge you need with the RFD90 UHF RFID Standard Sled. 

Zebra’s RFD90 Sled decreases cycle counting time with more tag reads per second and takes inventory faster with the ultra-accurate item-finder mode and a tri-function trigger. 

The rugged and dependable design has a 5-foot drop to concrete specification and 500 cycle 0.5 meter/1.6-foot tumble specification to handle real-world knocks and bumps. The RFD40 RFID sled supports demanding environments with an IP54 sealing for dust and water protection.

Capture your Edge with the RFD90 UHF RFID Standard Sled from Zebra

This capable RAIN RFID powerhouse is ready to tackle all your RFID and data capture needs now and into the future. 

Zebra Technologies is committed to supporting a variety of warehouse needs.

How the RFD90 Sled Enhances Workforce Efficiency

  • Instant connection to the latest eConnex-enabled Zebra mobile computers
  • Faster tag reads by 30% compared to competitors
  • Durability to resist drops, dust, and spills 
  • Quick transitions to the latest technology without major IT support

Meet the RFID scanner that’s a step above the rest: [Download RFD90 Sled Spec Sheet]

With current and future requirements in mind, Zebra delivers industry-leading RFID scanners capable of hitting the mark for all warehouse needs. Contact us today to see how you can bring a new efficiency level to your workforce.

The Smart Warehouse (Webinar)

Posted April 27, 2022
smart warehouse webinar barcodes inc


The Smart Warehouse

Thursday, April 20, 12 P.M. ET

Presented By:

Will Barnett – Barcodes Group

Jeff Lem – Portable Intelligence

John Wirthlin – Zebra Technologies

Ensure Your RFID Labels and Tags are Compliant Before September Deadline

There are many challenges facing warehouses today. An increase of growth and demand accompanied by a shortage of labor and supply chain instability have industry executives looking for new ways to help alleviate these issues. In this webinar, we’ll discuss warehousing trends and technology that help increase operational efficiency, including:

  • The 5 Phases of Zebra’s Warehouse Maturity Model
  • Strategies to reduce inventory levels
  • Ways to improve your cycle counts and reduce inventory obsolescence  

Watch the Full Smart Warehouse Webinar

Let’s discuss technology upgrades in your warehouse and your business goals. The Smart Warehouse is much more attainable with trusted partners like Barcodes, Zebra, and Portable Intelligence.

How RFID Increases Shipment Accuracy (Webinar)

Posted March 24, 2022


How RFID Increases Shipment Accuracy

Thursday, March 24, 2022

Presented By:

Jeff Hudson – Barcodes Group

Matt Seltz – Zebra Technologies

Reduce Shipping Chargebacks with Integrated RFID Portal Solutions from Zebra and Barcodes

When your inventory is hard to identify or locate in the warehouse, it leads to incomplete, inaccurate, or delayed shipments. The annual cost of chargebacks due to mistakes in shipping is estimated to be $36B.

Reading RFID tags as they pass through portals or chokepoints is quickly becoming the most efficient and effective means of automating inventory and asset tracking.

Easy to implement and support, Zebra’s new Integrated RFID Portals easily validate shipments as they are loaded on or unloaded from trucks.

During this webinar, we discuss the following ways in which RFID increases shipment accuracy:

  • Why RFID drastically reduces the need for human intervention and manual scanning
  • What steps companies take to reach a 25% efficiency increase with RFID
  • How Zebra’s new Integrated RFID Portals monitor inventory, control costs, and optimize workflows

Watch the Webinar Recording

RFID is a key technology platform that we would love to discuss in more depth with you. In a landscape with lingering supply chain delays and rising labor costs, RFID is one of the most cost effective, scalable, and reliable solutions available today. Learn more about Barcodes’ RFID solutions, and contact us if you would like to have an exploratory discussion.

Zebra ZD220 Thermal Transfer Printers: Rugged, Affordable Label Making for Any Environment

Posted March 14, 2022

The Zebra ZD220 desktop printer gives reliable operation and durability at an affordable price for retail and warehouse needs.

Zebra’s ZD220 thermal transfer desktop printer is designed for customers who will benefit from a lower price point and a modest feature set, but don’t want to miss out on the benefits of Zebra quality. 

The ZD220 printers are 4-inch printers that boast solid construction, are a great out-of-the-box experience, provide easy operation, and have the essential features today’s retail and warehouse locations need to keep workflows moving.

The ZD220 Series printers are available in direct thermal or thermal transfer models and will continue to deliver a cost-effective and dependable print experience for years to come. A single LED indicator and button for feed/pause make it easy to operate and identify printer status.

Built to last for years, the ZD220 provides an outstanding return on your investment while meeting your retail or warehouse operational requirements.

Leave unnecessary expense and hassle behind with the affordable, capable ZD220 printer.

Reasons to Consider the ZD220 Printer from Zebra

Zebra Technologies is committed to supporting various retail and warehouse operational needs. The ZD220 printer comes at an attractive price point while still offering quality features, including:

  • Thermal Transfer or Direct Thermal print method
  • ZPL and EPL programming languages
  • Single LED status indicator
  • Single button for feed/pause
  • USB connectivity
  • Dual-wall frame construction
  • OpenACCESS™ for easy media loading
  • ENERGY STAR qualified

Meet the affordable printer that’s a step above the rest. [Download Infographic Sheet]

Popular, reliable, and easy to use, Zebra delivers industry-leading desktop printers capable of hitting the mark for retail and warehouse needs. Contact us today to see how you can bring a new level of productivity to your workforce without breaking your budget.

Why More Warehouses are Deploying the ZE500 Series Print Engines

Posted March 12, 2022

With an innovative design from Zebra, the ZE500 Series Print Engines are innovatively engineered for ease of use and servicing within your warehouse. 

Zebra’s ZE500 Series print engines are designed to keep your mission-critical print-and-apply applications operating without interruptions. Incorporating customer feedback and best practices into the design, Zebra created these print engines to endure harsh environments and while remaining easy to integrate, operate and maintain. 

Pairing mindful engineering with the features you need—including optional expanded RFID capabilities for greater tracking and visibility—ZE500 Series print engines give you the tools and flexibility you need to keep your business moving forward.

Zebra’s ZE511 and ZE521 feature an exclusive Print DNA software suite for unmatched intelligence that makes your work easier. They’re intuitive to set up, manage and secure – whether onsite or remotely. 

The large, full-color LCD touch screen allows easy viewing of printer status and ability to change settings without hassle. Analytics access provides information to predict and schedule maintenance to prevent unexpected downtime.

Mission critical doesn’t compromise – neither do Zebra print engines. 

How the ZE500 Series Enhances Workforce Efficiency

Zebra Technologies is committed to supporting a variety of manufacturing and warehouse needs. The ZE500 Series enhances workforce efficiency with features, such as:

  • ZebraLink software suite
  • Encased design withstands harsh environments
  • Easy to set up and immediate access to support
  • Customize print quality settings
  • Simple to maintain and service

Meet the print engine that’s a step above the rest. [Download Infographic Sheet]

With ultimate performance, innovation, and the customer experience in mind, Zebra delivers industry-leading print engines capable of hitting the mark for manufacturing and warehouse needs. Contact us today to see how you can bring a new level of innovation to your workforce.

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