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Resolving the Unseen Dangers of Inaccurate Patient Identification

Posted July 27, 2020

Needless to say, there is already a great deal of anxiety felt within a hospital. The last thing your staff and patients should worry about is whether or not they are receiving the correct treatment. However, researchers at the Emergency Care Research Institute cite mismatched identification as one of the top ten concerns[1] patients have in 2020. As a matter of fact, American healthcare systems lose an average of $6 billion[2] annually due to inaccurate patient identification and matching. In addition to potential patient endangerment and financial loss, poor identification can also lead to:

  • Wasted medical resources
  • Lost staff productivity
  • Incorrect discharge instructions
  • Transfusion and medication errors
  • Diminished patient trust

To reduce these harms, healthcare professionals are encouraged to double-check wristbands before administering care; however, when bands are fading, crumpled, or inaccessible, proper identification becomes more difficult.

See how our partnership with Zebra Technologies can improve your identification system in our video:

Get more out of your Patient Tracking System with Barcodes, Inc.

As leaders in effective tracking, Barcodes, Inc. works closely with your team to develop a customized patient identification solution that provides reliable visibility from admission to discharge. Working with Zebra’s healthcare-grade wristbands, design and deploy a system that enhances care with visible patient status and real-time feedback, while also benefiting from Barcodes, Inc.’s services:

  • Software development and integration
  • Staging and product management services
  • Automatic re-ordering and shipping

Contact us today to integrate efficiency back into your identification system.

[1] Cheney, Christopher. Top 10 Patient Safety Concerns for 2020. Health Leaders. Mar 17, 2020.

[2] Caramencio, Alicia. Patient-matching issues cost hospitals $1.5M a year. Fierce Healthcare. Apr 17, 2018.

What to Expect from Your Healthcare-Grade Labels

Posted July 27, 2020

Errors and healthcare simply don’t mix, yet studies suggest that more than half[1] of lab errors occur as a result of improper labeling. From wasted medical supplies to fatal mistakes, improper healthcare labeling damages a hospital’s operations from the inside out. To eliminate unnecessary risks, we recommend reviewing label performance by certifying your printing supplies fulfill the following expectations:

  • Long-lasting adhesive strength – Your labels carry vital information wherever they go, which means that a missing label can stop your workflow and implicate patient care.
  • Temperature endurance – Because medical assets and medications can transition between drastic temperatures throughout the day, labels should be fitted to endure constant temperature swings in order to preserve identification.
  • Crisp legibility regardless size – From large operating machinery to small test tubes, every healthcare asset requires reliable identification. Simplify data capture with smear-resistant barcodes that fit your custom label.
  • Writable surface – Since caregivers will most likely need to write on your labels, minimize time spent looking for appropriate pens and integrate writable surfaces into your labeling solution.
  • Chemical resistance – Last but not least, healthcare labels should be able to endure abrasive and/or corrosive chemicals as well as disinfectants in order to protect information.

Using Zebra Certified Labels, Barcodes Inc. creates scalable and cost-effective labeling solutions built for healthcare. Plus, count on automatic restocking and replenishment for maximum uptime. As experts in efficient tracking and traceability systems, we build custom solutions that meet your application requirements without draining your budget, effectively cutting errors and confusing workflows.

See how in our video:

Contact us today for a free assessment and see if your healthcare labels are living up to your staff and patients’ expectations.

[1] Identification errors involving clinical laboratories: a College of American Pathologists Q-Probes study of patient and specimen identification errors at 120 institutions. Archives of Pathology and Medicine.

How Your Operations Can Benefit from Voice Picking

Posted July 27, 2020

It’s no surprise that modern day operations have become increasingly more complex. New product specifications have created greater variations in SKU numbers, which when paired with outdated sorting systems, can open room to more picking errors. As new product specifications arise, new picking solutions, such as wearable technology and voice picking, elevate workforce mobility, creating new opportunities such as:

  • Maximized workforce productivity
  • Greater data capture accuracy
  • Increased ergonomics that prioritizes worker comfort and safety
  • Seamless integration and facilitated training.

Partnering with Zebra Technologies, Barcodes, Inc. delivers these benefits and more within a frictionless picking solution, designed with Zebra’s most rugged ring scanner, the RS6000. Boost productivity by 15% while integrating:

  • PRZM Intelligent imaging
  • Tap-to-pair options for seamless connectivity
  • Zero Wi-Fi interference
  • Long-range Bluetooth reaching as far as 91 feet

Mobility and accuracy go hand in hand. See how Barcodes, Inc. maximizes both in our video:

Witness the power for yourself with Barcodes EDGE

Reducing downtime by 82%, Barcodes, Inc. takes voice picking a step farther with TrueSupport, customized software development, staging, configuration and timely repair services to preserve maximum uptime.

Get a free demonstration today when you contact Barcodes, Inc. 

Lost assets, missed deadlines, and rising costs? Looks like it’s time for a new locationing solution.

Posted July 22, 2020

As supply chains grow more dynamic, your business’ success depends on reliable connectivity and sustained visibility from production to point-of sale. Without the proper tools, poor visibility can drain your budget, resulting in:

  • Misplaced and broken assets
  • Smaller device spare pool
  • Spoiled or devalued inventory
  • Costly downtime and bottlenecks

If you’re already experiencing any of these, it may be time to strengthen your visibility solution with a new locationing system, such as Barcodes, Inc.’s Locationing Solutions.

Experience the Barcodes EDGE Difference

Built with tested expertise, Barcodes EDGE’s Locationing Solutions provide you with on-site surveys, in-depth procurement and development, device configurations, implementation and True Support. Seamlessly integrate next-generation visibility powered by Zebra’s real-time tracking hardware to gain actionable insight into your crucial assets and on-demand inventory. Pair continuous service with next-generation technology such as:

  • Rugged RFID tags that fit your specific application requirements
  • Long-range scanners
  • High-precision readers that captures accurate location within 2ft
  • Visibility software and applications that expand connectivity throughout the supply chain.

See how we’re redefining supply chain efficiency in our webinar

Contact us today to start creating your tailored locationing solution with Barcodes, Inc..

Achieve More with End-to-End Locationing Visibility

Posted July 16, 2020

July 22nd at 11AM (Central Time U.S. and Canada)

Your teams can spend up to 47% of their time looking for misplaced assets and files in the workspace, which can diminish productivity. That’s why Barcodes Group is partnering up with leading manufacturers like Zebra Technologies to uncover the benefits of MotionWorks Warehouse and efficient real-time locationing.

Register today to see how Barcodes Group can help you integrate these benefits and more. Plus, get a chance to win a $200 gift card when you attend.

What can you achieve with better visibility?

  • Increase productivity with positive worker outcomes
  • Validate order fulfillment
  • Amplify device availability
  • Reduce operational costs and errors
  • Meet critical deadlines

Presented By:

Carolyn Ricci – Sr. Manager, Product Management – Zebra Technologies

Patrick Finn – Vice President, Field Sales – Barcodes Group

If you have any questions, please contact us here. If you can’t make the live webinar be sure to register anyways and we’ll send oyu the recording afterward. We hope to see you there!

How Enhanced Bedside Point-of-Care Combats Hospital Overcrowding

Posted July 14, 2020

Long before the COVID-19 outbreak, hospital overcrowding has been damaging quality care nationwide, resulting in higher risks of contagion, early staff burnout, and increasing mortality rates. With hospitals reaching bed capacity at alarming speed, the need for faster accurate patient processing has become more crucial than ever. By streamlining admission and discharge procedures, healthcare workers can spend more time providing accurate treatment, shortening the patient’s overall stay and opening up more space for new patients.

To preserve accuracy and patient safety, Barcodes, Inc. partners with Zebra Technologies to enhance bedside point-of-care. From maximized efficiency to increased visibility, see how a streamlined point-of-care solution elevates patient care.

What are the qualities of an enhanced bedside point-of-care solution?

Healthcare officials note three common bottlenecks within hospitals: long admission wait times, complex surgical scheduling, and inefficient discharge[1]. To eliminate these, our technicians simplify real time communication channels with a tailored point-of-care solution, designed with Zebra’s MC55X-HC. The result is:

  • Less data entry errors that could lead to medication errors
  • Easy access to patient information and profiles when needed
  • Secured file sharing and storage
  • Faster admission, discharge, and scheduling

To start elevating your point-of-care, contact us for a free assessment of your current workflow.

[1] Moore, L. Gordon. Hospital overcrowding: A complex but solvable problem. 3M Health Information Systems. May 10, 2019.

Why You Shouldn’t Settle for Conventional EHR Systems

Posted July 8, 2020

A mere decade ago, most hospitals nationwide counted on paper-based systems and manual data entry to keep track of patient records. While newer software has virtually displaced manual data entry out of the healthcare field, current electronic health record (EHR) systems continue to contribute to staff burnout, an issue that still plagues over 50%[1] of healthcare professionals. To minimize burnout while integrating new technologies, contemporary EHR solutions must include patient care optimization as one of its main goals. By favoring patient experience in addition to data protection, novel EHR tracking systems hold the potential to:

  • Create new and safe communication channels between caregivers and patients
  • Seamlessly compile and share medical history within a secured platform
  • Accelerate data entry to increase valuable one-on-one time with patients
  • Reduce costs associated with inaccurate forms and misidentification
  • Provide clear picture of common illnesses currently being treated

Go beyond conventional

Combining data capture with end-to-end visibility, Barcodes, Inc. works with leading manufacturers to lower error rates in healthcare, ultimately helping you raise the standards in quality care. From crucial software development to government-grade security, enhance your EHR tracking system with the next generation of computing technology.

See how we leverage Zebra’s TC52-HC to enhance EHR tracking systems.

Your patients and your staff deserve better. Contact us today to start optimizing your EHR tracking system with a solution that’s committed to better care.

[1] Rumph, Christopher. “Disruptive Forces in Healthcare”. SE Healthcare. Aug 18, 2019.

Three Reasons Your Operations Need Enhanced Hands-free Mobility

Posted June 30, 2020

Within the last five years, markets worldwide have shifted to accommodate wave after wave of unprecedented changes. From the rise of online retail to new delivery methods, customer expectations have changed dramatically as technology continues to advance. Studies show that most consumers today admit to having higher expectations from businesses, including faster delivery, better order accuracy, and real-time communication and tracking. As a result, enhanced mobility solutions such as Hands-Free Technology [1] can help you keep up with competition while also:

  1. Valuing current employees – Hands-free technology can maximize productivity by 15% without demanding more from your workforce. Plus, Barcodes, Inc. works with strong yet lightweight technology that adapts to each individual worker.
  2. Eliminating costly bottlenecks – Stalled productivity and downtime can drain money and time best suited for other tasks. By keeping all your crucial devices functional and at hand, your workforce bypasses long travel times and bottlenecks throughout the warehouse.
  3. Improving customer experience – More and more customers expect fast to same-day delivery with little to no errors. Consequently, maximized mobility can also maximize your order throughput.

Stay on the move with Hands Free Technology

Partnering with Zebra Technologies, Barcodes, Inc. combines the power of touch-free devices and virtual reality with easy software integrations, wireless networking, and remote technical assistance to deliver a scalable hands-free mobility solution built with:

See how enhanced mobility elevates your ROI in our webinar with Andrew Pierce, Senior Product Manager at Zebra Technologies.

Start empowering your workforce today with maximized mobility when you contact us for a free demonstration of these solutions and more. 

Your Pharmacy Doesn’t Have time for “Complicated”

Posted June 29, 2020

2015 broke the record for most drugs approved by the FDA, releasing as many as 45[1] new drugs into the public market. In addition to new products, pharmacies would also have to adapt to new pricing, storage requirements, and government compliance measures to accommodate change. With new approvals comes the new need for corrected pharmacy tracking, a system that can ultimately dictate your customers’ experience -and most importantly- their health. 

Complicated tracking equals complicated care

Without proper visibility, your operations are exposed to misidentification risks, which can lead to detrimental health risks and/or financial loss. To uphold government and service standards, pharmacy tracking and traceability systems must focus on accuracy and adaptability as new changes can come at any moment. Equipped with both intelligent software and Zebra-powered hardware, Barcodes, Inc. streamlines adaptable accuracy into your workforce. See how in our video:

Faster printing and labeling gives your pharmacy staff the upper hand to quickly adapt to new changes without losing visibility or productivity. Moreover, since it’s built with Zebra’s ZD420-HC printer, custom labels, and readily available TrueSupport, Barcodes, Inc.’s pharmacy tracking solutions ultimately integrate:

  • Secured documentation
  • Affordable digitization
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Easier onboarding for new employees

Contact us today for a free demonstration to eliminate unnecessary complications from your workflow.

[1] Owens, Gary. The Year 2015 Had Highest Number of Drug Approvals in the New Millennium, but with Controversy. AM Health Drugs Benefits. Mar 19, 2016. Pg 19-21.

Is Your Technology Helping or Hindering Patient Care?

Posted June 23, 2020

In a span of ten years, over 90%[1] of medical facilities nationwide have switched from paper-based tracking to automated systems, yet patient identification problems continue to persist in the digitized era. Researchers at the ECRI Institute suggest that technology may be responsible for as much as 15%[2] of patient misidentification errors occurring predominantly at the patient’s bedside. Several technical issues may be to blame, including:

  • Poorly printed identification wristbands
  • Complicated or “buggy” tracking software
  • Lack of available devices
  • Devices incapable of capturing data without line of sight

Explore the advantages of a high-performing patient identification solution in our video:

How Can Wristband Printing Help?

As leaders in efficient tracking, Barcodes Inc. combines the power of Zebra’s easy-to-deploy ZD510-HC wristband printer with adaptable identification software to eliminate any complications that might distract your staff from providing superior care. Enhance the patient experience while simplifying identification systems with:

  • Faster wristband and label printing
  • Easier media reloading that diminishes downtime
  • Customized wristbands
  • Long-lasting prints that preserve identification
  • Scalable applications that adapts to patient influx 

Contact us today for a free demonstration and integrate labeling efficiency back into your patient identification system.

[1] Landi, Heather. Survey: Nearly All U.S. Hospitals Use EHRs, CPOE Systems. Healthcare Innovation.  Sept 11, 2019.

[2] White, Jess. Prevent patient identification errors. Healthcare Business & Technology. Sept 29, 2016.

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