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Protected: Revolutionizing Workspace Mobility: Introducing Newcastle Powered Printer Carts

Posted April 19, 2024

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Protected: Explore Epson’s Mobile Printing Solutions: TM-P20II, TM-P80II, and TM-P80II Plus

Posted March 29, 2024

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Unitech SL220: An iOS Sled Scanner for Retail and Warehouse Environments

Posted March 14, 2024

With the SL220 iOS sled scanner from Unitech, you can seamlessly integrate your iPhone/iPad into the workplace. This revolutionary sled transforms your iPhone into a smart reader designed primarily for warehousing, retail, inventory, and asset monitoring applications.

The iOS sled barcode scanner converts your iPhone/iPad into a handy one-handed solution that smoothly combines the device’s versatility with the durability of an enterprise-grade scanner. With a maximum barcode reading distance of 10 meters*, you may capture barcodes from afar while retaining excellent scanning performance.

Seamless conversion from iPhone to scanner, the SL220 adds convenience and considerably increases job efficiency. Whether you work in warehousing or retail, this user-friendly solution allows you to scan barcodes quickly and precisely, optimizing your process.

MFi (Made for iPhone/iPad) Certified iOS Solutions

Following MFi (Made for iPhone/iPad) certification, the iOS utility (ScanBridge) and SDK support the Unitech SL220 iOS Scanner Sled. The SL220 is a versatile and durable iOS scanner sled that maximizes compatibility and scanning efficiency. It streamlines your operations at every stage, including inventory checks, cycle counts, asset management, and more.

Superior 2D Scanning Performance

The SL220 supports a wide range of barcode types and has an excellent scanning reach of up to 10 meters. It includes a pick list function, which ensures exact scanning without the risk of incorrectly reading other barcodes within the scanning range. Furthermore, the SL220 retains great scanning performance even in low-light conditions, ensuring consistent findings.

Choose one of two scan engine options: standard range or flex range:

Standard RangeFlex Range
Unitech Part NumberSL220-ZMLU00-SGSL220-YMLU00-SG
Barcode Reading, Depth of Field Range
  Retail UPC Symbology Barcode
    Printed at 13 Mil1.7in. to 2ft. (Aprox)2.7in. to 5.5ft. (Aprox)
  Warehouseing and Maufacturing Code 39 Symbology Barcode
    Printed at 20 Mil1.7in. to 2.5ft. (Aprox)3.5in. to 9.3ft. (Aprox)
    Printed at 100 Mil9849mm actual, 10M aprox
Battery Life**8.5 hrs**5.5 hrs**
**Scanning every 5 seconds

Part numbers and summary-descriptions:

SL220-YMLU00-SGSL220 (N6803FR Scan Engine), Battery, Power Adapter. (Power Line Cord and OtterBox uniVERSE Case Sold Separately) (For iPhone, iPad, and Air)
SL220-ZMLU00-SGSL220 (N6703SR Scan Engine), Battery, Power Adapter. (Power Line Cord and OtterBox uniVERSE Case Sold Separately) (For iPhone, iPad, and Air)

Rapid Concurrent Charging

The SL220 supports “PD Charging” a revolutionary innovation that drastically reduces the total charge time for both the SL220 and iOS device.

Works Flawlessly with OtterBox uniVERSE

The SL220 works with multiple mobile devices: iPhones 7, 8, XR, XS 11, 12, 13, 14, 14 Plus and SE; iPad 7th, 8th, 9th, Pro 10.5-inch, Air 3rd, Mini 5th. (In the future, iOS devices with USB-C ports will also be supported.) Slide the SL220 into an OtterBox uniVERSE series case rail system for the best results. See the video above on how this works. This unique feature allows customers to choose from a variety of OtterBox uniVERSE cases matched to their iPhone and iPad models. With this versatility, consumers may select the ideal combination of SL220 and OtterBox uniVERSE, assuring a flawless integration that suits their device’s specifications.

Durable and Reliable iOS Sled Design

The SL220 improves industrial durability with characteristics such as IP65 dustproof, waterproof, and 1.2 meters of fall protection. Users may smoothly swap out batteries on the fly with genuine hot-swap battery design, allowing for uninterrupted workflow and maximum efficiency.

Accept Payments with Tap to Pay

The Unitech SL220 supports the Tap to Pay functionality, providing an easy way for businesses to optimize their transactions. Transactions happen more quickly when scanning with the SL220. By allowing payments to be made with a simple tap of your iPhone, you can provide a dependable and seamless payment experience.

Key Features

Features include a barcode reading distance of up to 10 meters, a Pick List function for increased efficiency, and PD charging for a full charge of the SL220 and iPhone in 2 hours (charging duration may vary per iPhone model).

  • IP65 dustproof, waterproof, and fall-resistant to 1.2 meters
  • True hot-swap battery design without downtime
  • Converts iPhone/iPad into enterprise-grade scanner
  • Lightning connection is more dependable and convenient than Bluetooth
  • Easily transform your iPhone or iPad into an enterprise-grade scanner

For more technical details, download the SL220 spec sheet.

See the SL220 iOS Sled Scanner in Action

Enjoy high-performance and precise scanning with the iOS devices you already use. Contact us today to speak to an expert who will help find the best Unitech solution for your organization.

*Must choose model #SL220-YMLU00-SG

For High-Performance RFID & Barcode Scanning, Look No Further than the Brady HH83 & HH85

Posted March 4, 2024
brady hh83 hh85 rfid barcode scanner

Brady RFID Readers

Brady offers a range of RFID readers in a variety of form factors and configurations to ensure customers always have the right reader for their application. Equipped with powerful UHF RFID engines based on the latest technology, high-performance antennas, a unified API, and support for accessories, Brady RFID readers offer best-in-class performance and unparalleled flexibility.

Brady RFID readers support all common RFID use cases, including asset tracking, work in process tracking, inventory management, and vendor managed inventory. 

Introducing the Brady HH83 and HH85 RFID/Barcode Scanners

Effective and user-friendly equipment, such as the Brady HH83 and/or Brady HH85, is critical in industrial settings. These exceptional RFID readers are both durable and rugged, yet also ergonomically designed and lightweight. For dependable and effortless operation throughout a long shift, look no further than the HH83 or HH85.

Both the HH83 and HH85 RFID readers are an invaluable tool for managing end-to-end data collection, with software-controllable RFID antennas, best-in-class scanning performance at ranges of up to 50 feet, and up to 18 hours of hot-swappable battery power. Here’s what you can expect from Brady scanners.

Key Features

  • Single API for all devices
  • Minimal software integration time
  • Flexible and rapid software development with Android 10 and NUR API
  • RFID and barcode scan range of up to 50 feet
  • Work glove friendly touchscreen displays
  • 5 foot drop protection
  • Strategically placed trigger and buttons are easy to operate
  • Rugged, durable construction with IP65 rating for dust, particle resistance
  • Two year hardware warranty
  • Responsive technical and customer support

For more technical details, download the HH83 HH85 spec sheet.

Watch a Demo of the HH85 RFID Reader

Enjoy high-performance RFID and barcode scanning with both the HH83 and/or HH85 from Brady. Contact us today to speak to an RFID expert who will help find the best solution for your organization.

The Honeywell CT30XP: A Premier Mobile Computing Device for Dynamic Retail Settings

Posted February 29, 2024

Sleek, lightweight, yet impressively durable, the Honeywell CT30XP slips into your pocket as effortlessly as a smartphone. Crafted with the end-user in mind – store managers and associates who are at the forefront of offering an engaging, customer-first shopping journey.

Capabilities of the CT30XP include:

  • Efficient data retrieval
  • Communication through voice, text, and multimedia with Smart Talk
  • Streamlined task organization
  • Enhanced customer interaction
  • Swift and effortless barcode scanning
  • Seamless contactless transactions

The Honeywell CT30XP: A Mobile Computer Ready-Made for Retail

Crafted for optimal user experience and superior customer service, the Honeywell CT30XP combines a sleek design with the functionality expected from modern touchscreen devices, while also being robust enough for the demands of enterprise operations. This includes comprehensive IT support, secure updates, maintenance, tracking, and device management via Honeywell’s Mobility Edge and Op Intel platforms. Its stunning, 5.5-inch HD touchscreen is truly eye-catching.

Innovative Retail Scanning Solutions

Offering unmatched, versatile performance and compatibility from Android 11 through 15. The CT30XP’s FlexRange scanning engine ensures precise and quick long-distance scanning, perfect for impressing customers with immediate price checks or inventory queries.

Wi-Fi 6 Capability

Enhances connection range and stability, significantly reducing power usage in retail settings where efficiency and cost-effectiveness are key.

Universal, Specifically Designed Accessories

Features include a universal docking station, IH40 RFID, belt clip, and hand strap for complete versatility.

Rapid Charging for All-Day Use

Thanks to USB-C 3.0 technology, the device charges at an incredibly fast rate, boasting a battery life exceeding 8 hours. This is particularly advantageous during busy retail periods, allowing for easy battery replacement.

Experience the CT30XP in Action

For a comprehensive overview of its technical specifications, access the Honeywell CT30 XP spec sheet here.

Watch the unboxing video here.

Enhancing the In-Store Shopping Experience

Act now. Modern shoppers anticipate a seamless, efficient in-store experience. Whether it’s checking stock levels, comparing prices, or locating products they’ve seen online, the Honeywell CT30XP makes it all simpler.

Reach out to us today to explore a comprehensive solution that will elevate your retail environment to new heights.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab Active5: A Purpose-Built Rugged Tablet

Posted February 26, 2024

Equip your frontline team with the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active5, a rugged Android tablet designed to withstand the rigors of your work environment. With enhanced Knox security, compliant design, and business-ready features, now is the time to invest in productivity and durability.

Built for the Workday

The Galaxy Tab Active5 is engineered to keep pace with your demanding schedule. Featuring a responsive touchscreen, long-lasting replaceable battery, and customizable features, it’s the ultimate tool for seamless workflow. Partner software integrations and Knox Security ensure comprehensive protection for your data.

Enterprise-Ready Efficiency and Security

Enroll, configure, and manage hundreds of devices effortlessly with the Galaxy Tab Active5 Enterprise Edition. Enjoy one year of Knox Suite, complete with additional warranty and support benefits. From remote management with Knox Manage to comprehensive security with Knox Platform for Enterprise, your team is covered.

Knox Security Suite Features

  • Knox Manage: Streamline remote device management with core controls and a user-friendly interface.
  • Knox Platform for Enterprise: Ensure advanced security and management options for regulated industries.
  • Knox E-FOTA: Schedule OS and firmware updates efficiently for your entire fleet.
  • Knox Asset Intelligence: Proactively manage devices and boost productivity with actionable insights.
  • Knox Capture: Turn your tablet into a versatile scanner for barcodes and QR codes.
  • Knox Authentication Manager: Enhance fleet security with multiuser facial biometrics and sign-in automation.

Keeping Your Data Secure

With Knox defense-grade protection, the Galaxy Tab Active5 safeguards your data against threats. Its rugged design, IP68 rating, and MIL-STD-810H compliance ensure durability in challenging environments. Plus, enjoy features like long-lasting battery life, replaceable batteries, and glove mode for uninterrupted productivity.

All-in-One Tablet Solutions

  • PC Productivity, Tab Portability: Transform your Tab Active5 into a PC with Samsung Wireless DeX and enhance collaboration.
  • High-Speed Connectivity: Stay connected with 5G and Wi-Fi 6 support for faster data networks.
  • Time-Saving Shortcuts: Customize your tablet with programmable keys for quick access to essential tasks.
  • Mobile Point of Sale (mPOS): Accept payments and manage transactions securely from anywhere.
  • Familiar OS Experience: Empower your team with Android 14 and Knox 3.10 for a familiar user interface.

Webinar: How to Automate Supply Chain Processes with RFID

Posted February 13, 2024

About this Webinar

How to Automate Supply Chain Processes with RFID

Thursday, February 22 1:00 – 1:45pm CT

Presented by:

Tom O’Boyle, Principal RFID Solutions Architect, Levata

John Cooke, Director of Software Development, Smart Label Solutions (SLS)

Easily Scale RFID Technology with SLS Integration

RFID is revolutionizing shipping and receiving in a more scalable fashion than ever before. Purpose-built RFID solutions are improving order to delivery time and shipment accuracy across the supply chain while reducing labor intensive manual counting.

Watch this 30-minute webinar and discover the advantages of RFID for your organization: 

  • How to improve your supply chain visibility by automating your shipping and receiving functions using RFID through improved read accuracy to the item level and sub-second event alarming
  • Why using professional grade software is an essential component of your RFID Solution, providing real-time visibility into the movement of assets and products, whether that be at a dock door, a tunnel or with a mobile device
  • How RFID is easy to scale and deploy through rapid plug and play integration

How Barcodes & Honeywell Technology Helped Transform Warehouse Operations

Posted December 13, 2023
barcodes honeywell monat case study
Coconut oil and tropical leaves. Hair care spa concept.

Transforming warehouse operations with barcode technology increases efficiency, throughput, and cost-effectiveness. However, businesses that have always relied on manual processes may need to learn the steps to ensure their tech investments lead to value and ROI. Barcodes, Inc. provides the guidance and expertise necessary for successful warehouse transformation.

The project at Monat Global Corp. is an excellent example of how proper barcode technology implementation can improve operations and position a business for greater success. This direct sales haircare, skincare, and wellness product company was 100% manual, even relying on employees to build boxes. However, putaway and picking were also manual. Employees memorized product locations in the warehouse and jotted down the quantities they needed to fill orders, an inefficient and sometimes error-prone process.

Steps to Warehouse Transformation

Barcodes, Inc. and its partner Alpine Supply Chain Solutions worked with Monat to implement barcode technology with dramatic results.

Step one was creating a naming structure that worked with Monat’s SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) system.

Then Barcodes, Inc. generated labels in batches for warehouse racking so Monat could save time and apply the labels systematically.

With labels in place, Monat relied on Barcodes, Inc.’s expertise to test mobile devices and barcode scanners to select the best options for the warehouse. Monat chose Honeywell CK65 mobile devices and Granit XP 1990iXR corded scanners. The solution also included Honeywell vehicle-mounted computers and industrial printers.

The technology allowed Monat’s team to no longer memorize product locations or depend on handwritten notes. They now use modern processes, such as directed putaway, triggered replenishment, and triggered case picking.

See Monat’s Digital Transformation in Action

The Advantages of a Modern Warehouse with Barcode Technology

Monat monitored key performance indicators before and after the transition and found that using barcode technology significantly impacted its overall operation. Monat’s warehouse increased from 80 to 260 lines per hour and from 20 to 60 orders per hour, tripling throughput.

The company also saw a vast improvement in order accuracy and decreased the time necessary to train new employees to work independently from days to just an hour.

Download our case study  to learn more about the Honeywell technology that made this successful transition to a modern warehouse possible.

A Rugged Smartphone to Rule Them All: Samsung Galaxy XCover6 Pro Hands-On

Posted December 11, 2023
samsung galaxy xcover6 pro

Our focus today is on an unconventional smartphone for the enterprise, namely the Samsung Galaxy XCover6 Pro.

The latest rugged model from Samsung is identified as an Enterprise Edition, signifying its appropriateness for corporate usage, especially by employees working in warehouse or industrial environments. The XCover 6 Pro also caters to individuals seeking a robust phone for sports activities or challenging situations.

The base product box includes a USB-C to USB-C cable, while the XCover 6 Pro itself is presented encased in plastic, showcasing its impressive display, light form factor, and thin, yet rugged design.

The XCover 6 Pro possesses a unique design with a singular black color option, complemented by glossy red rings encircling the camera lens and red accents on the top and X Cover key.

Despite common stereotypes about rugged phones lacking aesthetic appeal, the XCover 6 Pro challenges these preconceptions with its harmonious black and red color scheme.

Another characteristic that stands out immediately is the XCover 6 Pro’s distinct tactile surface, reminiscent of rubber which feels softer than a typical consumer smartphone body. This characteristic imparts a sense of additional protection, akin to the phone already being encased in a protective covering.

The detachable battery is also a a clear giveaway that you are looking at a rugged smartphone meant for commercial use.

The exterior of the phone boasts a LED indicator on the top, a volume rocker with a power button on one side, an XCover key on the other side, and a USB-C port with a pogo pin at the bottom, allowing for charging via a docking station. Rounding out the exterior is the power button with an integrated fingerprint sensor for an additional layer of security.

Upon opening the phone to insert the battery, access is granted to the SIM and SD card slots, with a rubber lining on the back cover designed to prevent water intrusion.

The display is slightly smaller than the phone’s overall size, featuring a vibrant LCD screen with a 120 Hz refresh rate. Regarding protective gloves, the touchscreen display is more responsive than anticipated.

After several days of usage, the XCover 6 Pro has the expected weight of a handheld mobile computer, but ultimately feels lighter than expected. Its secure grip and touchscreen round out a thoughtfully designed device for workers on overtime shifts who are scanning and communicating constantly.

To see the rugged smartphone in action and see a full list of detailed technical specifications, have a look at our previous XCover 6 Pro coverage.

Get Your Hands on Your Own XCover6 Pro

Ready to learn more? Contact a rugged smartphone expert today to explore applications, bulk pricing, and custom integrations and deployments from Barcodes, Inc.

Optimize Your Wireless Connectivity with SmartSIM

Posted December 11, 2023

Do you need reliable connectivity for hardware devices inside or outside the four walls? Are you having challenges managing multiple carriers/platforms/portals/contacts? Is it difficult and/or expensive to test locations and routes for the best wireless connectivity? Are you unhappy with the level of service you’re getting from carriers?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you might be interested in learning more about Advantix SmartSIM.

What is SmartSIM?

Advantix SmartSIM connects to a dozen leading carriers in North America including AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile, and provides auto-failover. If the connection fails, the device will hunt for and connect to the next-available carrier, ensuring business as usual without loss of revenue or productivity, or negative customer experiences. SmartSIM benefits include: 

  • Provides universal coverage (600 carriers globally)
  • Provides auto-failover/inherent redundancy
  • Streamlines ordering/procurement
  • Simplifies SIM management
  • Eliminates carrier and plan management
  • Backed by helpful network engineers and account personnel

What Makes Advantix Different?

Conventional carriers are pure-play providers that focus on managing their infrastructure. Advantix focuses on the customer experience with tools built for optimization, visibility, monitoring and management. This is done via Advantix’s operator-agnostic SaaS platform.

The platform’s proprietary technology eliminates the complexities of managing different carriers, software platforms and web portals, and offers a number of other advantages, including:

  • SIM card provisioning at scale
  • Fast over-the-air (OTA) updates
  • Proactive optimization of usage
  • Network tuning and meticulous application control
  • Expense management reporting and cost allocation
  • Real-time data on network performance and carrier switching  

The Advantix platform also supports native SIM connectivity from leading carriers with a front end that is easier to use than ordinary carrier systems. It’s like a one-stop shop for your carrier(s) of choice.

See How SmartSIM Works

Level Up Your Organization’s Telecom & Overall Connectivity

Advantix makes it easy to secure and manage wireless connectivity. You get the coverage you need from the best networks in the world without the headaches of dealing with carriers. For more information and use cases in verticals including transportation and logistics, warehouse and distribution, retail, hospitality, healthcare and more, please contact our telecom experts today.

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