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Automating Your Field Force : Functionality – Six Final Questions

Posted May 7, 2012

Functionality – Six Final Questions

In previous parts in this series, we’ve discussed how to decide whether or not to automate your field force, how to choose between consumer-grade and  rugged devices, and how to select the best mobile form factors for your deployment.

To conclude the series, what follows are six key questions you need to answer in order to conclude the decision-making process regarding a mobile deployment.


Does your mobile solution need to run on Windows XP or Windows 7, or can it run on Windows Mobile? Key considerations here include the back-end systems your mobile solution needs to tie into and the applications it needs to run — does it need to tie directly into your ERP system, for example? If you don’t consider this in advance, you could find yourself unable to connect to important systems, or unable to run a crucial application.

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One Access Point, Infinite Possibilities with Motorola’s Revolutionary AP 8132

Posted May 3, 2012

Innovative design redefines Wi-Fi access and delivers outstanding flexibility

Retailers looking to transform shopping into an exceptional experience and enhance productivity can now turn to the new AP 8132 from Motorola Solutions, Inc. The first-of-its-kind modular Wi-Fi access point (AP) combined with Motorola’s WiNG 5 technology delivers an outstanding quality experience for wireless users with smartphones and tablets. The AP 8132 can multi-task with modules that can be used for 24×7 spectrum monitoring for improved wireless security, an environmental sensor for efficient energy management, and an IP camera to enable video analytics for customer engagement. The AP 8132’s flexibility unleashes virtually unlimited possibilities and provides high-performance guest and staff access for retail, hospitality and other enterprises. When combined with Motorola’s NX Integrated Services Platform series, the AP 8132 offers a complete end-to-end solution that improves customer experiences, employee productivity and operational efficiency.

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Automating Your Field Force : Form Factor

Posted May 3, 2012

Form Factor

Once you’ve concluded that a rugged device is a better fit for your mobile deployment than a consumer-grade device, the next step is to choose the right form factor to fit your needs, whether a smartphone, tablet or laptop.

The key in doing so is to strike the right balance to support all required functionality. The first step as an enterprise is to evaluate all business processes on a task by task basis to understand how your workers do their jobs on a daily basis. It is critical to also insure that your workers provide direct feedback as part of this process.

Consider, for example, a police officer who needs a rugged device in their squad car – they’ll likely need a rugged laptop with a full keyboard, larger than the one available on most handhelds, in order to be able to type out extended reports while on the move.

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CipherLab’s Latest CP30 Windows Mobile Computer Certified by RedBeam

Posted May 3, 2012

CipherLab, a leading innovator in Automated Identification and Data Capture (AIDC) for the retail, warehouse, and distribution industries announced that it’s newest Windows Mobile terminal, the CP30, is certified for implementation with the RedBeam Suite of software applications.

RedBeam, Inc. is a leading provider of barcode and data collection software designed to make fixed asset tracking, inventory control, and check in check out processes more efficient.

Hundreds of organizations in virtually every industry use RedBeam to track fixed assets, inventory, parts and supplies – anything with a barcode label. Clients in manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, retail, military, government, education, and healthcare use RedBeam to reduce expenses and increase productivity. RedBeam’s fixed asset tracking, check in check out, and inventory control software products are powerful and ready-to-use right out of the box.

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Made for Mobility: The CipherLab CP40 Series

Posted May 2, 2012

CipherLab CP40 Mobile ComputerOptimize mobile productivity anytime, anywhere

The CipherLab CP40 and CP45 are enterprise mobile computers designed specifically for mobility.

Built to support your mobile workforce at the warehouse or in the field, the CP40 series mobile computers deliver an optimal combination of anywhere mobility and real-time data communication into a rugged PDA form factor. Handy yet feature-packed, the CP40 series accelerates productivity and boosts efficiency wherever you need it.

Wherever your business takes you, the CP40 series is up to the task!

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Automating Your Field Force : Consumer vs. Rugged

Posted May 2, 2012

Consumer vs. Rugged

As you consider a mobile deployment, you might assume that consumer grade mobile devices will more than meet your needs – but regardless of where your field workers spend the majority of their time, there are several reasons to give rugged handhelds, tablets and notebooks a second look.

Rugged devices are a good fit for more than just those users who anticipate extreme weather conditions or highly physical work environments, such as an oil rig or a combat zone.

For a field worker who visits several customer sites on a typical day, tossing a tablet or laptop onto the passenger seat every time he or she gets back into the car can cause gradual wear and tear that will quickly require that device to be replaced.

That device will also face temperatures of up to 130 or 140 degrees Fahrenheit if it’s left in the car on a summer day – so the ability to survive extreme temperatures should be a key consideration as well.

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Primera Announces RX900f Color RFID Printer

Posted May 1, 2012

New color RFID printer encodes and prints onto foam backed RFID tags.

Primera Technology, Inc., one of the world’s leading manufacturers of specialty printers, today announced the world’s first on-demand RFID printer for printing and encoding onto foam-backed RFID tags. RX900f utilizes the latest in high-resolution color inkjet technology to print onto and encode foam backed RFID tags up to 1/8” (3.175 mm) thick all in a single pass. Print speed is fast at up to 4.5″ (114mm) per second.

The integrated UHF reader/encoder is supplied by RFID industry leader Intermec. It supports EPC Global Class 1 Gen 2 as well as ISO 18000 -6B and -6C.

Built-in, automatic RFID encoding with high-resolution, 4800 dpi color printing makes it ideal for applications that require foam backed RFID tags and human readable and/or unique identification marking that are used on or near metal and liquids.

Printed labels are highly scratch, water, smudge and tear-resistant. Black pigment ink is available for high UV-resistance.

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Automating Your Field Force : Paper vs. Automation

Posted April 30, 2012

The global mobile worker population exceeded a billion people in 2010, according to a recent report from VDC Research. That growth, research director David Krebs wrote at the time, reflects “the increasingly flexible, distributed and dynamic workflows occurring in virtually every industry sector.”

But those mobile workers are surprisingly ill-equipped.

According to VDC, the level of penetration of enterprise mobility solutions among mobile workers is between 5 percent and 15 percent, depending on the regional market.

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The Cipherlab CP30 Enterprise Mobile Computer

Posted April 27, 2012

Built to Boost Workflow Efficiency in the Retail and Mobile Workforce with All-in-One Wireless Communication and Free Programmable Software

CipherLab’s CP30 enterprise mobile computer was designed for the demanding retail business packed with Windows Mobile 6.5, 3.5G WWAN, WLAN, and WPAN wireless connectivity, as well as free programmable software into one powerful unit. This device also makes the perfect companion of mobile workers for field sales and field services.

Preloaded with CipherLab Smart Shell, the CP30 brings the new user experience of leveraging all the advantages of a mobile device based on user preference. The option of 2D imager answers the blooming needs in ticketing and payment slips in the retail industry. The built-in 3.2 megapixel auto focus camera enables easy capture of service items and product issue proofs into the workflow to boost productivity and eliminate potential disputes.

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Empower your Workforce with the Unitech HT660e

Posted April 27, 2012

Develop your own applications and manage your own integration with the HT660e. This feature-rich handheld terminal is designed to give you more flexibility and control over your mobile data collection applications.

The HT660e is designed for single or two-handed operation in manufacturing, retail and transport and logistics sectors. For scan intensive applications such as warehousing there is an optional gun grip. Choose the set up that’s best for you or mix and match to meet the requirements of each application.

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