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Introducing the Razor All-In-One Touch Screen POS Terminal

Posted June 19, 2023

Experience the sleek and modern design of the Razor All-In-One touch screen POS terminal. With its razor-thin, slim-edge 15.6″ display, this terminal from Touch Dynamic offers a sophisticated aesthetic.

Powered by next-generation Intel® Elkhart Lake Celeron® J6412, Intel® Whiskey Lake Celeron® 4305UE, i3-814UE & i5-8625U, and Qualcomm CPUs, the Razor POS terminal delivers fast and powerful functionality.

Sleek and Stylish Design with a “Razor-Thin” Widescreen

Touch Dynamic’s Razor All-In-One touch screen POS terminal features a 15.6″ slim-edge display that exudes a fashionable rear design. Its touch-sensitive full HD IPS display, available in black, adds a modernized touch to your business. Plus, it comes with peripheral expansions for docking connections.

Cutting-Edge Processing Power for Enhanced Productivity

Experience superior processing power with the Razor terminal. It is equipped with either Intel Elkhart or Intel Whiskey Lake CPUs for Windows, and a Qualcomm CPU for Android 9, ensuring speedy and seamless operations, maximizing your productivity.

Convenient Swivel Base for Easy Use

Designed with ergonomics in mind, the Razor terminal boasts an impressive 360-degree swivel base. This feature enhances convenience for both employees and customers, allowing for effortless use in any space.

Compatibility with a Range of POS Peripherals

The Razor terminal offers optional peripherals that streamline your operations, increasing speed and efficiency. Its rotating rear display keeps customers informed, while additional features like a magnetic stripe reader, fingerprint reader, and the option of two 2D barcode scanners provide enhanced security and efficiency.

Key Features of the Touch Dynamic Razor at a Glance:

  • 15.6″ LED Projected Capacitive Display
  • Next-Generation Whiskey Lake and Qualcomm CPUs
  • 360-degree swivel base
  • Fashionable customer-facing rear design
  • Ergonomic design
  • Multiple port options
  • Optional MSR, Barcode scanner, Fingerprint reader, Rear 2×20 display, WiFi, and Bluetooth
  • Next-Generation Elkhart Lake, Whiskey Lake, and Qualcomm CPUs

View Full Specifications of the Touch Dynamic Razor

Common Profitable Self-Serve Kiosk Applications from Touch Dynamic

Posted April 27, 2023

Both customers and business owners have become more and more interested in self-service kiosks. Reduced wait times and increased user control are two factors in favor of kiosks. Touch Dynamic Pavilion Kiosks are a shining example of self-serve kiosks done well.

Kiosks are flexible machines that can be used in many different ways. They can be used to check out at restaurants and stores, as well as to check in at airports, hotels, and doctors’ offices.

Every business has different needs, but they can all benefit from adding wall-mounted kiosks to their tech offerings.

Quick Service Restaurant Kiosk Use

A booth wall mount is good for restaurants because it can bring in more customers and help them spend more money. Kiosk users place more orders, which raises the average amount they spend by 12–20% or even 30%.

One reason is that the booth is always offering deals, bundles, and extras. Others point out the visuals are easy to navigate and allow customers to visually confirm their order details without being rushed.

Kiosk meals can show more information about the food and how it affects your diet than options on paper or boards. Customers with special dietary needs can check ingredients with ease.

Another reason for a wall kiosk: orders go straight from the customer to the cook. This improves order accuracy and order queue speeds. And the kitchen knows exactly where the items are going for handoff to customer.

Touchscreen Kiosks for In-Store

Kiosks display pricing information, product details, in-store location, and even availability at nearby stores. This frees up valuable associate resources to deliver an exceptional, personalized experience.

Like restaurants, stores can have self-service checkouts with booth wall mounts. Customers can avoid waiting in long lines, and they have more control over how they shop.

Self-checkout is more handy and easy to use, so customers who don’t want to wait in long lines are less likely to leave their carts behind.

Wall-mounted screens can also be a great way to save space in small rooms. Since they are fixed on the wall, all you have to do is give customers a place to put their purchases.

No need to worry about giving the units more floor or counter room. Instead of putting checkout equipment on the bar, the wall mount makes room for things like displays of seasonal goods and “impulse buys,” which bring in more money.

Family Fun and Attractions Need Kiosks, Too

Bowling alleys, skating rinks, amusement parks, and indoor fun centers install wall-mount kiosks:

  • Faster check-in and ticketing processes
  • Fewer long lines
  • Improved workflow for employees

Places to eat, gift shops, photo booths, and equipment/gear rental benefit from self-service kiosks as well.

Last but not least, wall-mounted booths can also show digital signs. They can show information about events, location rules and laws, and ads. Again, the wall mount makes more room on the floor for souvenirs and merchandise.

It’s Time to Read the (Digital) Signs

No matter what industry you’re in, adding wall-mounted kiosks will help you make customers happier, make more money, cut down on wait times, re-assign workers (which will save you money on labor costs), and ease operations.

Thrill your customers so much that they return again and again. That’s the power of the kiosk. Contact us for a self-service kiosk project assessment.

4 Ways that a POS Tablet Can Transform Customer Experience

Posted May 8, 2019
Touch Dynamic Quest III Rugged POS tablet can help increase customer satisfaction by speeding out the checkout lines.
Touch Dynamic Quest III Rugged POS tablet can truly enhance the customer experience by providing the convenience and engagement that your shopper is looking for.
Enhance your store front with point of sale (POS) tablets to create an appealing in-store customer experience. Introducing the Touch Dynamic Quest III Rugged POS Tablet for retail. Featuring Cherry Trail processor, EMV Level 3 certification, MSR, Bluetooth, and wireless connectivity. Here are four ways that a POS tablet can transform the customer experience. Better Equipped Associates Combine your store associates with the power of a connected tablet can greatly enhanced customer experiences. The POS tablet enables them to provide instant access to inventory, product information, and complete transaction on the spot meeting shopper’s expectations for convenience. Visual Appeal Offer a new way to visually advertise your products, interactive or instructional videos can create a fun environment that engages buyers. Encourage them to spend more time in the store and improve foot traffic. Self- Service Tablets can bring your website in- store and provide an “endless aisle” solution so that your customers can see products in variations that you might not have available on site. Cross-sell other products that your shoppers might be looking for. They can browse your entire inventory with a few taps on the touchscreen. Allow customers to manage their enrollment into loyalty programs and browse virtual catalogs that can better depict product use. Speed up the checkout lines Rather than dealing with long lines that get backed up by customers waiting to pay, speed up the lines by enabling staffs to checkout customers with a tablet. This can be super helpful during peak sales times, to keep customers happy while minimizing stress on the employees. The Touch Dynamic Quest III Rugged POS tablet is well equipped to deliver high quality performance that your store is seeking, contact Barcodes and see how we can help with the point of sale applications that you need to run your business.

Touch Dynamic’s TB4: A Fast, Reliable, and Versatile Receipt Printer

Posted February 7, 2018

tb4In today’s highly competitive industry, it’s essential that receipt printers are fast, reliable, and versatile. The TB4 is all of that and more. Being Epson compatible it offers easy installation, and eliminates the headaches that typically come with setting up and installing a new printer. Touch Dynamic understands the direct correlation between printer weight and ease-of-use. The TB4 weighs in at a low 1.5 pounds making it easy to service and load.

Touch Dynamic’s state-of -the-art thermal receipt printer boasts a print speed of 9.8 inches per second (250 mm/sec). It’s available in dual interfaces either Serial/USB or Ethernet/USB and includes all necessary cables for implementation.

TB4 Features and Benefits:

  • Drop in Paper Loading
  • Wall Mountable
  • Print Resolution 203 dpi (8 dots/mm)
  • Cutter: 1 million cut life
  • Paper Type: Thermal Paper
  • Paper Max Width: 3.12 inches (79.5 mm)

Touch Dynamic Introduces the Pulse Ultra All-In-One

Posted December 7, 2017

pulse-ultraTouch Dynamics next generation Pulse is here. Introducing the Pulse Ultra All-In-One with Intel Celeron Quad Core J3455. Built and designed to offer speed and reliability at an affordable price. Comes with a quick detachable base and easy service features. The 15″ projected capacitive touchscreen has up to 8GB of RAM. The Pulse Ultra is a fanless system that is ideal for harsh environments as it won’t pull any dust or dirt into the computer and can accommodate any of your application needs. The Pulse Ultra comes with a number of options including integrated MSR, Fingerprint Reader, a 2×20 VFD customer display and an integrated rear 8″ or 15″ LCD.

Pulse Ultra Features and Benefits:

  • Intel Celeron Quad Core J3455, up to 2.3 Ghz
  • Intel i3-6100u 2.3 Ghz, Intel i5-6300u, up to 3.0 Ghz
  • Wall mountable, VESA 100×100
  • Slim and Sleek Finish
  • Multiple Peripheral Options
  • 3 CPU Options Available (up to i5)
  • System Memory: 1x DDr3-LV SODIMM 4GB (up to 8GB Optional)
  • Max Resolution: 1024 x 768
  • Screen: Bezel-less True Flat

For any questions or a quote on any of your POS needs contact us at Barcodes, Inc.

A Next Generation Rugged POS Tablet the Quest III from Touch Dynamic

Posted October 25, 2017

questiiiThe next generation of the Quest Tablet has arrived in the form of the Quest III. The Quest III is the industry’s first EMV Level 3 certified tablet. It has been tested and proven to work with each card brand, providing another layer of protection and ensuring the security of all your customers’ preferred payment methods. The Quest III is compatible with both Windows and Android operating systems, allowing you to select the OS that is best suited for your environment. The standard charging dock that accompanies each Quest III tablet allows you to conveniently dock the mobile POS device in an upright position.

The Touch Dynamic tablet comes in two sizes, a 7-inch and a 10-inch option. The rugged tablet comes standard with 64 GB of storage and 4 GB of memory. There’s no need for your staff to worry about charging the Quest III half way through their shift as it comes with the Intel Atom Cherry Trail Processor that offers ultra-low power consumption and extended battery life when in continuous operation.

Quest III Features:

  • Enhanced Wireless Connectivity
  • Rugged IP54 Rated Design
  • 4′ drop Specification
  • Standard Features including WiFi, Bluetooth, and MSR (encrypted optional)
  • Level 3 Certified EMV (For Windows) Level 2 Certified EMV (For Android)
  • Standard Dock
  • Standard MSR (Encryption Optional)
  • Standard Hand Strap

Epson Teams with Touch Dynamic for Mobile POS Solution

Posted February 27, 2015

2015-02-27_0918Epson has announced a partnership with Touch Dynamic to address the growing importance of mobile POS as the overall mobile expansion in retail and hospitality continues. By bundling Epson’s new ultra-compact Mobilink P20 receipt printer with Touch Dynamic’s new 7″ and 10″ Quest Tablets specifically designed for mobile POS, merchants can increase sales and improve customer service.

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The Benefits of Mobile POS for Restaurants

Posted December 3, 2014

TabletGathering1With restaurateurs searching for new and innovative ways to make their businesses more efficient, many are turning to technology to impact their bottom line. One of the latest technology trends gaining momentum in the restaurant industry is the use of mobile point of sale (POS) solutions. With the increased popularity of wireless networking and the decreased cost of mobile computing devices, such as tablets and smart phones, more businesses are adopting mobile solutions. In the hospitality environment, a mobile POS solution enables wait staff to perform all the basic functionality of your stationary POS system while also adding a few new benefits. A mobile POS solution enables wait staff to greatly improve efficiency by taking orders, busting lines, and processing payments tableside.

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Touch Dynamic Introduces Two POS solutions with the Acrobat and Saturn

Posted September 2, 2014

Touch Dynamic has recently announced the additions of the Acrobat All-In-One and Saturn DV PC to their product line.

The Acrobat All-In-One is a touch terminal that is powerful and durable enough to handle even the most demanding applications. True to its name, the Acrobat boasts a fully adjustable die-cast foldable base and a 14.1” widescreen LCD LED. This terminal is powered by an Intel Atom Dual Core D2550 1.86Ghz CPU and was built with a large variety of IO ports.

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