6 Advantages of Ethernet Connectivity for Automated Scanning Applications

Posted December 1, 2014

When managing the commonly  high speeds involved with automated barcode scanning and vision environments, it’s crucial that your barcode readers can communicate data at the rates that the system and environment require. The type of interface you decide to use on your devices can help or hinder production. Most scanner offer options for RS-232 serial and USB connectivity but Ethernet offers distinct advantages for optimizing efficiency in automated systems.

  • Faster data speeds – Ethernet connections offer high-speed data transfer that won’t limit production.
  • Unlimited connections to the PC – With several independent Ethernet connections, PCs can manage multiple tasks in parallel for optimal productivity.
  • Unlimited distance from the PC – Span greater physical distances without losing data speed and move or centralize PCs away from the production floor.
  • Remote device management – Control devices anywhere there is a network connection and troubleshoot systems without leaving the office.
  • Standardized cables – Common connectivity with all Ethernet equipment for no-hassle networking.
  • Easy integration to MES and ERP – Ethernet-based MES and ERP systems pair naturally with Ethernet devices saving integration time and equipment.

One of the leading manufactures of high performance devices for automated systems, Microscan, offers barcode and machine vision devices with Ethernet TCP/IP and EtherNet/IP connectivity for the fastest data speeds across automated networks. Experience the advantages of Ethernet with the MS-4Xi or MINI Hawk Xi barcode imagers, or the new Vision MINI Xi Smart Camera – the world’s smallest machine vision system now with Ethernet.


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