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Multiple Warehousing Pain Points, One Barcodes Inc. Solution

Posted June 4, 2024
Warehouse working using the rugged Zebra ET6 Android Tablet

Now more than ever, warehouses are facing ever evolving and contemporary problems thanks to today’s supply chains that are continually becoming modernized through digitization. The biggest include visibility of inventory, shortages in labor, maintaining adequate levels of worker satisfaction, and tediously redundant tasks that leave room for human error and frustration—including inaccurate reporting, missing inventory, inefficient picking, inaccuracies in manual data entry-based activities, and overstocks, for instance. Truly, there has never been a better time to optimize your warehouse operations with automation. This is, mostly, because of exponential growth in ecommerce. As a result, instantly connected customers expect real-time fulfillment with days and, sometimes, hours. Additionally, competition is ramping up, as many new warehouses are gradually covering the thoroughfares of the world. Is there a way to keep up with the pace? Sure, in short: technology.

The Benefits of Better Technology

According to a survey of warehouse IT and operational decision-makers conducted by Zebra Technologies, ¾ plan to implement new technology to stay competitive. The result of doing so? Increased efficiency, productivity, profitability, and—most importantly—worker satisfaction. As labor shortages continue to surge, with an immense 77% of employers being unable to fill job openings, decreasing employee turnover rates and keeping existing employees satisfied has never been so important. Without question, your workers are the most important part of your operations. So much so, providing them with technology that helps them succeed not only increases the overall efficiency of your operations by 10% or more, but it also diminishes everyday frustrations that can cause expensive employee turnover. Simply put, equipping your workers with the proper technology will bring numerous cost-savings and benefits to productivity that will lead to quicker return on investment (ROI). Similarly, based on the same Zebra study, over 75% of SMB warehouse leaders believe that enhancing labor with devices and technology is the best way to initially implement automation into a warehousing operation.

Woman using rugged mobile Zebra ET6 tablet in warehouse.

Optimize Warehouse Mobility: the Zebra ET6 Rugged Tablet

We said that technology was the way to keep up with the ever-evolving time of today’s modern supply chains, but there remains one question: what kind of technology? Easy. With Barcode Inc.’s state-of-the-art solutions that are powered with Zebra Technologies’ contemporary devices, like their ET6 Series tablets, your operations will achieve unparalleled levels of mobility, visibility, efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

Man driving forklift in warehouse while using a Zebra ET6 rugged mobile tablet.

These tablets are designed to deliver, and with features like…

  • Dynamic Display: 1000nit display brightness that makes it viewable both indoors and out
  • 3-in-1 Device Capability: Use it as a tablet, attach the friction hinge keyboard accessory and use it as a laptop, or throw it on the forklift for the best vehicle-mounted computer experience
  • No Battery Configurations: Can be powered by the forklift, eliminating the need to continually maintain and buy batteries.
  • So much more

… it’s impossible not to increase efficiency and productivity, reduce turnover rates, and keep your workers satisfied and happy. So, when paired with Zebra’s cutting-edge technology, Barcodes, Inc. delivers scalable, end-to-end solutions, strategies, and services that are tailored to boost and maintain your operations success.

Man using mobile Android ET6 Zebra tablet with attached keyboard.

With such technology, we aim to enable visibility, automation, and mobility to be the best of the best. Then, with our expertise in connecting data, assets, and people, you’ll be able to see what is possible and push for what’s next. Completely streamline your operations with the ultimate warehouse solution: the ET6 Series tablets.

Does this all sound like something you need? Reach out to us to get started today!