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Titan in Manufacturing: See How This Brother Industrial Printer is Transforming Operations

Posted November 2, 2023
titan in manufacturing brother industrial printer is transforming operations

Print Crisp Barcode Labels at Strikingly High Speeds

Meet the industrial barcode printers that will push the boundaries of what manufacturing operations can accomplish. The Brother Titan Industrial Printer offers round-the-clock printing at riveting speeds and is tailor-made for high volume, heavy industrial environments.

These direct thermal and thermal transfer printers from Brother are equally adept in harsh conditions and heavy usage in warehouses, distribution centers, manufacturing hubs, and across your entire supply chain.

Quality barcodes labels are a major component in successful manufacturing processes. As dirt, dust, and grime build up over the years, labels can make or break scanner productivity. The Titan outputs beautiful labels from 203dpi up to 300dpi incredibly quickly.

As your workforce zips past on a forklift, labels from your Titan are guaranteed to scan so you can continue to get more products out the door.

And setup and usability have never been easier. The Titan industrial printer boasts a 3.5 inch, full-color touch panel display. It also seamlessly integrates with your existing OS, software, and warehouse management device ecosystem. All models include Ethernet/LAN, USB 2.0, Host-USB and RS232C Serial, as well as optional Wi-Fi connectivity.

Brother Titan Industrial Printer

As for ownership costs, your return on investment speaks for itself. Each Titan is built like a tank and extremely reliable. Should you need support along the way, each printer is backed with a 2-year Premier Limited Warranty (including the printhead). These are priced at an incredible value when compared to other leading manufacturers as well.

The Titan printer comes equipped with a cutter, peeler, and rewinder. For a great manufacturing label printer, look no further than the Titan from Brother.

Benefits of the Brother Titan Industrial Printer (Varies by Model)

  • High quality, scannable barcodes up to 300dpi resolution
  • Rapid industrial print speeds up to 14 inches per second
  • Vibrant, 3.5 inch LCD or HVGA touch panel displays
  • Easy to integrate with existing manufacturing systems (emulations, SDKs, drivers, and Windows/Android/Linux/MacOS support)
  • Backed with 2 year manufacturer warranty (including the printhead)

Featuring a sturdy metal construction, a die-cast printing mechanism, and a rigid metal base plate, this printer ensures reliable performance even under heavy usage. Qualified technicians will find it easy to install accessories and perform maintenance and repairs.

This versatile printer allows you to push the boundaries of what you can achieve with a refreshingly straightforward integration process that’s designed for a seamless drop-in experience, coupled with a comprehensive array of connectivity options. The Titan is extremely versatile for demanding warehouse environments and applications.

The user-friendly color HVGA touch panel display or LCD display simplifies operation.

With standard Ethernet LAN, USB, and RS232 serial interfaces, and optional dual-band 2.4 GHz / 5GHz Wi-Fi® WLAN interface, you have a multitude of connectivity options. Plus, its compact footprint seamlessly fits into even the most congested workspaces.

The Brother Titan Industrial Printer series is equipped with a one-inch media supply spindle that is compatible with commonly used media for industrial and desktop label printers.

Print directly from an Android or iOS device, a programmable logic controller (PLC), or even a simple barcode scanner for a standalone Scan-to-Print solution. Additionally, setting up and updating printers is a breeze with a USB flash drive or a barcode scan.

The integration-friendly Titan supports printer drivers for Windows, Mac®, and Linux, as well as FBPL, ZPL II®, EPL2®, and DPL emulations, along with license-free Basic language programming and SDKs for Windows, iOS, and Android™, this printer streamlines integration processes with ease. Titan printers even include user-friendly software for designing, WYSIWYG previewing, and printing on a wide range of media.

We also recommend the optional peeler, which automatically separates labels from the liner and positions them for easy application. This solution also includes a liner rewinder, enhancing productivity and worker safety. For a detailed technical breakdown, download the Brother Titan R7 spec sheet and the Titan R4 spec sheet.

Warehouse Ready Industrial Printers as a Service

In conclusion, the industrial printers from Titan offer a winning combination of high-performance printing, ease of integration, exceptional warranty coverage, and accessible pricing. With its wide range of features and options, it’s the ideal choice for warehouses seeking reliable and efficient label printing solutions.

When you need a steady supply of high resolution labels that will stand up to the challenges of even the harshest environments, look no further than the Titan printer.

We’re here to talk financing options and a deployment plan that fits your manufacturing needs and schedule. Contact us today to discuss upgrading to Titan printers from Brother.

Citizen CMP20II and CMP30II Mobile Printer

Posted June 6, 2023

Maximize mobile POS with Citizen printers, the Citizen CMP-20II and CMP-30II mobile printers from Barcodes put barcode label and receipt printing in the palm of your hand.

When you print on the go, you have the freedom to do more tasks, more affordably, in more places.

See the Citizen Mobile Printers in Action

Don’t waste time to go back and forth to print receipts and labels. Watch the video below and see how Citizen’s CMP-20II and CMP-30II mobile computers can increase efficiency and productivity in your operations.

Key Benefits of the Citizen Mobile Printers

Citizen mobile printers offer several key benefits that make them valuable tools for on-the-go printing:

  • Portability: Citizen mobile printers are designed to be compact and lightweight, making them highly portable. They are easy to carry around, allowing users to print documents, receipts, or labels wherever they go.
  • Wireless Connectivity: Most Citizen mobile printers come with wireless connectivity options such as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. This allows seamless printing from smartphones, tablets, or laptops without the need for any physical connections. Users can print wirelessly from their mobile devices, improving convenience and eliminating the hassle of cables.
  • Versatility: These printers are capable of printing various types of documents, including receipts, tickets, labels, invoices, and more. They often support different paper sizes and formats, accommodating a range of printing needs. This versatility makes Citizen mobile printers suitable for a wide range of industries and applications.
  • Durability: Citizen is known for manufacturing rugged and durable printers. Mobile printers from Citizen are typically designed to withstand the rigors of everyday use, making them suitable for demanding environments such as field sales, transportation, logistics, or retail.
  • Battery-powered: Citizen mobile printers are often battery-powered, allowing users to operate them without relying on a constant power source. This feature is particularly useful for professionals who require printing on the go, enabling them to print documents or receipts in remote locations or while traveling.
  • Quick and Efficient: Citizen mobile printers generally offer fast printing speeds and high-quality output. They employ advanced printing technologies, including thermal printing, to deliver quick and reliable results. This efficiency is crucial for professionals who need to print documents on the spot, ensuring productivity and customer satisfaction.
  • Easy Integration: Citizen mobile printers are designed to be easily integrated into existing systems and workflows. They often come with compatible software development kits (SDKs) and support standard printer languages, enabling seamless integration with various operating systems, POS (Point of Sale) systems, or mobile applications.
  • Cost-Effective: While the price may vary depending on the specific model and features, Citizen mobile printers are generally considered cost-effective. They provide a good balance of performance, durability, and affordability, making them an attractive choice for businesses and individuals looking for mobile printing solutions.

These key benefits make Citizen mobile printers a popular choice anywhere that portable printing capabilities are necessary for day-to-day operations. Contact us today to speak to a mobile printing expert and look at Citizen printers in-depth.

The Epson TM-P20II is a Compact Mobile-Printing Powerhouse

Posted June 1, 2023


The Epson TM-P20ii printer keeps things moving in the workplace.

Epson’s Mobilink TM-P80II Plus receipt printer is extremely fast, portable, and wireless. The Mobilink TM-P80II has a sturdy design that can withstand rough handling thanks to its IP54-rated enclosure that protects against water and dust, as well as a drop rating of 4.9 feet.

The Mobilink TM-P80II Plus is a versatile wireless receipt printer thanks to its portability and compact design.

Furthermore, the Mobilink TM-P80II Plus provides consistent quality performance and crisp, presentable receipts.

The Mobilink TM-P80II Plus is the ideal choice for portability without sacrificing performance, thanks to its versatile connectivity options, including Bluetooth, Serial, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and USB-Network-Tethering.

Unboxing the Epson TM-P20ii Printer

Let’s have a quick look at what comes in the box when you order the Epson TM-P20ii from Barcodes, Inc. Contents and packaging may vary depending on model.

Key Benefits of the TM-P20ii Printer

This printer from Epson is a powerful, liner-free label making machine. No matter your use case, the printer exceeds in just about every department.

  • Portable and lightweight – ultra small, easy to wear (belt clip included); prevents carry fatigue.
  • Robust design – IP54-rated enclosure is water- and dust-resistant; withstands harsh use with a 4.9-foot drop rating.
  • Crisp, presentable receipts – auto cutter and de-curler improve printing look and handling, assuring clear, smooth edges.
  • 34-hour battery life – (battery and USB-C cable)
  • Fast battery charging – 2.5 hours (charger available separately).
  • High print quality and speed – print sharp, crisp text, barcodes, and logos at up to 100 mm/sec.
  • Versatile connectivity – Wi-Fi® 5 or Bluetooth® 5.0 to connect to a variety of devices and networks.
  • High-capacity media basket – maximum uptime, thanks to 51 mm outside diameter. Replace rolls less often.
  • Modern design – sleek, business-friendly design.
  • Optional accessories – include a single or quad battery charger, spare battery, waist strap, shoulder strap, and soft carrying box.

Consider Epson for Your Barcode Label and Receipt Printing Needs

The TM-P20ii printer is a fabulous, dynamic label and receipt printer that you can depend on in today’s most demanding retail, catering, restaurant, and hotel environments. Contact us today for a closer look at what mobile printing upgrades we can assist your business with.

The Epson TM-L100 Provides Dynamic Sharing and Label Printing Anywhere

Posted May 4, 2023

The Epson OmniLink TM-L100 Liner-Free Compatible Thermal Label Printer keeps things moving in the workplace.

The Epson TM-L100 printer can be dynamically shared between PC-POS terminals, mobile devices, and cloud servers at the same time.

With options for Bluetooth, Serial, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and USB-Network-Tethering, the TM-L100 connects reliably to the mobile devices of your choice.

Server Direct Print technology enables printing from web-based applications for online ordering.

Unlined and with flexible connectivity, the OmniLink is a fully functional labeling system in a compact form factor your team will love.

Unboxing the Epson TM-L100 Printer

Let’s have a quick look at what comes in the box when you order the Epson TM-L100 from Barcodes, Inc. Contents and packaging may vary depending on model.

Key Benefits of the OmniLink Printer

The OmniLink printer from Epson is a powerful, liner-free label making machine. No matter your use case, the printer exceeds in just about every department.

Wide liner-free media support—Epson Tested Media has a strong adhesive and is great for a wide range of uses in catering, retail, and other industries.

Accepts many tasks, prints one label at a time, and prevents labels from adhering and duplicating.

Built-In USB and Ethernet for almost any setting. There are also choices for Serial port, wireless, and Bluetooth®.

Lengthy auto cutter and printer life for reliable performance where you need it the most.

Use 47% less paper. White space reduction and letter height reduction can be a lifesaver for the environment (and your media budget).

No POS Software Connection Required. Server Direct Print allows a printer to receive orders and make barcode labels directly from a Web server. When you do need to share data between old POS terminals, tablets, and mobile devices with different interfaces, the TM-L100 connects to cloud servers, too.

Smart connectivity enables mobile devices to send and receive data via a single USB cable.

USB Network Tethering — connect directly to a tablet’s network.

POS peripherals, such as barcode readers, Epson displays, and many more are supported by the TM-L100.

Consider Epson for Your Barcode Label and Receipt Printing Needs

The latest OmniLink thermal printer is a fabulous, dynamic label and receipt printer that you can depend on in today’s most demanding retail, catering, restaurant, and hotel environments. Contact us today for a closer look at what the TM-L100 can do for your business.

The Brother QL-1100 Barcode Label Printer is What Your Warehouse Needs

Posted September 1, 2022

Print Professional Barcode Labels for the Warehouse with Ease

The Brother QL-1100 series professional label printers offer unrivalled versatility not only in the office, but also in warehouse, postal, facilities management, and many more industries.

Create labels with black print up to three feet in length, from PC, Mac, iOS or Android devices.

All models allow easy connection to desktop computers using USB. The flagship Brother QL-1110NWB also adds Wireless, Ethernet and Bluetooth wireless connectivity.

Benefits of the Brother QL-1100 Barcode Label Printer

  • Rapid, beautiful print output – 69 standard address labels can be printed in a minute at 300 dpi
  • Flexible wireless connections include Ethernet, Wireless (802.11b/g/n), and Bluetooth
  • Versatile, wide range of label printing capabilities (up to 4″ wide)
  • Automatic crop feature – quickly print product labels and other barcodes from A4/Letter size label sheet templates (Windows only)
  • USB Host interface may be used with a other peripherals and barcode scanners
  • Using Brother’s network administration tools and open software development kits, networks are simple to connect and administer
  • For Windows, iOS, and Android operating systems, SDKs are readily available

For a truly excellent barcode label printer that was made for the warehouse, look no further than the Brother QL-1100. Download QL-1000 detailed specs. If you’d like, contact us today for a quote and deployment plan customized to your unique warehouse needs.

The Zebra ZT421 Printer: Better Performance, Versatility, and Ease of Use in the Warehouse

Posted June 7, 2022

Efficiency within critical warehouse operations is imperative for workforce productivity. The Zebra ZT421 Printer is just the tool for the job.

Knowing that, the ZT400 Series label printers provide advanced technology that drives versatility, ease of use and performance to a new level. Zebra’s industrial printer series addresses a broad array of applications throughout manufacturing, transportation and logistics, retail, and more. 

See printer status at a glance and manage settings quickly using the large color touch display.

The ZT421 printer is offered in both 4 inch and 6 inch models with 203 dpi and 300 dpi available. These workhorses are capable of printing up to 12 inches per second. 

Easily add new features as your needs evolve with a wide variety of connectivity, media handling, and RFID options.

The ZT421 comes standard with Ethernet, Serial, USB, dual USB Host and Bluetooth 4.1. 

See Why the Zebra ZT421 Printer is Perfect for Industrial Label and Barcode Printing

Zebra Technologies is committed to supporting a variety of warehouse needs, now and into the future.

Zebra ZT421 Mobile Computer Features

The ZT421 is engineered to meet your operational needs with features including:

  • Thermal transfer and direct thermal printing
  • 203 and 300 dpi print resolution option
  • Print speeds per second up to 12″
  • Serial, USB, Ethernet and Bluetooth Interface
  • Prints labels up to 6″
  • Rugged metal case with 4.3″ color touch display

The ZT400 Series offers the versatility, reliability, and performance to meet your industrial printing needs, today and tomorrow. [Download ZT421 Spec Sheet]

Zebra delivers industry-leading label printers capable of hitting the mark for all warehouse needs. Contact us today to see how you can bring a new level of efficiency to your workforce.

Honeywell PD45 Desktop Printer for Retail Applications: First Look

Posted May 27, 2022
honeywell pd45

Honeywell’s new industrial printer, the PD45S, is designed for manufacturing, retail, transportation & logistics, healthcare, and government applications.

The PD45S is equipped with standard features such as smart printing functionality, which allows users to customize and fine-tune settings without a host computer by running apps directly within the printer — minimizing the need to connect to a PC.

With Honeywell’s print platform that supports many print languages, the PD45S is a viable option to the market’s other printers.

Uniquely constructed with minimal internal mechanical components and an all-metal frame, PD45S is strong and long-lasting. This offers our printer a robust, compact, and streamlined appearance, making it suited for usage in a variety of environments and applications.

Users may easily monitor the state of the printer and its consumables via a large glass window. A side aperture facilitates loading of ribbon and paper. This is also where used liners may be collected and removed with ease.

The PD45S is powered by an 800MHz Arm Cortex-A7 processor, 128MB of RAM, and 128MB of DDR3 SDRAM. It has a sophisticated industrial print head that enables both direct thermal printing and thermal transfer printing.

Unique dual sensor positioning technology from Honeywell enables a dynamic positioning feature that guarantees a minimum label height of 5 mm and vertical position precision of 0.5 mm.

Two sets of adjustable pressure bars and two media guides provide correct paper feeding and prevent ribbon wrinkling and printing grime.

The print head may be simply swapped out and replaced due to its extremely ergonomic design. The front sensor that enables precise printing may also be simply removed to facilitate rubber roller cleaning and replacement. The PD45S supports numerous printer command languages, including FP/DP/IPL/ZPL/DPL, one-key driver installation, and simple Windows configuration.

The PD45S supports wireless network interface card, parallel interface card, labeling machine interface card, industrial GPIO, and serial interface card. Additionally, the PD45S comes with a variety of accessories. In addition, it incorporates assembly for peeling, rewinding, and cutting to accommodate a vast array of application scenarios.

See the PD45 Printer Video in Action

Why the PD45 Printer Works

The PD45 Printer from Honeywell is ideal for retail environments. Here are even more reasons we recommend the PDF45 for enhanced retail productivity:

  • Rugged and durable
  • Excellent print quality and label output at high speeds
  • Accurate down to the millimeter, thanks to Dual Sensor Positioning
  • Easy for anyone to operate

Download the PD45 spec sheet for a full list of specifications.

Performance Meets Affordability with the Brother TD-4550DNWB Desktop Printer

Posted August 17, 2021

Brother TD-4550DNWB Desktop Printer for Warehousing Applications.

Introducing the next era of four-inch desktop thermal printers from Brother. The TD-4550DNWB is Brother’s latest and greatest direct thermal barcode and label mobile printer with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The TD-4550DNWB brings users improved operational efficiency with easy to use, continuous, high speed label printing.

Built with precision in mind, the TD-4550DNWB delivers the right level of performance, quality, and integration at an incomparable value. From inventory and shipping to barcode and shelf labeling, users can efficiently and affordably produce the labels they need, with the dependability and support that Brother delivers. The desktop printer offers the most common sizes of shipping labels as well as the ability to create custom size labels. Given this, productivity can increase while users effortlessly create any type of label they need. Some examples include shipping labels, carton labels, pallet identification labels, and quality control labels.

Designed for the user, the TD-4550DNWB desktop label printer has an intuitive touchscreen with integrated Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity that eliminates the need of cables for the network. With automatic media calibration, the length and width of the users’ media is calculated making the process for printing barcodes effortless. The printers’ state-of-the-art drop-in roll, spindle-less design helps make loading easy with existing or standard converted media. With the Brother TD-4550DNWB, experience fast spindle-less media loading, Windows compatibility, ZPL II emulation, intuitive design software, and Brother template mode. Given that the Brother TD-4550DNWB is fully network ready, the printer can be seamlessly integrated into your current systems. With the printers’ wide range of accessories available, including a peeler and cutter, users can customize the device to their specific labeling requirements.

Key Features:

  • Up to 6ips fast print speed matched with compatibility and connectivity options
  • 300 dpi. Prints clean, crisp text and accurate scanning barcodes
  • Easily integrate into existing and future workflows in warehouse or manufacturing
  • USB 2.0, Ethernet LAN, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth
  • Labeler peeler and automatic cutter options available
  • Backed with an industry leading 2-year Premier Limited Warranty

The Brother TD-4550DNWB label printer gives increased efficiency for labelling applications in demanding, high-volume industries. Contact us today for more information on how the Brother TD-4550DNWB desktop label printer can increase operational efficiency in your warehouse.

On-demand Labeling for the Modern World with the P-touch PT-P900 Series Printers from Brother

Posted July 16, 2021

Introducing the Brother P-touch PT-P900 Series desktop and barcode label printers. With the P-touch PT-P900 Series, you get complete on-demand solutions for laminated label creation and printing. These desktop and barcode label printers are out-of-the-box ready to create tough, laminated labels that last. The PT-900 Series includes two mideks: the PT-P900W and PT-P950NW. The printers provide a variety of customization options, including add-on solutions for battery, wireless connection and keypads. Design labels on your PC, Mac, tablet, or smartphone and then print using USB or Wi-Fi connectivity.

PT-P900 Series Brother

Both the PT-P900W and PT-P950NW models are exceptional solutions for applications requiring labels with premier print quality, superior surface finish, and unmatched durability to withstand fading, peeling and abrasion, as well as the damaging effects of moisture and harsh environmental conditions. Ideal for applications including Warehousing and Manufacturing, Mobile Professional, Field Services and Clinical Healthcare.

Features & Benefits:

  • Durable labels up to 36mm wide
  • High-speed and high-resolution (360 dpi) printing
  • Ability to print labels from several devices at once, including tablets and smartphones with either the Integrated Wi-Fi PT-P900W model or the Wired Network/Wi-Fi PT-P950NW model
  • Built-in auto cutter with easy peel function
  • Li-ion rechargeable battery and host of accessories
  • Comes complete with software, design tools, and accessories
  • Drop-in tape cartridge design helps make media replacement simple and trouble free
  • Includes PT-Editor 5 professional barcode and label design/print software application

For more details on the Brother P-touch PT-P900 Series, contact us today.

Meet the Brother Titan Industrial Printer Series

Posted April 29, 2021

As 2021 continues to unfold, Brother stands ready to support the evolving printing needs during the pandemic and beyond. Brother’s Titan Industrial Printers are purpose-built and designed for a powerful labeling experience. The Brother Titan Industrial Printer series delivers a complete printing solution in a box. Choose from a range of LCD and touch panel displays to make set-up a breeze for admins, see printer status quickly, or make selections on the fly. Select models are designed to have built-in full roll rewinders allowing users to safely preprint rolls of labels entirely inside the printer.

With an unpredictable future ahead, Brother remains a force to be reckoned with. The Brother Titan Industrial Printer series is among the smallest industrial label printer in the industry, has an easy design software for WYSISYG previewing, and cutter & peeler options for a print-and-apply solution to increase efficiency. The Brother Titan Industrial Printers can print labels as small as 0.78″ wide and 0.2″ long, fonts sizes 6 and under and Asian fonts less than 10 pts, serial numbers and rating plates with regulatory symbols and more.

Features & Benefits:

  • Option of either LCD or full-color touch panel display
  • Intuitive navigation buttons
  • Space-saving foldable media cover
  • Side media-view window
  • Two USB 2.0 host ports
  • Compact design
  • High-capacity ribbons up to 600m
  • Ethernet, USB, USB Host and RS-232 Serial
  • Print speeds up to 14 ips
  • Optional cutter & peeler

The Brother Titan Industrial Printer series deliver the quality barcode labels you need with the support you want. Ideally suited for harsh conditions and long-term warehouse use, you can count on speed and reliability, unmatched support, intuitive assembly and upfront affordability. Contact us today to choose which of the purpose-built Brother Titan Industrial Printers is right for you.

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