Newcastle NB Power Cart: Get the Most from Your Label Printers

Posted February 26, 2024

So you just invested in an industrial label printer for the warehouse. Before you dedicate a table and workstation where it will print labels in one place for eternity, read this.

Printer Placement is Key

Consider strategically placing your equipment on a Newcastle Power Cart, such as the NB300NU2, which is trusted by industry leaders like Walmart, DHL, Tesla, UPS, and Wayfair.

By integrating your label printer with a Newcastle Power Cart, you enable your employees to print labels directly on the pallet, effectively doubling output while significantly reducing errors. This seamless integration ensures that your employees have access to all resources, increasing productivity and reducing costly errors by up to 92%.

Newcastle NB Series Power Carts Pay For Themselves in 6 to 8 Months

The Newcastle NB300NU2 not only simplifies label printing but also streamlines workflow processes, resulting in a remarkable twofold increase in worker output. With this innovative solution, workers no longer need to travel to a distant printer, freeing up their time to focus on important tasks.

Investing in a Newcastle Power Cart like the NB300NU2 provides an excellent return on investment, with most businesses seeing payback within six to eight months of implementation. By consolidating resources and improving operational efficiency, the Newcastle Powered Cart proves to be a valuable asset in increasing throughput while lowering payroll costs.

Integrating your label printer with a Newcastle Power Cart will improve printer performance, period. This powerful pairing ensures increased productivity, fewer errors, and a faster return on investment, allowing your team to accomplish more while maintaining operational excellence.

For a detailed list of features and specifications, download the NB300NU spec sheet.

See the NB Powered Mobile Cart in Action

Contact us today to see how a mobile workstation from Newcastle can reduce redundant movement and inefficiencies in your operation.

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