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Optimize Your Wireless Connectivity with SmartSIM

Posted December 11, 2023

Do you need reliable connectivity for hardware devices inside or outside the four walls? Are you having challenges managing multiple carriers/platforms/portals/contacts? Is it difficult and/or expensive to test locations and routes for the best wireless connectivity? Are you unhappy with the level of service you’re getting from carriers?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you might be interested in learning more about Advantix SmartSIM.

What is SmartSIM?

Advantix SmartSIM connects to a dozen leading carriers in North America including AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile, and provides auto-failover. If the connection fails, the device will hunt for and connect to the next-available carrier, ensuring business as usual without loss of revenue or productivity, or negative customer experiences. SmartSIM benefits include: 

  • Provides universal coverage (600 carriers globally)
  • Provides auto-failover/inherent redundancy
  • Streamlines ordering/procurement
  • Simplifies SIM management
  • Eliminates carrier and plan management
  • Backed by helpful network engineers and account personnel

What Makes Advantix Different?

Conventional carriers are pure-play providers that focus on managing their infrastructure. Advantix focuses on the customer experience with tools built for optimization, visibility, monitoring and management. This is done via Advantix’s operator-agnostic SaaS platform.

The platform’s proprietary technology eliminates the complexities of managing different carriers, software platforms and web portals, and offers a number of other advantages, including:

  • SIM card provisioning at scale
  • Fast over-the-air (OTA) updates
  • Proactive optimization of usage
  • Network tuning and meticulous application control
  • Expense management reporting and cost allocation
  • Real-time data on network performance and carrier switching  

The Advantix platform also supports native SIM connectivity from leading carriers with a front end that is easier to use than ordinary carrier systems. It’s like a one-stop shop for your carrier(s) of choice.

See How SmartSIM Works

Level Up Your Organization’s Telecom & Overall Connectivity

Advantix makes it easy to secure and manage wireless connectivity. You get the coverage you need from the best networks in the world without the headaches of dealing with carriers. For more information and use cases in verticals including transportation and logistics, warehouse and distribution, retail, hospitality, healthcare and more, please contact our telecom experts today.

The Getac S410-G5: A Rugged Laptop for Demanding Field Work

Posted December 11, 2023

Getac’s S410G5 rugged laptop redefines the cutting edge, with a dazzling screen, strong processing capabilities, and a stylish chassis.

The S410’s ergonomic rugged design achieves the ideal combination of size, weight, and power, which is critical for personal carry mobile computing in tough terrain.

This sturdy laptop, which has been shown to be dependable, lightweight, and powerful, provides exceptional processing and battery performance thanks to an updated CPU and hot-swappable batteries.

Getac S410-G5 Key Features

Uncompromising Build Quality

The the S410’s durability and construction quality remain uncompromised. It retains its MIL-STD-810H and IP53 certifications. A three-foot fall will not disrupt operation. In addition, it provides all the other features our S410 consumers have come to expect.

Powerful Performance and Memory on the Go

Transforming organizations require the mobile computing capacity to manage any application, both now and in the future, including cloud AI, digital twins, drone navigation, and agile operations. With its 13th Generation Intel® Core™ i7 / i5 Processor, CPU, Intel® Iris Xe graphics, and DDR5 RAM memory, however, the S410 can manage multiple data-intensive computational duties concurrently, while its user-removable PCIe NVMe Solid-State Drives (SSD) load, save, and transfer enterprise-scale data at extremely high speeds.

Designed with Mobility in Mind

The S410-G5 laptop’s Wi-Fi 6E, optional 4G-LTE, and optional 5G Sub-6 capabilities are available for cloud, periphery, and live streaming scenarios. Its 5M webcam provides a crisp and clear image during video chats and remote instruction. And the laptop’s bright, 14-inch screen (up to 1,000 nits) allows for daytime viewing outdoors or in service vehicles. Bluetooth 5.3 facilitates IoT connectivity in densely deployed environments. And a third, optional battery keeps the S410 running for extended periods of time.

Enhanced Configuration and Security

The S410-G5 provides enhanced data security and configurability for a variety of industries, including the military, public safety, manufacturing, and utilities. Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is supported by means of a capacitive fingerprint reader, Windows Hello facial recognition, smart card reader, and HF RFID reader, with TPM 2.0 and user-removable data storage enhancing security further. Additional options for configuration include a laser barcode reader, a DVD/Blu-ray super multi drive, a second storage drive, and a third battery.

Rugged Computing Redefined

Getac’s commitment to environmental stewardship is embodied by the S410. More than 24% of its chassis is comprised of post-consumer recycled (PCR) materials, resulting in reduced energy consumption, carbon emissions, and e-waste in its supply chain compared to non-recycled versions of the same materials.

For a detailed breakdown of technical specifications, download the Getac S410-G5 spec sheet.

See How Useful the S410-G5 Laptop Can Be in the Field

Is Your Fleet of Vehicles Ready for Rugged Laptops?

The S410-G5 from Getac provides users with a reliable solution that offers adaptable port options and RF passthrough for real-time database access via the car’s antenna. It supports in-vehicle applications through third-party vehicle dock providers.

Please contact us if you have a need for rugged laptops in the field. Our team of experts can design a mobile computing solution with S410s at the forefront, deploy the devices with your exact imaging, and provide ongoing support throughout the laptop’s lifecycle.

Honeywell CW45: Precise, Wearable Scanning Anywhere

Posted December 11, 2023

The CW45 is an arm-worn, wearable mobile computer with optimized ergonomics and performance.

The wearable device from Honeywell offers the highest solution return on investment due to its user-friendliness, power, portability, and compact size.

Primary Benefits of the Honeywell CW45

The CW45 features a low profile, HD display, and enterprise-grade durability, all while being designed for user comfort and convenience.

Based on the most recent generation of Honeywell’s Mobility Edge platform, the CW45 rugged wearable computer improves productivity by making workflow-related data and tools available on demand.

As for general performance, the CW45 is a resilient, secure, and long-lasting wearable solution, no matter the application or industry.

For a detailed list of capabilities and features, download the CW45 spec sheet.

Why Wearable Mobile Computers are Being Widely Adopted

In a recent Honeywell wearables roundtable, we spoke in depth about different applications and setups that work the best for our customers and partners. It’s highly recommended that you watch the webinar recording as a starting point for wearables in general.

Watch Bluestar’s excellent unboxing video below to see the Honeywell CW45 in action:

TSC Alpha-40L Mobile Receipt Printer

Posted September 19, 2023

The TSC Alpha-40L mobile printer is perfect for delivery drivers and any receipt printing needed while in the field. The Alpha-40L does its job so well, in fact, that it was featured in our Best Barcode Printers of 2023 guide. Let’s dig a bit further into what makes this printer a standout choice.

TSC Alpha-40L: Superior Receipt Printing in the Field

The TSC Alpha-40L mobile printer provides productivity and management features for a superior printing experience, allowing you to print labels and receipts wherever you need them.

The Alpha-40L has a printing resolution of 203 dpi and can print at speeds of up to 5 ips. Additionally, it has a color LCD screen with buttons, which provides easy access to the printer’s controls and options.

Gain visibility into real-time data regarding the performance of your printer thanks to the remote printer management software that comes included with the TSC Alpha-40L.

Key Features of the Alpha-40L

These new mobile printers usher in a new era of more intelligent and superior technology solutions for printing labels for business applications.

The Alpha-40L not only makes it simple and dependable for users to connect their devices, but it also securely prints labels wherever they are required thanks to Apple-certified MFi Bluetooth® 5.0 and 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi fast roaming.

With the help of the Alpha-40L’s smart battery, SOTI Connect remote printer management, and TSC Console, businesses can expand in a seamless and effective manner.

An eco-friendly and more intelligent method of handling media is provided by the factory-ordered liner-less kit and the integrated peeler that come with the Alpha-40L.

The new mobile printers are equipped with an extensive range of accessories that facilitate on-the-go labeling, particularly in high-demand logistics applications.

For a full list of features and technical details, download the Alpha-40L spec sheet.

Watch: Unboxing the Alpha-40L Printer from TSC

Mobile Printing Built Tough

The Alpha-40L meets MIL-STD-810G military standards for drop and vehicle vibration. Each model includes high-productivity features for direct store delivery (DSD) and industrial field service that make them great for receipt printing on the go.

Interested in learning more? Contact us today to discuss your unique requirements, number of printers to replace, and put together a comprehensive quote for TSC printer deployment.

Enterprise Mobility is Easier with Panasonic’s Toughbook N1

Posted September 14, 2023

The Panasonic TOUGHBOOK® N1 mobile computer is the ideal handheld companion for your everyday work adventures. This stylish, tough powerhouse is an uncompromising, all-in-one mobility solution. The Panasonic FZ-N1 has your back whether you’re braving the elements or navigating difficult environments.

Panasonic FZ-N1: Uncompromising Mobility

First and foremost, let’s discuss the FZ-N1’s power. This rugged handheld has an octa-core processor that keeps you on top of your tasks without fail.

Do you need to scan barcodes while on the go? Panasonic included a handy, rear-facing barcode reader.

The rain and glove mode touch-screen keeps you in command, rain or shine.

Not to be forgotten, the Toughbook battery is not only long-lasting, but also hot-swappable for long shifts of uninterrupted barcode scanning.

Android Enterprise Recommended

The TOUGHBOOK N1 is powered by the Android operating system, allowing you to work in an open environment. The Google Play store as well as Panasonic’s trusted partners provides teams with access to a treasure trove of enterprise-grade applications.

Flexible Connectivity & Communication

Do you need to stay connected while on the go? It’s all about adaptability. Optional WWAN capabilities on the TOUGHBOOK N1 include Multi-carrier 4G LTE, FirstNet ReadyTM with Band 14, cellular voice, and dual SIM card support.

Speaking of communication, this rugged beauty is AT&T-certified to support Enhanced Push-to-Talk (EPTT) and can connect with other EPTT handsets and LMR devices.

Living Up to the Namesake

The best part? The Toughbook N1 is made to last. A drop of seven feet? No problem, the handheld is up to the task. So, whether you’re heading to a construction site or a field mission, this device is your dependable companion through thick and thin.

In a nutshell, the Panasonic FZ-N1 is the perfect work companion. It’s ready to face challenges head on, and is an excellent mobile computer from Panasonic. See it in action here:

Full Specifications of the Toughbook N1

  • 4.7″ Fully Rugged Handheld with Android™ 11 (R) - Qualcomm® SDM660-2 64bit 2.2GHzx4+1.8GHzx4 Octa-Core with 4GB/64GB RAM/Flash
  • Wi-Fi, optional 4G LTE WWAN with GPS – Dual Nano SIM, Bluetooth® with Low Energy, NFC, 1280×720 550 NIT screen 10-point touch.
  • MIL-STD-810G, 7′ drop, IP66 and IP68 dust and water-resistant, NIAP and FIPS 140-2 security certification, Android Enterprise Recommended
  • 12-hours (19-hour long life battery) depending on user profile; 8-hour rated (or 16-hours with the long-life battery) in continuous data use. User-replaceable battery that is warm-swap capable
  • Standard: USB 2.0 (with option for Host or Client mode), front and rear facing cameras, rear-facing angled barcode reader with a scan engine

For a detailed list of key features, download the FZ-N1 spec sheet.

Ready to learn more? Contact a rugged smartphone expert today to explore applications, bulk pricing, and custom integrations and deployments from Barcodes, Inc.

A Fresh Look at Honeywell’s CT60XP Mobile Computer

Posted August 10, 2023

The Honeywell CT60XP is an exceptional mobile computer made for demanding commercial applications, such as transportation, logistics, delivery, and industrial manufacturing.

Eliminate redundancies and wasted time caused by poor quality barcodes with the very best from Honeywell.

CT60XP Mobile Computer Key Benefits

The CT60XP is tailor-made for manufacturers, distribution giants, and government organizations to count on real-time communication anywhere, anytime.

Essential business applications depend on quick, accurate data capture. The CT60XP delivers in a highly durable, long-lasting form factor and doesn’t disappoint. 

Designed for optimal uptime and efficiency in the field or on the sales floor, CT60 XP provides an integrated, repeatable, and scalable approach based on a common hardware and software platform, freeing customers from the constraints of today’s integration and inflexible technologies without sacrificing enterprise security, reliability, performance, or management features.

Expedite CT60XP Deployment with Mobility Edge from Honeywell

Managing and maintaining many devices across the company adds time- and cost-intensive complications for company IT. Customers can use the CT60XP mobile computer in conjunction with the Mobility Edge platform to speed provisioning, certification, and deployment across the company.

Support through Android R

The CT60XP mobile computer has a product lifespan that spans four versions of Android, maximizing return on client investment and lowering TCO. It’s also Android Workplace Recommended, a Google-led program that assists businesses in confidently selecting, deploying, and managing the Android devices and services most suited to their workplace needs.

Stay Connected and Productive, No Matter Where You Work

The CT60 handheld is loaded with capabilities that will keep workers connected and productive throughout the day. With enough battery power to last a full shift, the industry-leading sophisticated network connectivity offers lightning quick file transfers, video streaming, and instant remote access to business apps among many other uses.

Honeywell CT60 Side by Side
Each iteration of the CT60 appears nearly identical. The standard CT60 (retail applications, lower price) or non-incendive CT60 (volatile, highly regulated industrial environments) might suit your operation better.

For more details, download the Honeywell CT60XP spec sheet.

Navigate a World in Motion with Honeywell and Barcodes, Inc.

Whether you use Honeywell devices or a wide variety of rugged computers, Barcodes, Inc. will work on a custom technology deployment solution that makes sense in the broader picture for your organization.

From mobile computer staging, configuration, kitting, deployment, to professional services, Barcodes, Inc. manages your IT needs on a single platform.

Improve worker productivity tenfold, reduce cost of equipment ownership, and free up valuable internal IT resources. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Product Spotlight: The Datalogic Memor 11 Mobile Computer

Posted July 17, 2023

Capture data quickly and accurately, even in low light conditions with Datalogic’s Memor 11

The Datalogic Memor 11 mobile computer revolutionizes operational effectiveness and company productivity. These gadgets provide exceptional versatility for today’s mobile workforce as the most recent addition to the prestigious Memor Series.

Why the Memor 11?

The Memor 11 series offers great scanning performance and overall effectiveness thanks to a cutting-edge operating system and improved processing capabilities.

Numerous applications, including in-store retail operations, inventory management, warehouse logistics, manufacturing traceability, quality control, and transportation and logistics all benefit from its versatility.

The Memor 11 family easily meets and exceeds all demands, going above and beyond all expectations.

Key Benefits of the Memor 11

  • Enhanced Performance: Experience optimized performance and efficiency with the advanced capabilities of Datalogic’s Memor 11.
  • Flexibility Redefined: Adapt to diverse business needs with the unparalleled flexibility offered by the versatile design of Memor 11.
  • Proven Reliability: Trust in the market-proven reliability of Memor 11, delivering consistent performance in demanding environments.

Datalogic is a household name in the AIDC industry for a reason. Contact us today to see how the Memor 11 can greatly improve your output – without breaking the bank.

Managed Mobility Services: Streamline your Enterprise Mobility Process with Barcodes & Zebra

Posted April 24, 2023

With enterprise mobility, large organizations face many challenges, ranging from managing a diverse workforce to supporting multiple locations and various devices.

Managed mobility services (MMS) from Barcodes, Inc. and Zebra Technologies do the heavy lifting of device procurement, management, security, reporting, and more for you.

Barcodes, Inc.’s managed mobility services can help you develop a smarter way to manage your devices. Barcodes can secure and manage the entire life cycle of your mobile devices, from device procurement to provisioning, maintenance, and end of life. Barcodes offers a wide selection of Zebra devices at stable, predictable costs to help unburden and empower your IT teams. 

What is Managed Mobility Services?  

Managed mobility services are critical in building and managing successful enterprise mobility. MMS helps companies manage the secure use of mobile devices, apps, and data across all their employees and third parties. Your organization’s mobile devices (such as the rugged Zebra MC3300 handheld series or the new Zebra FX series fixed RFID readers) are properly managed and secure.

With MMS, consolidate your mobile device management needs into one single, easy-to-use service without increasing costs.

Set up devices, install apps, secure data, and more—all while ensuring your employees have the tools they need to get their jobs done, no matter where they are. 

How Barcodes, Inc.’s MMS Model Delivers, Every Time  

Barcodes, Inc. is a trusted leader in mobility management, with world-class experience, knowledge, and complex mobility management skills you can depend on.  We will work with you and your team to deploy, secure, and manage your entire diverse mobile fleet to assure an optimized warehouse is the outcome. 

Barcodes’ comprehensive MMS model features the solutions your mobility strategy needs, including: 

  • Device Evaluation & Procurement 
  • Provisioning & Deployment 
  • 24/7 Support & Helpdesk 
  • Technology Support Platform 
  • Reporting & Analytics 
  • MDM Design & Management 
  • Device Life Cycle Management

Get a Free Managed Mobility Services Assessment Today 

If you’d like to learn more and are unsure where to start, the first step is to request a free assessment. One of our experts will learn more about your company and your unique needs.

Next, our team of specialists will thoroughly assess how Barcodes, Inc.’s managed mobility services can help meet the mobility needs of your enterprise.

Get started today by contacting a Barcodes Mobility Expert online or calling us at (855) 233-2917. 

Why Barcodes Offers a TRUE Enterprise Mobility Management Solution

Posted March 24, 2023

For many organizations, Enterprise Mobility Management is a standard set of solutions to deploy mobile devices and applications in the field. But true Enterprise Mobility Management goes beyond just deploying apps—it’s also about empowering your team with the tools they need to improve efficiency and productivity while making better decisions in the field.

What is a True Enterprise Mobility Management Solution?

True Enterprise Mobility Management is a comprehensive service from industry-leaders Barcodes & Zebra that provides an end-to-end mobility solution for your organization. The fully managed solution includes a broad spectrum of Enterprise Mobility Management services, including device procurement, device deployment, device management, device integration, app distribution, content management, remote security, and more. Barcodes can provide a solution that:

  • Optimizes your devices
  • Reduces IT spend
  • Improves operational efficiency, and
  • Increases your data security

Barcodes delivers this service as a single source provider, so you have one point of contact for all your mobile needs.

Quality You Can Trust

From the start, your project is managed by an industry veteran who ensures every Zebra device is staged, configured, and kitted to arrive ready to use exactly where you need them. This approach ensures consistent quality control across your devices, eliminating the need for internal support and allowing you to reallocate your valued in-house IT resources. Since you won’t have to manage devices or software updates or train staff on how to use mobile devices – your time will be free to focus on more critical tasks.

Support You Can Count On

Barcodes is different from other Enterprise Mobility Management providers. Our devices come pre-configured, fully integrated with Zebra technology, and ready to use immediately. Other providers waste valuable time for you & your staff because they require you to set up your own devices or hire someone else to do it for you. Barcodes also provide full in-house remote support. There’s no need to hire outside experts if you encounter a problem; we’re here for you 24/7!

Barcodes: The Industry Leader in Enterprise Mobility Management

Barcodes offers a true Enterprise Mobility Management solution you won’t find anywhere else. Learn more about how our true Mobility Management service with Zebra devices can make a difference for your business. Get started today by contacting a Barcodes Mobility Expert online or calling us at (855) 233-2917.

3 Benefits of DaaS For Barcode Scanners In Warehousing

Posted February 1, 2023
daas for barcode scanners in warehouses device as a service benefits

Within the barcode scanning industry, there has been rapid growth in retail and manufacturing. This growth is estimated to increase to more than US$1500 million between 201 and 2031. With the combination of growth, product demand, and inflation on the rise, there needs to be a more straightforward purchasing method for the tools and technologies companies use on a daily basis.

Device as a Service (DaaS) is a great solution to look for when purchasing new barcode scanners for your business. DaaS, also sometimes known as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), combines the elements of Hardware as a Service (HaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS) into one top-to-bottom solution with little to no upfront cost.

The global device as a service market size was valued at US$30.75 billion in 2020 and is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 37.8% from 2021 to 2028.

So what are the benefits to you and your business when it comes to implementing a DaaS solution over buying outright materials?

1. Little To No Upfront Costs

The #1 perk of a DaaS program is not having upfront costs for your barcode scanners. You are able to pay overtime based on your exact needs. So don’t wait time and money on additional services, software, or hardware you don’t need.

As an example, in an operational lease or traditional contract, the customer agrees to use a product for a specific period of time. This time is agreed upon in advance with very minimal leniency. In contrast, an ‘as a service’ contract is very flexible and often on a monthly basis.

Build What Works For You

Having the ability to avoid upfront costs is ideal for many businesses, especially for startups and young companies. When looking for the right barcode provider and DaaS contract for you, ensure all your needs are met, from financials to software needs and equipment quantities, to properly stock your barcode scanning team.

2. Repair and Replacement Plans

Are you having labor shortage issues? No need to add additional IT staff when on a DaaS contract. Being on a DaaS plan, you will be surrounded by a very supportive culture. In this transaction you will, in essence, be leasing the equipment from your provider. When you are done with it, they will want to clean the device of your business’ data and refurbish the barcode scanners for another company. However, this can only be done if the equipment is appropriately taken care of while involved in a DaaS plan.

Both Sides Benefit

Regular maintenance is key to your DaaS contract and will benefit both parties.

Your provider is going to want to ensure any equipment you have out on DaaS is being updated with the latest and greatest, as well as adequately handled if an error or issue occurs.

Luckily, for your business, you will always have the most updated barcode scanning solutions and will have access to a reliable support staff for questions, issues, and updates. Best of all, the costs and effort associated with upgrades and new releases are lower than the traditional model.

3. Scalability Options

For most companies, an end goal is usually to grow and scale your business throughout the years. So why not work with a provider that allows your barcode scanning solutions to grow with you?

Being on a DaaS contract, you are able to add and take away hardware and software solutions as your company deems fit. From the start of your contract, your provider will lay out the required timelines for specific parts of the agreement. Still, they will never wave off adding new scanners or additional software features that can benefit you and help your business skyrocket to the next level.

So, What Are You Waiting For?

If you are struggling with inflation or old, outdated barcoding solutions, consider finding a barcode scanning provider that offers you the convenience of a DaaS contract. Eliminate the headache of upkeep, upfront costs, and working with different vendors, when you can get all elements of your barcode scanning solution from one provider for a low monthly cost that is built unique to your business needs.

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