How Barcodes & Honeywell Technology Helped Transform Warehouse Operations

Posted December 13, 2023
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Transforming warehouse operations with barcode technology increases efficiency, throughput, and cost-effectiveness. However, businesses that have always relied on manual processes may need to learn the steps to ensure their tech investments lead to value and ROI. Barcodes, Inc. provides the guidance and expertise necessary for successful warehouse transformation.

The project at Monat Global Corp. is an excellent example of how proper barcode technology implementation can improve operations and position a business for greater success. This direct sales haircare, skincare, and wellness product company was 100% manual, even relying on employees to build boxes. However, putaway and picking were also manual. Employees memorized product locations in the warehouse and jotted down the quantities they needed to fill orders, an inefficient and sometimes error-prone process.

Steps to Warehouse Transformation

Barcodes, Inc. and its partner Alpine Supply Chain Solutions worked with Monat to implement barcode technology with dramatic results.

Step one was creating a naming structure that worked with Monat’s SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) system.

Then Barcodes, Inc. generated labels in batches for warehouse racking so Monat could save time and apply the labels systematically.

With labels in place, Monat relied on Barcodes, Inc.’s expertise to test mobile devices and barcode scanners to select the best options for the warehouse. Monat chose Honeywell CK65 mobile devices and Granit XP 1990iXR corded scanners. The solution also included Honeywell vehicle-mounted computers and industrial printers.

The technology allowed Monat’s team to no longer memorize product locations or depend on handwritten notes. They now use modern processes, such as directed putaway, triggered replenishment, and triggered case picking.

See Monat’s Digital Transformation in Action

The Advantages of a Modern Warehouse with Barcode Technology

Monat monitored key performance indicators before and after the transition and found that using barcode technology significantly impacted its overall operation. Monat’s warehouse increased from 80 to 260 lines per hour and from 20 to 60 orders per hour, tripling throughput.

The company also saw a vast improvement in order accuracy and decreased the time necessary to train new employees to work independently from days to just an hour.

Download our case study  to learn more about the Honeywell technology that made this successful transition to a modern warehouse possible.

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