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Leveraging Mobile Printers to Streamline Route Accounting and DSD Operations

Posted March 16, 2012

Automating route activity provides benefits both in the field and in the office by reducing the labor and time needed to enter data and process paperwork. Mobile printing is an essential element for delivering and enhancing these benefits in route accounting and direct store delivery (DSD) operations. Supporting route activity with mobile printing lets drivers generate accurate, updated orders, invoices, delivery receipts, and other documentation to review with customers to ensure correctness and efficiency.

Mobile printing provides a series of quality improvements and efficiency benefits that department managers often overlook, but can have a significant impact on the bottom line. This white paper will:

  • Describe uses for mobile printing in route accounting and DSD applications
  • Provide return on investment (ROI) examples that show the financial benefits of mobile printing
  • Demonstrate how mobile printing processes can improve distribution, billing, and customer service operations
  • Detail how on-demand thermal printing can reduce expenses
  • Provide an overview of mobile printer and wireless communications options for route accounting and DSD operations

The pages that follow show how route delivery and sales staff can take advantage of mobile printing to make more deliveries each day while improving the accuracy of each transaction.

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Barcodes as Furniture

Posted March 16, 2012

The German designer future company DRAENERT Studio sells an award winning modern dining striped table they call The Barcode Table.

Made of solid stone and steel, and “assembled, ground, and polished by masters of stone masonry”; I’m betting this is as heavy as it is expensive.

We need to get one of these for the office!

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CognitiveTPG Introduces the DLXi Desktop Thermal Label Printer

Posted March 16, 2012

Same Rugged Reliability Now with Industry-Standard Interfaces

CognitiveTPG DLXi Barcode PrinterCognitiveTPG today announced the availability of its newest member of the desktop label printer line – the DLXi. The DLXi combines the legendary reliability of the Advantage LX and Blaster printer lines with the latest communication interfaces and performance. The DLXi is designed to operate in challenging environments while providing a seamless migration to the latest technology.

The DLXi carries on the tradition of metal frame construction and a metal print mechanism for the utmost in reliability backed with a 2-year warranty. However, it is the communication connector combinations that set this unit apart. The 4-inch print width model offers the most communication interfaces offered on a desktop printer platform (Serial, Parallel, Ethernet, USB-B and USB-A host).

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VeriFone POS system compatible scanners

Posted March 16, 2012

Thinking of adding scanning and category management to your operation? Your VeriFone POS system already has the software to scan PLUs and report sales. Because VeriFone POS systems are open, you can choose from a variety of scanners. Whether you need a high-tech 2-D bar code scanner for scanning state licenses in conjunction with EASY ID or a basic 1-D bar code scanner to move the lines, our partners have options that fit your needs and your wallet.

Benefits of opening your POS system to Scanning

  • Start scanning immediately—no extra cost
  • Ensure correct pricing every time—no lost profits
  • Track sales down to the item level for better inventory control
  • Speed customer throughput to increase repeat business
  • Train new employees easily, resulting in less downtime
  • Collect data accurately for analyzing fast/slow moving items

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Intermec Introduces PC43d And PC43t Light-Duty Desktop Label Printers

Posted March 13, 2012

Intermec announced the new PC43d and PC43t desktop barcode label printers – providing intuitive, flexible and smart solutions for light duty labeling applications in transportation, courier, hospitality, manufacturing, warehouse and office environments. Designed to set a new standard in user friendliness and flexibility, the PC43d and PC43t printers join the healthcare-optimized PC23d wristband and label printer announced in February to round out a complete new line of desktop printers with a purpose-built platform and innovative design.

The new PC43d and PC43t printers are available in 4 inch direct thermal and 4 inch thermal transfer, respectively, and are perfect for space-constrained settings with a sleek and compact design. The entire PC Series also offers the fastest throughput in its class at eight inches per second.

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New Grocery Checkout Scanner Identifies Produce and Packaged Goods Without Barcodes

Posted March 9, 2012

A new supermarket scanner from Toshiba Tec may make conventional barcode scanners in supermarkets unnecessary.

Toshiba produce scanner

At most supermarkets a laser barcode scanner is used to read barcodes of packaging and produce stickers. The newly developed Object Recognition Scanner instantly recognizes merchandise directly by appearance with a camera, be it fresh produce or packaged goods.

Fruit and vegetables in supermarkets don’t usually have barcodes, because they’re put out while they’re fresh. So these items can’t be read at the register using barcodes, which means staff need to input data to record them. If staff are part-time
employees, they may not recognize some items, which can cause delays. We’re developing this new scanner to solve that problem.

In this demo, there are three kinds of apples: Fuji, Jonagold, and Mutsu. The Fuji and Jonagold originally come from the same stock, so if you’re not really familiar with apples, they might look the same. But this scanner can distinguish them, by recognizing subtle differences in pattern and coloration.

This is an impressive technology, but definitely has limits. It is unlikely the technology can currently distinguish an expensive organic apple from its non-organic twin.

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World’s Most Expensive Barcode Art?

Posted March 6, 2012

Banksy Leopard and Barcode

A stencil painting of a leopard that’s escaped from a barcode cage by secretive street artists Banksy is expected to reach up to $100,000 at auction later this month.

The 2002 painting was bought at Banksy’s Existencilism exhibition in Los Angeles, and has never been offered at auction before.


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Motorola MC2100 Mobile Computer Now RedBeam Compatible

Posted March 6, 2012

RedBeam announced that its fixed asset tracking software has successfully achieved Motorola Compatibility status on the MC2100 mobile device. Compatibility is an program designed to verify application behavior on Motorola Solutions, Inc. devices to ensure hardware-software interoperability.

RedBeam Recommended Configuration

  • MC2180-MS01E0A – Motorola MC2100 – 1D Laser, Batch, color touch QVGA screen, 128/256MB, 27 key, CE6.0, 2400 mAh battery
  • CRD2100-1000UR – Motorola 1 Slot Cradle for MC2100
  • 25-154073-01R – Motorola – USB Active Sync Cable for MC2100

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Star TSP100 Receipt Printer Certified with Parks and Recreation Management Software

Posted February 28, 2012

Star Micronics, a leading manufacturer of point of service printers, has announced that their TSP100 receipt printer is certified to seamlessly integrate with RecTrac software. RecTrac is a Parks and Recreation Management Software that has a global sales single receipt processing capability, which allows you to process any number of transactions using any combination of RecTrac modules and produce a single receipt.

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Intermec Introduces PC23d Wristband and Label Printer for Healthcare

Posted February 22, 2012

Intermec announced the PC23d – a desktop label and wristband printer designed to set a new standard for user-friendly, efficient printing operations in healthcare environments. With a compact design, the two-inch PC23d direct thermal printer is ideal for hospital settings and an affordable choice for healthcare organizations performing wristband and labeling applications including patient tracking, sample and bedside labeling as well as pharmacy and medical records.

“As the healthcare industry continues to face mounting pressure to improve efficiency and accuracy, the PC23d fits perfectly into Intermec’s broad portfolio of healthcare industry solutions, including the recently announced SG20 handheld barcode scanner, designed specifically to address these needs,” said Chuck Dourlet, Intermec Vice President of Printers & Media. “In collaboration with our partners and customers, we have tailored our proven industrial printing capabilities into a desktop printer design optimized for healthcare.”

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