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When Time is Money – It Adds Up

Posted June 2, 2015

cdfWhen choosing a mobile computer or barcode scanner, one of the last things on anybody’s mind is what kind of battery I should buy with my device. Even worse, sellers fail to explain how the battery alone can save a company on time, money and productivity.

Research shows that companies lose at least 20 minutes of productivity every time a battery is changed mid-shift. Here’s an example of what device downtime can cost:

  • 500 devices in operation
  • 500 devices x 1 battery failure each = 500 mid-shift failures per day
  • 500 mid-shift failures x 20 minutes each = 167 hours lost each day
  • 167 hours/day x $9.00/hour = $1,503.00 per day
  • $1,503.00 x 360 days = $541,080 PER YEAR in lost productivity

Don’t take chances with your batteries – IPT Productivity+ Series batteries run 15% – 20% longer and guarantee 100% compatibility with OEM devices including Symbol, Zebra, Motorola, Honeywell, Intermec, LXE, Datamax-O’Neil and Vocollect.

The New Symbol DS7708 2D Vertical Slot Scanner

Posted March 11, 2015

Easy to deploy high-performance on-counter scanning

When it comes to presentation scanning, the DS7708 offers a set of features the put it in a class of its one for performance, ease of deployment, and total cost of ownership. regardless of the barcodes your encounter at your point-of-sale, the DS7708’s area imager can read them all as fast as you can present them. Either printed or on a mobile device screen, the DS7708 can capture any 1D, 2D, or stacked barcode.

With its compact design, the DS7708 is ready to be installed in the most space constrained checkout lanes with ease. Its impressive durability minimizes costs and protects uptime, maximizing the overall device lifecycle and your return on investment.
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Introduction to the New Motorola Symbol TC70

Posted October 21, 2014

Motorola’s new Symbol TC70 is a leading enterprise-grade mobile device designed to empower workers in any environment. With a host of features and durable construction, it’s flexibility makes it the perfect companion for a wide range of applications from retail to warehousing and manufacturing.

Motorola’s New Symbol DS4308 2D Imager Series

Posted September 16, 2014

ds4308Motorola’s new lightweight Symbol DS4308 2D imagers provide the ergonomics, flexibility and advanced performance necessary to comfortably scan bar codes nearer and farther than any other scanner in its class. The DS4308 leverages Motorola’s most advanced imaging engine to quickly capture virtually any bar code – whether it is a high-density bar code on merchandise, displayed on the screen of a mobile phone, or printed on paper and damaged, scratched or dirty. Green and red light indicators can also be mixed and matched with audio to provide scanning feedback in any environment whether it is a noisy manufacturing production line or a quiet hospital room.

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Motorola’s New CS4070-HC Pocket-Sized Barcode Scanner for Healthcare

Posted July 29, 2014

cs4070-hcPocket-sized barcode scanner designed for healthcare helps improve patient safety and the patient experience.

Motorola’s new disinfectant-ready Symbol CS4070-HC wireless handheld Bluetooth scanner provides nurses and lab technicians with the ability to scan both 1D and 2D barcodes at the patient bedside to help prevent errors in medication administration and specimen collection. Healthcare workers can improve the patient experience by easily adjusting the pocket-sized scanner to “night” mode to avoid disturbing resting patients.

Symbol Fills CVS Prescription for Wireless Communications

Posted May 13, 2010

CVS Corporation is the United States’ largest retail drug store chain. CVS attained this position through aggressive marketing and growth strategies that included the acquisitions of rival chains, Arbor Drug and Revco. Headquartered in Rhode Island, the CVS organization currently counts over 4,100 stores operating in 28 states. CVS employs over 100,000 people and is still growing.

CVS recognized that sheer size alone would not assure future market leadership. Technology would have a significant role to play in the chain’s growth and helping to maintain its competitive edge. So, the drug store leader turned to Symbol Technologies, the wireless technology leader, to improve worker productivity, inventory management and customer service through the implementation of Symbol-based solutions.

The Challenge: Maximize Store Efficiencies

Intense competition in the drug store industry forces players to rely on low prices, wide selections, fast turnaround and slim margins. As such, the technology solution implemented must maximize store associate productivity and enhance customer satisfaction while serving multiple functions.

Imagine the complexities of coordinating merchandise receiving and inventory logistics for a retail operation selling everything from prescription drugs to greeting cards. On any day, there could be hundreds of trucks moving between thousands of stores across the country. And with every shipment comes the related inventory and putaway tasks, as well as shelf stocking, price checking and item reordering activities.

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Free Update allows Symbol MC70 to read 8GB SDHC cards

Posted November 25, 2009

8GB SDHC cardCurrent Symbol MC70 devices running Windows Mobile 5 can only use standard capacity SD cards. This SDHC driver enables the device to work with high capacity SD cards. Cards up to 8GB have been tested.

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Motorola introduces Symbol MT2000 Series: MT2070 & MT2090 barcode scanner

Posted September 4, 2009

Symbol MT2000Combines the simplicity of a scanner and the brainpower of a mobile computer in an ultra-ergonomic gun-style form factor

The Motorola MT2000 series of mobile terminals offer highly flexible device capable of streamlining many scan-intensive business processes in a wide variety of industries — from the front to back door in manufacturing plants, retail establishments, warehouses, hospitals and more. The easy-to-use and affordable mobile terminal offers a unique hybrid design, functioning as both a scanner and a mobile computer throughout the business day. Its rugged ergonomic design ensures reliability in almost any environment.

Both the MT2070 series and MT2090 series can be utilized right out of the box as a scanner — either tethered to a point of sale (POS), laptop or other computing system — or as a standalone wireless mobile computer capable of enabling inventory and other scan-intensive applications anywhere in the enterprise. The MT 2090 series also offers integrated 802.11 a/b/g for real-time direct application connectivity. The MT2000 series is available at an entry level price, making this addition a superior value with unmatched ROI.

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Configure your Motorola/Symbol LS2208 to Send a Tab Key Character After Each Scan

Posted June 30, 2009

Zebra Symbol LS2208 1D barcode scannerThe Symbol LS2208 is one of the most popular handheld barcode scanners that we sell.

Follow the steps below to enable the LS2208 to send a Tab Key suffix after each barcode scan.

Print out and scan the programming barcodes below in the order listed

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Symbol LS 9203 Barcode Scanner Now Available

Posted July 13, 2005

Symbol LS 9203 barcode scanner

Easy to use, deploy and maintain, the Symbol LS 9203 omnidirectional scanner is an excellent choice, allowing seamless integration of high-tech data capture into any point of sale environment, all at a very affordable price. A 20-line scan pattern makes it easy for employees to scan items without having to twist and turn them to align a scan line. RS232/serial, keyboard wedge and USB connections make it easy to integrate the LS 9203 into any current point of sale application. The small footprint allows placement anywhere, plus a durable construction makes the Symbol LS 9203 an excellent choice for any point of sale environment.

View all Symbol LS 9203 Scanner models and options available for purchase

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