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Why Organizations Should Love Refurbished Mobile Devices

Posted February 14, 2022

Happy Valentine’s Day! What a great opportunity to appreciate refurbished mobile devices.

Barcode scanners and mobile computers that have been refurbished are generally the most cost-effective option for your company’s hardware requirements.

Also known as Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) devices, there are many misconceptions and concerns about what refurbished means, and how it differs from new or used equipment.

Refurbished mobile equipment can provide a wide range of benefits for your business – let’s dig in to why.

As-Is and Used Mobile Equipment are Not the Same as Certified Pre-Owned

Electronics that have been used and put on the market for sale in their existing state are known as “used” or “as-is” devices.

Devices that have been utilized for 10 months or ten years will remain in the same condition as they were on the last day they were used, regardless of how long they’ve been discontinued by the manufacturer.

Mobile equipment that has been previously owned but has been professionally refurbished or certified pre-owned must be in “good-as-new” condition before it can be put on the market.

Consider the car sector while contemplating whether to purchase refurbished or used mobile equipment. There’s a big difference between a used car and a certified pre-owned car, just as there is with mobile gadgets. CPO cars are guaranteed to be in excellent condition after a thorough inspection by the manufacturer or dealer. Used cars – not always the case.

These steps ensure that you’re getting a high-quality product that’s ready to use out of the box.

Examples of Used Mobile Equipment and Scanners

The MC9000 series was launched in 2003 as the supply chain industry’s ruggedized computer solution. For the past 15 years and millions of devices later, these devices have been frequently utilized for their reliability in an ever-expanding range of sectors.

As they are widely used and no longer produced or maintained by the OEM, mobile devices like the MC9091, MC9097, and MC9190-G are frequently sought on the reseller market.

Companies typically opt to buy professionally reconditioned gadgets from trustworthy vendors and sign repair contracts to guarantee that they are protected rather than upgrade and maintain these devices themselves.

When to Consider Refurbished Mobile Devices

Your strategic IT initiatives may require the use of the most up-to-date technologies. Refurbished mobile equipment, on the other hand, makes greater commercial sense in many situations. Things to consider:

Cost Savings

It’s a no-brainer that used gear may save you up to half the price of new equipment. Businesses wishing to grow their operations while maintaining continuity might consider purchasing used mobile equipment.

In turn, pre-owned mobile computers offer the same level of performance for far less money and a lot less hassle than buying new.

Replace or Buy More of What You Already Have

OEMs often stop making gadgets after a specific number of years to roll out new models. That doesn’t mean brand new hardware makes sense for your business. 

If your workforce is accustomed to a specific mobile computer, it’s common for them to want to keep the legacy device working as long as possible.

No Need for Additional Proof of Concept

Not only do you get the precise setup and image you’re used to with refurbished devices; it’s sometimes the only way to get it at all.

Companies who source Certified Pre-Owned equipment from Barcodes, Inc. have the peace of mind that their technology will work just as well as when they purchased new.

Shorter Lead Times and Better Device Availability

With new mobile devices, we’re seeing lead times of 8 to 12 weeks (and much longer in some cases). This is not helpful to organizations who need to get more products out the door today.

CPO hardware, such as mobile computers, printers, scanners, and vehicle mount computers are sometimes much faster to source.

With that said, the refurb device market is extremely dynamic, with availability fluctuating all the time. If you’re on a tight timeline, Barcodes can find you what you need for much faster and cheaper.

Reasons to Source CPO Hardware from Barcodes, Inc.

We’ve all heard horror stories of used devices being dead on arrival. The sale is already complete, and the victim is stuck with a box of expensive paper weights to sit in the warehouse.

As your unique needs are assessed, we’ll propose the most appropriate refurbished technology to suit those needs. CPO from Barcodes, Inc. includes the following:

  • 90-day warranty on all refurbished mobile devices
  • Thorough repair and inspection process
  • Function testing on crucial components before sending each piece of equipment through a seven-step equipment repair procedure
  • Inspected by highly skilled professionals who repair or replace any broken parts and take preventive measures to address any prevalent concerns
  • Once fully restored and cleaned, the equipment will look and perform good as new
  • Devices are setup, staged, kitted, and loaded with the appropriate software when these inspections and repairs are completed

For faster turnaround, quality hardware, and fair pricing, talk to the mobile equipment experts at Barcodes for all your refurbished equipment needs.

From Windows to Android: Time for a New Game Plan

Posted July 31, 2018

The well-traveled path is coming to an end and how is your business preparing for it?

Since 2010, enterprises have bought more than 15 million mobile units and 99 percent is with a Windows-Embedded OS. Microsoft has announced the dissolution of Windows Mobile OS Development and support will be coming to an end. Check out the table below for the Microsoft end of support timeline.

Enterprise customers are taking this opportunity to re-architect and modernize their mobile applications and solutions. Now is the time to take action! Overall, migrating from Windows to Android can improve user experience, applications, management, security, cross-platforms, and the incorporation of business analytics.

If you have any of the current devices below, follow the recommended transition to the new Android Platform and see how your modernized workforce provides better efficiency, productivity, and security.

TC56 is the next evolution in enterprise touch computing with the ultimate scanning performance has:

  • Maximum 5 in. display size
  • Ultimate scanning performance 1D & 2D codes
  • Automatically capture and process documents
  • Rugged and ready for business
  • Power Precision+ Battery for power and manageability





TC75x Maximum data entry with a more robust enterprise OS which also includes:

  • SimulScan Document Capture allowing easy capture for barcodes, images, and signatures
  • Superior audio quality and functionality
  • Robust and rugged for all day use
  • Lightning fast capture of 1D & 2D barcodes
  • Best in field service


SATO Retires the M84xxSe/S8408/S8412/S8424 Thermal Print Engines

Posted October 1, 2015

SATO has announced the discontinuation of its M8460Se,  M8485Se, and M8490Se industrial print engines and all of their related accessories.

Reason for Retirement: The NEW S84ex/S86ex series was released in November 2014 which has a superior feature set and is a compatible replacement for discontinued units.

Last Time Buy Order: Dec 30, 2015 – Estimated date based on availability depending on model.

Effective Immediately: M8465Se RH Standard and LH Opposite and M8459Se are out of stock and discontinued.

End of Service: December 30, 2020 – Spare parts and service will not be available after this date.

SATO will honor all warranties in place and maintain our service obligation by supporting and servicing discontinued printers through SATO America, as long as parts are available

Sato’s CL6e Series Printer End-of-Life

Posted August 5, 2015

cl612eSato has announced the discontinuation of the CL608e and CL612e industrial thermal printer and all related accessories. This retirement notice includes the discontinuation of the CL6e series printers and accessories. For a suitable replacement, the new CL6NX series is the perfect choice for even better performance while still using the same media the older printers used.

Reason for Retirement: The CL6NX series was released in April 2015 which has a superior feature set and is a compatible replacement for the CL6e.

Service and Warranty: Sat0 will honor all warranties in place and maintain our service obligation by supporting and servicing discontinued printers through Sato as long as parts are available.

For more information or assistance finding the right replacement industrial printer for your needs, contact us at Barcodes, Inc.

Motorola MC9190: End of Life Announcement

Posted April 23, 2015

Motorola MC9190-GA0SWAYA6WR-KITAs one of the industry’s most used and sold rugged mobile computers, the Motorola MC9190 has finally come to the end of its production. Designed for the most demanding applications, the MC9190 series was the perfect data collection companion for warehousing, manufacturing, logistics, and field based applications. Luckily, the MC9190 series is superseded by the even more capable MC9200 series.

As a technology refresh of the MC9190 product line, the MC9200 incorporates the best of the MC9190 features, as well as many electrical and mechanical system enhancements while maintaining compatibility to the MC9190 accessory ecosystem.

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End of Life for the Datalogic QuickScan Mobile Scanners

Posted July 28, 2014

Datalogic has announced that their popular QuickScan Mobile line of cordless scanners will be coming to end as component availability has allowed  a very limited production rum of these units. Current QuickScan  Mobile customers are invited to place their last purchase orders as soon as possible. Availability of the last run of devices will vary on overall purchase volume.

Unfortunately, Datalogic regrets to announce that all key components needed to produce QuickScan Mobile products have been exhausted before the expected ‘last purchase’ date. As a consequence of this situation, Datalogic will not be able to produce anymore QuickScan Mobile units; therefore, orders can no longer be accepted for the QuickScan Mobile readers.

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