Datalogic’s Memor Obsolescence Notice

Posted July 30, 2014

After years of delivering successful applications to worldwide retailers, Datalogic is now announcing the obsolescence of the Memor mobile computer product line. Datalogic has recently upgraded the Memor to a much more powerful device, the Memor X3 mobile computer, which is intended to be the ideal replacement of the current device now approaching its End-of-Life.

Please note that this announcement will apply to all special versions of the Memor mobile computer as well.

Replacement Product Recommendation

The Datalogic Memor X3 mobile computer is our latest compact mobile computer that provides retailers with easy bar code reading in a pocketable and lightweight form factor, while guaranteeing high performance and durability.

The Memor X3 mobile computer brings a host of new features designed to greatly expand the success of its predecessor, the Memor mobile computer. Along with significant improvements in speed, the Memor X3 mobile computer is now offered with a full portfolio of models featuring different scan engine options including linear imaging, a top performance laser scanner with Gorilla Glass scan window, and a 2D imager  ideal for pharmaceutical applications. All the Memor X3 scan engines feature Datalogic’s patented ‘Green Spot’ technology for good-read feedback.

The Memor X3 features a bigger and sharper 2.4 inch display and longer-lasting batteries (1430 and 2300 mAh) in a form factor that maintains almost the same dimensions (only 3mm longer) and has the same weight as its predecessor. It offers enhanced WiFi connectivity with IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n, supporting higher WLAN throughputs with improved reliability in both bands: 2.4 GHz and 5.2 GHz.

Compatibility between Memor and Memor X3 Mobile Computers 

The Datalogic Memor X3 has been designed to offer maximum compatibility with existing Memor applications.

  • The Memor X3 mobile computer and its spare standard batteries can be charged also on the current Memor single slot docks, thus eliminating the need for new accessories in most cases.
  • The Software Development Kit (SDK) for the Memor X3 mobile computer maintains full compatibility with the Memor SDK. This means that applications developed for the Memor can typically work with no change on Memor X3 mobile computer.

For assistance finding the right Memor X3 for your needs, contact us at Barcodes Inc.

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