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How to Easily Verify COVID-19 Vaccinations, Whenever and Wherever

Posted October 13, 2021

In collaboration with Barcodes, Inc. and Zebra, VAXSYS Technologies, Inc. introduced the COVID-19 Vaccination Enrollment and Verification System. The System provides a current record of COVID-19 vaccinations quickly, accurately and securely.

This allows vaccination status to be verified, whenever and wherever required. It’s simple and anonymous.

To verify vaccination status, download the mobile app to any Android handheld device with 2D barcode reading capability. The application decrypts the barcode on the VAXSYS Card to generate an anonymous, immediate, level-1 proof of COVID-19 vaccination, without requiring any additional personal, biographic or biometric information from the holder.

Enrollment is mobile, accurate, and paper-free. Organizations can print and issue durable, legible vaccine credentials on secure plastic VAXSYS Cards that contain an encrypted, fraud-resistant 2D barcode.

The System can be operated in stand-alone mode, or integrated into a user database at the option of the user.

“Because all Barcodes, Inc./VAXSYS System components are mobile, the enrollment and card printing can quickly be set up anywhere in any size of facility, even in a vehicle; but can also be readily expanded to handle all those being vaccinated.”

Moshe Meppen, CEO of VAXSYS Technologies, Inc.

The complete Barcodes, Inc./VAXSYS System, including mobile computers containing barcode scanners, card printers, cards, and all necessary software, can be configured to support any specific user requirements, including those of businesses, universities, sports venues, and all other places with public access. The vaccination card can be printed with the name or logo of the business, university or sports team as well.

The System provides a low-cost, paperless, and contact-free enrollment at COVID-19 vaccination centers. With the help of the mobile app, anonymous screening then allows businesses and other entities to safely reopen much sooner.

“We are excited to partner with VAXSYS Technologies to assist in providing a credential solution that supplies consumers with a more durable, portable, and secure vaccination card. With mandates developing across the country, and vaccine credentials becoming more and more required for places such as sports, restaurants, concert venues, schools, universities, and colleges, the need for a more efficient solution has never been more evident. As North America’s leading provider of barcode, mobile computing, and RFID solutions, we are well equipped to help implement this vital solution.”

Dan Nettesheim, Chief Executive Officer of Barcodes, Inc.

Back to Normal with Simple, Secure Vaccination Enrollment

Based in Calabasas, California, VAXSYS Technologies was founded by biometric and identification industry professionals, dedicated to helping society use simple and secure vaccination enrollment and screening technologies to help return us back to normal.

By combining best-in-class ID scanning and verification capabilities, with our collective experience servicing large and complex government entities, VAXSYS provides a full suite of applications that enable the end-to-end usage of vaccination data by vaccinators, and by the general public who need to screen people entering buildings or businesses.

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Download the Detailed Product Sheet or contact us at [email protected].

The Benefits of Implementing a Gift or Loyalty Card Program

Posted September 22, 2015

Implementing a new gift or loyalty card program can have significant material benefits to your business. Businesses have reported that gift cards deliver increased revenues, increased margins, interest from unredeemed balances, increased potential for future sales and a decrease in returned merchandise. Customers feel an attachment to the brand, which results in increased retention

Gift card offer the following benefits

Revenue increases. Uplift, or the amount that a customer spends over the amount of the gift card, averaged $23 for each card sold in 2008. Also, gift cards attract new customers, with 11% of recipients indicating that they never or rarely visit the issuing merchant’s locations

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New Zebra CardStudio Release 1.25 Now Available

Posted April 2, 2014

Zebra CardStudio 1.25 is an easy-to-use card design and card issuance software suite that empowers customers to create simple or complex designs. Version 1.25 supports the recently released ZXP Series 7 UHF RFID encoder option. Current CardStudio customers can download and update their installation with Version 1.25 at no additional cost.

Extend your card design capabilities with Zebra’s CardStudio card printer software. This simple-to-learn, yet feature-rich software makes loyalty card, gift card, and ID card design easy.

For more information on the download or any other Zebra product, contact us at Barcodes Inc.

Zebra Introduces The New ZXP Series 1

Posted July 24, 2013

Zebra’s new ZXP Series 1 is their most cost effective solution for entry-level, low-volume card printing without sacrificing print quality. Designed as a replacement to the P110i and P120i lines, the ZXP Series 1  can print in full color and monochrome for professional results with a minimal initial investment.

A compact footprint allows the ZXP Series 1 to fit in the tightest workspaces. Its compact and durable design, and advanced network printer management software tools, makes the ZXP Series 1 a perfect for multiple small office installations, or large deployments of distributed card printers.

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Seagull Updates Bartender Software to Version 10.1

Posted July 12, 2013

Seagull Scientific has announced the immediate availability of BarTender 10.1, the latest version of its award-winning software for designing, printing and automating the production of barcodes, labels, cards, RFID tags and more.

Version 10.1 introduces features and improvements that enable more complex designs and solve tough real-world problems, including the world’s most comprehensive barcode support, new design “layers,” enhanced serialization, improved usability and new global data fields, custom page templates and conditional printing.

Recently named the Best Professional Barcode Software by TopTenREVIEWS, BarTender is available in four, progressively more powerful editions: Basic, Professional, Automation and Enterprise Automation. The variety of editions makes BarTender well suited to a wide range of printing and marking solutions, from small, stand-alone printing environments at SMBs to large, automated printing infrastructures at the largest enterprises.

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New Features in Bartender 10.0 – Now Includes Card Printing

Posted April 4, 2012

Card Printing, Advanced Drawing Functions, Major User-Interface Improvements, Data Type Support and much more.

BarTender version 10 began shipping on March 1st, 2012. Coming 25 years after the very first version of BarTender, version 10 is the biggest and most exciting software release in its history. Introducing ID card printing, truly professional drawing functions, and major user-interface improvements, BarTender now expands its industry leadership way beyond just label design and printing.

The new user-interfaces have also already been translated into the 22 additional languages supported by BarTender.

Card Printing and Encoding!

BarTender version 10 adds powerful features dedicated to the design, printing and encoding of ID cards, employee security badges, membership cards and just about any other plastic card. You can even encode smart cards and magnetic stripes!

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