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Common Profitable Self-Serve Kiosk Applications from Touch Dynamic

Posted April 27, 2023

Both customers and business owners have become more and more interested in self-service kiosks. Reduced wait times and increased user control are two factors in favor of kiosks. Touch Dynamic Pavilion Kiosks are a shining example of self-serve kiosks done well.

Kiosks are flexible machines that can be used in many different ways. They can be used to check out at restaurants and stores, as well as to check in at airports, hotels, and doctors’ offices.

Every business has different needs, but they can all benefit from adding wall-mounted kiosks to their tech offerings.

Quick Service Restaurant Kiosk Use

A booth wall mount is good for restaurants because it can bring in more customers and help them spend more money. Kiosk users place more orders, which raises the average amount they spend by 12–20% or even 30%.

One reason is that the booth is always offering deals, bundles, and extras. Others point out the visuals are easy to navigate and allow customers to visually confirm their order details without being rushed.

Kiosk meals can show more information about the food and how it affects your diet than options on paper or boards. Customers with special dietary needs can check ingredients with ease.

Another reason for a wall kiosk: orders go straight from the customer to the cook. This improves order accuracy and order queue speeds. And the kitchen knows exactly where the items are going for handoff to customer.

Touchscreen Kiosks for In-Store

Kiosks display pricing information, product details, in-store location, and even availability at nearby stores. This frees up valuable associate resources to deliver an exceptional, personalized experience.

Like restaurants, stores can have self-service checkouts with booth wall mounts. Customers can avoid waiting in long lines, and they have more control over how they shop.

Self-checkout is more handy and easy to use, so customers who don’t want to wait in long lines are less likely to leave their carts behind.

Wall-mounted screens can also be a great way to save space in small rooms. Since they are fixed on the wall, all you have to do is give customers a place to put their purchases.

No need to worry about giving the units more floor or counter room. Instead of putting checkout equipment on the bar, the wall mount makes room for things like displays of seasonal goods and “impulse buys,” which bring in more money.

Family Fun and Attractions Need Kiosks, Too

Bowling alleys, skating rinks, amusement parks, and indoor fun centers install wall-mount kiosks:

  • Faster check-in and ticketing processes
  • Fewer long lines
  • Improved workflow for employees

Places to eat, gift shops, photo booths, and equipment/gear rental benefit from self-service kiosks as well.

Last but not least, wall-mounted booths can also show digital signs. They can show information about events, location rules and laws, and ads. Again, the wall mount makes more room on the floor for souvenirs and merchandise.

It’s Time to Read the (Digital) Signs

No matter what industry you’re in, adding wall-mounted kiosks will help you make customers happier, make more money, cut down on wait times, re-assign workers (which will save you money on labor costs), and ease operations.

Thrill your customers so much that they return again and again. That’s the power of the kiosk. Contact us for a self-service kiosk project assessment.

Grocery Shoppers Are Expecting Three Things. Are You Delivering Them?

Posted April 30, 2021

Price, convenience, and speed are key trademarks when it comes to current customer expectations. However, positive customer experiences have also become a driving factor in securing customer loyalty and profitability. Studies show that shoppers can spend up to 140%1 more after engaging in a positive shopping experience. On the flipside, negative experiences are more likely to be shared between current and prospective shoppers, impacting brand identity and decreasing sales. While expectations can vary from brand to brand, today’s customers generally anticipate…

  1. Omnichannel options – Online shopping is most certainly here to stay. It is expected that as much as 70%2 of shoppers in the US will be purchasing groceries online since it serves as both a convenient and safe way to shop.
  2. Contactless pickup – Similar to online shopping, BOPIS and curbside pickup have also grown in popularity due to their convenience and safety.
  3. Personalized experiences – Studies show that 43%3 of customers expect some sort of personalized service from stores in response to their loyalty. 

What would seamless hassle-free grocery shopping look like?

To surpass these three common expectations, Barcodes, Inc. recommends targeting the following areas within the supply chain.

  • Faster shelf replenishment – Simply put, if products aren’t visible on shelves, customers can’t buy them. That’s why quick cycle counting and fast replenishment are crucial to avoid out-of-stocks. Mobile technologies such as Zebra’s touch computers and hands-free scanners can enable real-time inventory updates as associates scan products immediately during stock counts.
  • Intelligent point-of-sale – The longer customers wait in line, the less likely they are to return. Faster data capture through devices like Zebra’s enterprise scanners and MP7000 scanner can help accelerate checkout while empowering self-checkout lanes and loyalty scanning.
  • Quicker order picking – As associates adapt to accommodate BOPIS transactions, they must move faster and more efficiently to assemble orders within stipulated time frames. Real-time inventory locationing can help reduce pick paths, accelerating order assembly.

Download our solutions brief for more areas of optimization.

While these are optimum areas to start enhancing the grocery storefronts, there are many other ways to deliver seamless shopping experiences. Leverage Barcodes, Inc.’s expertise in developing a smoother shopping experience, equipped with user-friendly technologies that put the customer experience first. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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