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Line Busting Solutions from Epson: What You Should Know

Posted October 18, 2021

What is Line Busting?

Line busting is the elimination of long lines and wait times in a retail environment.

A commonly used retail industry term for rush hour coffee shops, popular restaurants with to-go orders, and busy stores in a holiday season, line busting in this context is referring to the point of sale technology utilized to keep customers happy.

Mobile checkout solutions from our partners at Epson are a major contributor to any retailer’s line busting efforts.

Line Busting Checkout Solutions for Retailers of All Shapes and Sizes

Keep customers happy by getting them in and out, quick. Let’s start with the receipt printing technology behind the counter.

The Epson TM-m30 solution is built for point of sale applications, so you’ll be able to use it with tablets and smartphones alike. This receipt printer looks sleek on any counter, connected to the point of sale system of your choice. Printing 3-inch receipts has never been easier. Keep lines moving and watch as guests and customers return for repeat business. Beyond the countertop, further line busting efforts can be enacted with a little mobility and ingenuity.

The Epson TM-P60 receipt printer also pairs seamlessly with mobile devices in any retail environment. This compact, portable printer is equally lightweight and durable. Employees can comfortably carry the TM-P60 directly to customers in a long line, take their order, and print the receipt on the spot. In addition to printers and snappy POS software, here are a few more considerations to improve wait times.

Freedom of Movement for Employees

A mobile printer is not the only tool at an employees’ disposal for line busting efforts. Being able to move freely in the store environment enables staff to answer customer questions on the spot. Tablets and mobile devices can be used to quickly check inventory or order items for pickup at a later date (or delivery to a home address). The POS software and cloud connectivity, as well as the ability to pair with any device are essential.

Avoid Multiple POS Systems

If you have a checkout process on a tablet, inventory databases on smartphones, and a printer stationed back at the counter, you can see where this makes long lines even more cumbersome. Don’t make customer heads spin. Consider a single secure cloud POS system (Epson has many all-in-one POS solutions).

Is Line Busting for Everyone?

The most important aspect to a successful retail environment is understanding the customer journey. Line busting solutions are easier said than done and may not be the best experience in every environment. Customer satisfaction isn’t solely based on wait times – the entire buying experience should be considered.

To learn more about solutions from Epson, or other line busting efforts (such as in-store kiosks), contact us today.

Postmates Receipt Printer Options for Easy Receipt Printing

Posted March 19, 2020

As the global novel coronavirus pandemic and spread of COVID-19 continues to grow, businesses are having to react quickly. Whether that means moving employees to remote work or changing their business model to takeout and delivery only like many restaurants and bars are doing,

Services like Postmates that deliver food for local restaurants use receipt printers that easily connect to the app to manage orders, verify pickups, and print receipts on demand.

Epson Mobile POS Receipt Printer

Postmates Receipt Printer for On-demand Ticket Printing

To slow the spread of COVID-19, more restaurants and bars will be switching to takeout and delivery only in the coming weeks. With requests to stay at home, more customers are switching to delivery now too.

To handle the change in delivery orders and new customers, receipt printers can help you manage delivery details and check orders for accuracy. Shop Postmates printers on Barcodes, Inc..

If you haven’t connected a printer to Postmates Partners yet, these Postmates printer tips can help (PDF).

Thermal Receipt Printers from Star & Epson

Postmates Partners have multiple thermal receipt printers to choose from, giving you even more flexibility in managing delivery orders.

A leader in point of sales, the Star TSP100III or Star TSP654ii are used by Postmates and designed for quick and easy setup and connection to devices using WLAN, LAN, and Bluetooth. These printers are compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows devices.

Postmates also supports Epson thermal receipt printers like the Epson TM-T88VI or Epson TM-T20II Ethernet Plus. Designed for flexible POS systems, these Epson printers’ efficient design helps save paper to reduce your costs and paper waste.

Contact Barcodes, Inc. for More Information on Mobile POS

As your business continues to adapt to changing regulations and recommendations, the experts at Barcodes, Inc. are here to answer your questions about flexible and mobile work options. Contact us today for product recommendations like these Postmates receipt printer options and more.