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Why Organizations Should Love Refurbished Mobile Devices

Posted February 14, 2022

Happy Valentine’s Day! What a great opportunity to appreciate refurbished mobile devices.

Barcode scanners and mobile computers that have been refurbished are generally the most cost-effective option for your company’s hardware requirements.

Also known as Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) devices, there are many misconceptions and concerns about what refurbished means, and how it differs from new or used equipment.

Refurbished mobile equipment can provide a wide range of benefits for your business – let’s dig in to why.

As-Is and Used Mobile Equipment are Not the Same as Certified Pre-Owned

Electronics that have been used and put on the market for sale in their existing state are known as “used” or “as-is” devices.

Devices that have been utilized for 10 months or ten years will remain in the same condition as they were on the last day they were used, regardless of how long they’ve been discontinued by the manufacturer.

Mobile equipment that has been previously owned but has been professionally refurbished or certified pre-owned must be in “good-as-new” condition before it can be put on the market.

Consider the car sector while contemplating whether to purchase refurbished or used mobile equipment. There’s a big difference between a used car and a certified pre-owned car, just as there is with mobile gadgets. CPO cars are guaranteed to be in excellent condition after a thorough inspection by the manufacturer or dealer. Used cars – not always the case.

These steps ensure that you’re getting a high-quality product that’s ready to use out of the box.

Examples of Used Mobile Equipment and Scanners

The MC9000 series was launched in 2003 as the supply chain industry’s ruggedized computer solution. For the past 15 years and millions of devices later, these devices have been frequently utilized for their reliability in an ever-expanding range of sectors.

As they are widely used and no longer produced or maintained by the OEM, mobile devices like the MC9091, MC9097, and MC9190-G are frequently sought on the reseller market.

Companies typically opt to buy professionally reconditioned gadgets from trustworthy vendors and sign repair contracts to guarantee that they are protected rather than upgrade and maintain these devices themselves.

When to Consider Refurbished Mobile Devices

Your strategic IT initiatives may require the use of the most up-to-date technologies. Refurbished mobile equipment, on the other hand, makes greater commercial sense in many situations. Things to consider:

Cost Savings

It’s a no-brainer that used gear may save you up to half the price of new equipment. Businesses wishing to grow their operations while maintaining continuity might consider purchasing used mobile equipment.

In turn, pre-owned mobile computers offer the same level of performance for far less money and a lot less hassle than buying new.

Replace or Buy More of What You Already Have

OEMs often stop making gadgets after a specific number of years to roll out new models. That doesn’t mean brand new hardware makes sense for your business. 

If your workforce is accustomed to a specific mobile computer, it’s common for them to want to keep the legacy device working as long as possible.

No Need for Additional Proof of Concept

Not only do you get the precise setup and image you’re used to with refurbished devices; it’s sometimes the only way to get it at all.

Companies who source Certified Pre-Owned equipment from Barcodes, Inc. have the peace of mind that their technology will work just as well as when they purchased new.

Shorter Lead Times and Better Device Availability

With new mobile devices, we’re seeing lead times of 8 to 12 weeks (and much longer in some cases). This is not helpful to organizations who need to get more products out the door today.

CPO hardware, such as mobile computers, printers, scanners, and vehicle mount computers are sometimes much faster to source.

With that said, the refurb device market is extremely dynamic, with availability fluctuating all the time. If you’re on a tight timeline, Barcodes can find you what you need for much faster and cheaper.

Reasons to Source CPO Hardware from Barcodes, Inc.

We’ve all heard horror stories of used devices being dead on arrival. The sale is already complete, and the victim is stuck with a box of expensive paper weights to sit in the warehouse.

As your unique needs are assessed, we’ll propose the most appropriate refurbished technology to suit those needs. CPO from Barcodes, Inc. includes the following:

  • 90-day warranty on all refurbished mobile devices
  • Thorough repair and inspection process
  • Function testing on crucial components before sending each piece of equipment through a seven-step equipment repair procedure
  • Inspected by highly skilled professionals who repair or replace any broken parts and take preventive measures to address any prevalent concerns
  • Once fully restored and cleaned, the equipment will look and perform good as new
  • Devices are setup, staged, kitted, and loaded with the appropriate software when these inspections and repairs are completed

For faster turnaround, quality hardware, and fair pricing, talk to the mobile equipment experts at Barcodes for all your refurbished equipment needs.

Zebra Android Devices Accelerates E-commerce Fulfillment

Posted March 13, 2019

The warehouse industry is changing, can your operations keep pace? To compete in a new warehouse environment in which e-commerce has raised delivery speed expectations, workers needs to fill orders more efficiently. Outdated Windows devices running green screen applications aren’t designed to match the speed and volume of today’s demand economy. Zebra Android touch-screen devices are designed for faster, more flexible operation that improves warehouse performance in four areas:

Greater order-fulfillment speed. The intuitive Android user interface and modern touch-screen technology combine to yield 40% faster data entry.

Higher fulfillment accuracy. Empowered with the flexibility to easily add soft buttons, on-screen keypads and photos of products to Android’s larger touch displays, workers can reliably capture barcode data faster, from near and far distances.

Faster onboarding. Zebra Android’s familiar, intuitive touch-screen interface cuts training time for both permanent and temporary workers, giving them the confidence to work fast.

Continuous uptime. Fast charging, hot-swap batteries and more reliable Wi-Fi connectivity keep your workers productive. PowerPrecision+ analytics indicate when batteries need recharging or replacement. Mobility Extensions provide an extra layer of enterprise security and LifeGuard for Android extends security support for up to seven years.

Contact us today for more insight into how Zebra’s modern Android mobile devices and tablets can meet the needs of today’s on-demand economy.

Why Zebra Android Devices are replacing legacy mobile devices

Get Your Mobile Operating System Enterprise Ready with Honeywell!

Posted September 18, 2018

Are You Ready to Move to 4G and Android?

The end of 2G and 3G support is near, this will present an issue for current devices on cellular coverage. It is time to make your mobile devices enterprise ready for your mobile workers with Honeywell.

Migrating to LTE features:

  • Better coverage
  • Increased productivity, security, and efficiency
  • Shorter Latency Times
  • Modern devices to increase performance

How Honeywell Helps: Honeywell-support

Honeywell is strongly committed to cyber-security and the Android Lifecycle management. To aid enterprise customers restrict access through the use of a Mobile Device Management or on their Honeywell Enterprise Launcher app. Removing the user’s ability to install or run unauthorized apps makes the system far less vulnerable to security exploits caused by user actions. Additionally, to aid in the lifecycle management, they offer a program to provide patches for security vulnerabilities applicable to the supported operating system for 2+ years after Google security patch support ends to close the gap in support coverage.

Barcodes and Honeywell can help you get your systems ready to go and increase your efficiency and productivity in your daily operation. Contact us at 1-877-877-9613 or email at [email protected] to see how we can help you with the best solution in your workforce.


Infographic: Zebra’s True 802.11ac, Wave 2 Access Points

Posted September 15, 2016

At the end of the day, your business can only work as fast as your network can keep up. Ever increasing demand to support more mobile devices and applications, as well as customer engagement, redefines the network year after year. Get ahead of the curve with the Zebra AP 8533 and AP 8432.

Experience the amazing speed and capacity of both the AP 8533 and AP 8432 with true 802.11AC Wave 2 capabilities to expand your bandwidth and capabilities.