Printronix P7000 Line Matrix Spool Ribbons Offer Flexibility and Convenience

Posted August 18, 2010

Printronix ribbonsThe Printronix family of spool ribbons for the P7000 line matrix printer is offered at prices to match print volume and budget for cost-effective purchasing. Available in single or multiple unit quantities, these ribbons fit your business needs.

Lower Cost Per Purchase with Standard Capacity Ribbons

Standard capacity ribbons offer a low purchase price per ribbon, plus the convenience of ordering in smaller quantities for moderate use requirements. Purchasing the standard capacity ribbon instead of the ultra-capacity ribbon enables you to reduce your cost per purchase by 86 percent. Available in a single pack, you can buy only what you need, when you need it.

Reduce Total Cost of Operation with Ultra Capacity Plus Ribbons

These ribbons offer the lowest total cost of printing, longest ribbon life and fewest user interventions. The P7000 ultra capacity plus spool ribbon is available in a 12 pack enabling you to place half as many orders and realize an 8 percent decrease in total freight costs. In short, you can win back time, reduce your total cost, and more effectively utilize your resources to maximize productivity.

The Printronix P7000 family of spool ribbons offers:

  • Cost effective purchase prices
  • Convenience of ordering in quantities to fit business needs
  • Quality and performance without the high price tag
  • Reorder P7000 Standard Capacity Ribbons: 255163-001 and 255166-001 (HD)
  • Reorder P7000 Ultra Capacity Plus Ribbons: 255161-001, 12 pack and 255164-001, 12 pack (HD)

The Printronix family of spool ribbons for P7000 line matrix printers enables you to strategically manage costs according to your printing demands without sacrificing performance or quality.

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