Zebra and Socket Collaborate to Provide Mobile Printing Solutions for Handheld Computers in Hospitality Industry

Posted August 18, 2010

Socket Mobile announced a collaboration with Zebra to provide a complete handheld computing and mobile printing solution to the hospitality industry. Zebra is the most recent partner in the Socket Third-Party Accessory Recommendation (STAR) Program.

“Our partnership with Zebra makes it easy for our SoMo® 650 handheld computer customers to find and purchase pre-tested, compatible mobile printing solutions for use with their customer-facing applications,” said Dave Bledsoe, Sr. product manager of handheld computing products, Socket Mobile. “These [mobile] Bluetooth printers are most ideal for use in the hospitality industry where quick, simple receipts can be printed on-the-spot, and because they’re wearable, lightweight and compact, they’re perfect for use during an entire shift without interfering with the user’s tasks.”

“We’re thrilled to partner with Socket to bring a compact mobile computing solution to the market,” said Luis Rosales, Sr. marketing manager, Zebra Technologies. “The Zebra-Socket solution offers a tested solution that meets the unique needs of the hospitality segment.”

The following Zebra printers have been tested and approved for compatibility with the Socket SoMo 650 handheld computer: the MZ 220 and the EM 220.

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