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Printronix Form and Label Printer

Printronix is the market leader in multi-technology supply-chain printing solutions. Headquartered in Irvine, California, Printronix provides market coverage across the globe, with a product breadth that meets a diverse set of customer requirements. We operate five manufacturing facilities and 17 sales and support locations that serve users in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific. As a global company, Printronix has developed printers that offer languages to support its worldwide user base.

Printronix Product Categories

Printronix Barcode Label Printer Printronix Barcode Label Printer
Printronix Barcode Label Printronix Barcode Label
Printronix Form Printer Printronix Form Printer
Printronix RFID Printer Printronix RFID Printer

All Printronix Products

Printronix T4M Barcode Label Printer

Printronix T4M

The Printronix T4M provides uncompromised performance and features with the same PSA3 advanced electronic architecture found in the high performance T5000r. Ideal for light industrial and commercial applications, the T4M thermal barcode printer...

Printronix P8000 Printer

Printronix P8000

Printronix introduces design enhancements and improved functionality with the P8000 Cartridge Printer series, achieving the broadest flexibility, greatest compatibility and lowest ownership cost of any line matrix printer. The series builds upon the...

Printronix P7000 Printer

Printronix P7000

The Printronix P7000 helps streamline your production cycles and lock in long-term performance with fast, accurate label and document printing. The P7000 offers unsurpassed reliability. When your application cannot be interrupted, look to the P7000...


Printronix T2N Barcode Label Printer

Printronix T2N

The T2N series features simple design, ease of use and outstanding value that's priced below competitive printers. It is the first entry-level industrial thermal barcode printer to offer Ethernet NIC connectivity as a standard feature....

$729.00 to $1,004.80

Printronix SV Series Verifier

Printronix SV Series

The SV Series of scanner/verifiers by RJS provides both fixed position scanning and high-speed on-line ANSI method verification of linear barcodes. This unique instrument can be used for many types of barcode scanning and/or...

$4,241.50 to $5,941.50

Printronix SL5000r RFID Printer

Printronix SL5000r

The Printronix SL5000r MP2 is the next generation family of RFID printers delivering true Gen 2 RFID encoding designed to EPCglobal Gen specifications. These printers feature EPCglobal Gen 2 Certified Hardware RFID Smart encoding technology and...

Printronix SL4M RFID Printer

Printronix SL4M

The Printronix SL4M is the price-performance leader of the Printronix SmartLine series of RFID printers for industrial and commercial applications. Based on the Printronix reputation for reliability, durability, and dependability, the SL4M uses the...

Printronix PrintCart Mobile Cart

Printronix PrintCart

Warehouse and logistics managers, improve your KPIs with the Printronix PrintCart. How long does it take for your workers to walk to the printer when applying labels to your packages? You can reduce this wasted labor by taking the printer to the...

$2,725.80 to $3,945.20

Printronix Smart Label RFID Tag

Printronix Smart Label

The Printronix Smart Label RFID tags combine the technology of thermal transfer, pressure-sensitive labels with RFID tags. Smart Label RFID tags use the popular "squiggle" design to ensure readability from multiple orientations. These EPC Class 1,...

$35.90 to $343.20

Printronix Service Contract

$213.00 to $4,301.10

Printronix Ribbon

Ribbons for Printronix printers.

$28.60 to $622.40

Printronix Label

Labels for Printronix printers.

Printronix Printhead

Printheads for Printronix printers.

$174.00 to $1,147.20

Printronix Parts

Products and parts from Printronix.

$61.30 to $7,769.70

Printronix Platen Rollers and Assemblies

Printronix Platen Rollers and Assemblies

Printronix M4L Portable Printer

Printronix M4L

For the past 40 years, Printronix has delivered printers designed to address all of your industrial printing needs. And now, the M4L mobile thermal printer emerges to address yet another issue that will improve your bottom line: efficiency. Ready to...

$878.10 to $9,099.80

Printronix T8000 Barcode Label Printer

Printronix T8000

The T8000 is the premier high-end thermal printer. With unmatched industrial performance, easy to use, and 100% verifiable output, the T8000 exceeds the requirements of the most demanding mission critical manufacturing and distribution operations.

$1,794.10 to $4,652.00

Printronix M4L2 Portable Printer

Printronix M4L2

The M4L2 stands for power, reliability and ultimate mobility. Showcasing the industry's first high-performance radio module with Dual-Antenna Technology, best-in-class battery life and rugged design, the M4L2 is built to improve your bottom line by...

$720.40 to $819.10

Printronix T6000 Barcode Label Printer

Printronix T6000

The Powerful T6000 represents the next generation industrial, high-performance thermal barcode printer. Setting new benchmarks for speed, print quality, validation and reliability, the T6000 is engineered with the singular mission of increasing true...

$1,115.10 to $2,727.00

Printronix T400 Barcode Label Printer

Printronix T400

he T400 is the premier printer for applications that require a compact, affordable and reliable barcode printer. The T400 is competitively priced, yet offers higher performance when compared to other printers on the market. Want to get more done? Do...


Printronix T600 Barcode Label Printer

Printronix T600

The T600 is unique in its ability to operate as both a direct thermal and thermal transfer printer. Direct thermal printers are less expensive to operate since they print directly onto media. The downside of this technology is that labels or media...

$409.20 to $634.90

Printronix ODV-2D

Printronix ODV-2D

The ODV-2D is the industry's first affordable, fully integrated solution with the ability to print and validate 1D and 2D barcodes. Built on the robust T8000 printer platform, ODV-2D includes a built-in data validator that grades barcodes to ISO...

Printronix T800

Printronix T800

The Printronix T800 is a high performance, thermal desktop printer with enterprise-level productivity, dependable performance with optional high end features such as RFID and Wi-Fi. Easy to operate with fast print speed of 8 ips (ips) and Printronix...

Printronix T4000 Thermal Label Printer

Printronix T4000 Thermal Label Printer

The Printronix T4000 industrial barcode printer is small, fast, and ready to boost productivity. It is compact and affordable to print up to 5000 labels a day of up to 10 ips. Includes RFID capability with multiple connectivity options, remote...



Printronix T6000e High-Performance Thermal Printer

Printronix T6000e High-Performance Thermal Printer

One of the most versatile printers on the market, the T6000e High-Performance Thermal Printer offers high speed printing, multiple connectivity options and the ability to print and encode on standard labels. Print up to 600 dpi for high-print...

Printronix T6000e High-Performance Thermal RFID Printer

Printronix T6000e High-Performance Thermal RFID Printer

One of the most versatile printers on the market, the T6000e High-Performance Thermal RFID Printer offers high speed printing, multiple connectivity options and the ability to print and encode on standard and on-metal labels. Print up to 600 dpi for...

$2,236.50 to $4,858.00

Printronix T5000e Thermal - Discontinued.

Printronix T5000r Series - Discontinued.

Printronix T5204 - Discontinued.

Printronix T5206 - Discontinued.

Printronix T5208 - Discontinued.

Printronix T5304 - Discontinued.

Printronix T5306 - Discontinued.

Printronix T5308 - Discontinued.

Printronix T6200 Series - Discontinued. Replaced by the Printronix P8000

Printronix T6300 Series - Discontinued.

Printronix P7000HD - Discontinued.

Printronix P7000ZT - Discontinued.

Printronix L7032 - Discontinued.

Printronix L5520 - Discontinued. Replaced by the Printronix L5535

Printronix L5535 - Discontinued.

Printronix L1524 - Discontinued.

Printronix P5000 - Discontinued.

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