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Motorola DS6878-HC Healthcare Scanner Video

Posted March 12, 2010

The DS6878-HC cordless imager from Motorola has been designed specifically for healthcare. It helps prevent medical errors, improve patient safety and increase caregiver productivity.

Epson TM-T88V Expands Financial Printer Offering

Posted March 10, 2010

Epson TM-T88VNewest Teller Printer Offers Top Reliability, Industry-Leading Four Year Warranty

Today Epson, a leading supplier of value-added printing and check scanning solutions for the financial industry, introduced the TM-T88V thermal printer, the newest addition to Epson’s best-selling TM-T88 printer series and the latest in Epson’s growing line of reliable teller printers. With an industry-leading, four-year warranty, print speeds up to 50% faster than the previous model, and a small, sleek footprint, Epson’s TM-T88V offers solid reliability along with advanced, full-featured printing functionality ideal for high volume teller transaction printing applications.

“The TM-T88V sets the standard for fast, reliable thermal printing,” commented Mike Helm, Director of Sales and Marketing, Epson System Device Group. “Financial institutions looking for top reliability will appreciate this workhorse, along with its four-year warranty.”

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Barcode ID’s Criminal

Posted March 8, 2010

Barcoding and crimefighting seem to go hand in hand. We’ve already seen how a handheld barcode scanner was used to fight off a convenience store robber.

Now comes a story from the UK how a burglar was traced by the barcode label that fell off his chisel.

Thief Roy Watson nearly made a perfect getaway after smashing through the wall of an electrical store to steal £33,000.

But the 38-year-old left behind a barcode from a chisel he used during the break-in.

The inch-long scrap of paper was traced to a Wickes DIY store. Officers trawled CCTV footage and saw Watson buying the tool hours before the burglary.

The crook admitted the crime and has been jailed for two and a half years.

Source: Barcode foils burglar: Thief traced after label fell off his chisel

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LXE VX9 Förj Selected by MSC Home Terminal

Posted March 5, 2010

LXE VX9MSC Home Terminal, the largest container terminal in the port of Antwerp, is a 50/50 joint venture between PSA (Port of Singapore Authorities) and MSC (Mediterranean Shipping Company). Located at the Delwaide dock in Antwerp, it is the most important North European hub for MSC. The terminal’s vital statistics are impressive: a total surface area of 1.6 million m², a quay length extending to almost 3 km, and a total capacity of around 4.3 million TEU. It operates 24/7.

Not surprisingly, MSC Home Terminal is equipped with state-of-the-art handling equipment and controlled by high-performance IT applications. A wireless network was recently implemented. MSC Home Terminal decided to replace the aging narrow band system with a modern Wi-Fi 2.4 and 5 GHz network. At the same time the technical department wanted to launch a proactive maintenance system which would enable maintenance messages to be monitored and eventually sent to the straddle carriers. The messages would inform the drivers to bring their straddle carrier in for a service check. Various selection criteria were drawn up for the vehicle-mounted computers. At the top of the list was undoubtedly the ruggedness of the devices, closely followed by the readability and ergonomics of the screens. All teams of MSC Home Terminal were involved in the selection process, from management to dock workers.

A short list of three suppliers was drawn up and their devices were thoroughly tested by users for ruggedness in a tough industrial environment, ergonomics and screen readability. In addition, the technical department and the IT department looked closely at the technical specifications to ensure the selected device had all the necessary features for end-to-end monitoring of the straddle carriers. Finally, the decision was made for LXE’s VX9 Förj vehicle-mount computers. These are rugged, Windows XP-based mobile PCs with 12.1” touch screen display. Around 120 LXE VX9 Förj computers will be installed on straddle carriers at MSC Home Terminal. The Förj is implemented as a FAT client allowing it to communicate with an independent PLC and the TOS.

Free Upgrade for Zebra Card Printers Can Improve Speed up to 15%

Posted March 4, 2010

Zebra Performance class card printers are built to deliver reliability and performance for high-volume card production. Now the most popular of Zebra’s card printers—the P330i, P330m and P430i—offer more features and better performance to provide best-in-class card printers. The following enhancements will be implemented via the new firmware and driver (except where noted):

  • Improved data download efficiency with USB connectivity, which increases the overall throughput 10-15 percent when printing with full color ribbons.
  • Up to 50 percent faster encoding speeds for Smart Card contact and MIFARE contactless options. (Speed will vary based on conditions.)
  • Microsoft certified drivers: Windows 7 (32 and 64 bit), and Windows Vista (64 bit). (Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003, XP, and Vista (32 bit) are currently supported.)
  • Increased standard memory to 20 MB. (hardware upgrade)

The enhancements noted above will be available via the updated firmware and driver shown in the chart below.

Take advantage of these enhancements immediately by downloading the firmware and driver.

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Datalogic Falcon 4400 Helps Retailer Reduces Costs

Posted March 4, 2010

Wet SealNew technology changed Wet Seal’s price markdown and receiving processes from a nightmare to a dream

New technology changed Wet Seal’s price markdown and receiving processes from a nightmare to a dream. Ron Hunt, Senior Manager of Operations for Wet Seal, a specialty retailer with approximately 400 stores in the United States and Puerto Rico, explained how his company reallocated labor hours being wasted on price markdowns and reduced shrinkage with help from the Datalogic Falcon® 4400 mobile computer.

Before, “We used old scanners. Training was difficult … a nightmare,” he said. “This is a dream … You never have to reprogram it.”

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Motorola Demos Head-Mounted Voice-Controlled Wearable Mobile Computer

Posted March 4, 2010

Motorola Golden-i

Motorola is pushing the boundaries of wearable mobile computers:

The headset is a prototype hands-free terminal for use in construction or other tough environments where the user has his hands busy, but still needs a computer. Designed to fit under a construction helmet, the Golden-i puts a tiny screen up close to the eye which gives the equivalent of a 15-inch display, and also has a headphone, a microphone along with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi for talking to other devices.

The headset is voice-controlled, and I tried it out. Once you have adjusted the eyepiece for your eyesight, you simply read off the names of the icons to access them: My Music, My Pictures and so on. The voice detection software, supplied by Nuance and called VoCon3200, ignores normal conversation, only listening to commands when there is a gap first, so you can say “my pictures” as part of sentence and it will be ignored.

Source Motorola Golden-i, Virtual Display for Outdoor Types

Datalogic Memor for Field Force Automation Video

Posted March 3, 2010

The Datalogic Memor mobile computer maximizes a compact, light weight form factor for shirt pocket convenience without compromising durability.

This video shows how it can be used for field force automation.

Prepare. To. Be. Rocked.

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SATO Introduces CG Series of Ultra-Compact Barcode Printers

Posted March 1, 2010

Multi-purpose desktop printers at affordable prices with SATO’s dependable performance and renowned durability

SATO, a pioneer in the Automatic Identification and Data Collection (AIDC) industry and a leader in barcode printing, labeling, and EPC/RFID solutions, announced today the introduction of its new, CG Series of compact, multi-purpose desktop printers.


Ideal for on-demand, low to mid-range volume label or wristband printing applications such as retail shelf and product labeling to layaway and price markdown printing, as well as healthcare wristband printing and office shipping labels, compliance labeling, product identification labels and/or tags, and much more.

The CG Series direct thermal and thermal transfer versions with emulation available are a perfect fit for a variety of applications in healthcare, retail, transportation and logistics, manufacturing, office administration, education and libraries, hospitality, travel and leisure and any other industry where a small footprint combined with value pricing and dependability are a must.

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Motorola DS6878-HC Cordless Barcode Scanner Designed to Improve Patient Care in Healthcare Environments

Posted March 1, 2010

Motorola DS6878DS6878-HC cordless bar code scanner inhibits the spread of germs, extends mobility and provides real-time information at the point of care

Motorola announced its newest advanced data capture solution for healthcare – the DS6878-HC cordless 2D imager. The DS6878-HC imager extends the access of critical information to the patient’s bedside, the nurse’s station, operating room and beyond with the highest levels of reliability and performance. Specifically designed to withstand the rigors of everyday use in demanding healthcare environments, the DS6878-HC helps to prevent medical errors, improve patient safety and increase caregiver productivity by providing real-time and convenient access to information.

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