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Datalogic’s Skorpio X3 Streamlines Processes and Improves Efficiency at SuperGroup

Posted February 15, 2016

Datalogic Skorpio X3 Mobile ComputerOverview
UK Fashion Retailer SuperGroup Plc offers quality clothing and accessories through e-commerce, a multi-channel network of stores and wholesale operations. In 2003, the company owner joined forces with a UK designer to develop and create a new in-house brand known as Superdry. This brand offers a wide range of clothing, bags and accessories. It has a wide appeal, capturing elements of “urban” and “street wear” designs with subtle combinations of vintage Americana, Japanese imagery and British tailoring, all with strong attention to detail. 135 UK and European stores, as well as celebrity publicity from David Beckham and Zac Efron, has driven Superdry to become an internationally acclaimed fashion brand sold in over 100 countries.

The Challenge
The popularity of Superdry grew the number of stores at a rapid rate, straining operations. This began to impact sales, as accurate and up-to-date information on inventory was not available. Keeping this in consideration, Superdry decided to upgrade their systems for POS and inventory management. The new automation system would include: hardware for shelf replenishment, inventory management and fast service at the point of sale. All these applications would be performed precisely and quickly on a handheld device to boost efficiency and enhance the shopping experience for customers. Continue reading »

Discontinuation Notice for the Datalogic Falcon X3 Mobile Computer

Posted January 22, 2015

With the recent launch of the next generation Falcon X3+ mobile computer in August of 2014, it is now time to announce the obsolescence of its predecessor, the highly successful Falcon X3 mobile computer. This will apply to all models of the Falcon X3 along with special versions as well.

The new Falcon X3+ ruggedized mobile computer from Datalogic represents the next evolution of the Falcon product line. Following the form factor of its predecessor, the Falcon X3+ mobile computer offers swift, accurate reading capabilities of both 1D and 2D symbologies. Laser models offer speedy reading of 1D linear bar codes as needed at both near and far ranges. The Falcon X3+ mobile computers also provide imager-based technology for customers opting for the flexibility of omnidirectional scanning of both 1D and 2D codes. This also now features the addition of a powerful 2D Extra Long Range option.

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Datalogic’s New Falcon X3+ Mobile Computer

Posted September 2, 2014

Datalogic has announced the availability of the new Falcon X3+ mobile computer, representing the next evolution of the very successful Falcon X3 mobile computer line.

Following the form factor of its predecessor, the Falcon X3+ mobile computer introduces many new and exciting capabilities including the ability to read 2D barcodes at extreme distances with the new XLR 2D scanner, along with significantly higher wireless communications throughput with the 802.11n dual band WiFi radio.  A full VGA display, faster processor, more memory, and higher levels of ruggedization all combine to allow the Falcon X3+ to adapt to many new applications.

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Datalogic Installs 600 Mobile Computers with Automotive Safety Leader Autoliv

Posted May 29, 2014

_img_gal_234_600Datalogic has deployed more than 600 Datalogic mobile computers for automotive safety systems manufacturer, Autoliv, across its European plants.

As Autoliv has a critical requirement to combine the most advanced technologies with the highest level of quality to guarantee secure vehicles that substantially reduce traffic accidents and injuries, the company needed to optimize efficiency in production line and warehouse operations with state-of-the-art technology, fast operation, ease of use and robustness. In order to achieve this, Autoliv chose to deploy Datalogic Falcon X3Skorpio X3 and Memor mobile computers to work with the new SAP system.

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The Datalogic Kyman Line Comes To An End

Posted November 7, 2012

After many years of great success and results, Datalogic is now announcing the worldwide obsolescence of the Kyman mobile computer product line, due to electronic component availability. This will apply to all
special versions of the Kyman mobile computer as well.

The new Falcon X3 mobile computer delivers the ultimate in ruggedness, ergonomics, computing and data capture technologies and a perfect replacement for the Kyman.

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Datalogic Power³ Parallel Processors Help Datalogic Falcon X3 and Elf Mobile Computers Run Faster and Last Longer

Posted June 16, 2011

Datalogic’s newest generation of mobile computers, the Falcon X3 and Elf PDA, deliver real time performance levels while extending battery life. How has Datalogic done this while at the same time addressing the need for converged devices with a host of technologies?

The Datalogic Power³ architecture splits the user interfacing and system level activities between two different processors. This follows a similar principle to dual core processors in modern computers. User interfacing threads go on a main processor clocked at speeds in 100s of MHz while system level tasks are managed by a co-processor running at roughly 10% of the main processor speed. This focuses the main processor on providing a maximized user interface while the co-processor handles system level items in the background.

The Datalogic Power³ parallel processor approach greatly improves user efficiency and battery life. Applications can move at the user’s speed with little to no lag time between application windows or task direction from ERP systems. An added benefit comes from device autonomy with the Power³ architecture lowering the device total cost of ownership through longer lasting batteries, both over the shift and lifetime.