Professional Canon Camera Now Supports Barcode Readers

Posted August 2, 2010

Canon EOS with barcode supportCanon is now shipping a special EOS 7D kit that includes support for barcode scanners and has the ability to embed barcode data directly into the picture’s metadata.

  • Both USB and Bluetooth barcode scanners are compatible. The latter types requires an additional accessory not included with the kit, the Canon Bluetooth Unit BU-30 adapter. Both one-dimensional (1D) and two-dimensional (2D) scanners are supported. The barcode scanners connect through the transmitter’s USB port (or wirelessly to the USB-dongle style BU-30 in the case of Bluetooth scanners).
  • A variety of barcode scanners should work with the kit, and three specific Honeywell barcode scanners have been certified for use:
  • The barcode scanner will beep to indicate the barcode ticket has been successfully scanned and sent through to the transmitter/camera. There is no indication on the camera itself that the barcode data has arrived, at least not prior to a photo being taken.
  • The barcode data is embedded directly into the EXIF metadata of picture files captured subsequent to a successful scan. The barcode data can be seen when reviewing pictures, on the small picture + histogram + shooting info screen.
  • The barcode version of the 7D also provides password-protected lockdown of camera settings, to prevent accidental or misguided changes to those settings by the camera’s operator. There are four lockdown modes to choose from; the most restrictive allows the shutter button to be pressed, photos to be reviewed and deleted and gives access to My Menu.

    Any menu items previously added to My Menu are fully accessible while in this lockdown mode, but other menu items cannot be added. In other words, My Menu can be used to provide a pathway to settings that the operator is to be allowed to change, but does not provide a backdoor to all other camera settings.

  • The barcode data inside the picture file can be read by a variety of software used by the sports, youth, event and school photographers likely to adopt the 7D barcode kit.
  • The 7D barcode kit enables the data to be embedded directly into picture files right inside the camera, at the moment of capture, and is the first time Canon has offered something that could do this. Existing third-party barcode solutions require the barcode data to be married up with the picture files after the fact, usually at the computer stage or with a system like Wi-Pics.

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