New RFID Tag Designed for Jewelery Items

Posted August 2, 2010

Inventory management researchers recently unveiled a new RFID tagging system that will enable consumers and businesses to track valuable jewelery.

The new tags were created to attach to jewelery items such as necklaces and earrings, allowing individuals to monitor and follow their possessions in real time. Each RFID unit features a small hole, in which the piece of jewelry can easily slide into, therefore mitigating any damage to the accessory.

If a consumer or jewelery store owner accidentally misplaces an expensive pearl necklace or pair of diamond earrings, they can use the new tags – which can be identified within a range of three feet – to find them.

The tag’s slim and light-weight design allow it go unnoticed, while still maintaining a high level of protection.

RFID tags are used commonly in warehouses and retail sectors to increase oversight over supplies and to improve tracking capabilities. Other industries have recently adopted the technology, as the benefits can help a company save money by not having to invest in items because they have mistakenly been misplaced.

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