Printronix RFID Printers

Posted September 27, 2013

Printronix RFID Printers

As RFID becomes a more commonplace tool to help all types of businesses become more efficient and accurate, the available choices for RFID printers is expanding all the time. Given the costs involved you obviously want to find a printer that will meet any compliance/performance requirements you need while being a reliable  investment for the long term.

Printronix has been a leading manufacture of industrial grade label printers and continues this legacy with their current line of RFID printers. Designed for the most demanding and critical applications, the SL5000R and SL4M are the perfect solutions for any RFID printing requirement.

SL5000R – Industry Leading RFID Printing

Designed from Printronix’s  5r Multi-Technology Platform and patented MP2 RFID Smart encoding, the SL5000r provides reliable, industry leading UHF RFID printing while maintaining full EPCglobal compliance. When your RFID encoding and printing has to be accurate on every label, across multiple protocols,  and in even the most rugged environments, the SL5000r is the solution you can count on.

  • Patented multi-position RFID coupling device optimizes performance for a broad variety of tags
  • Intelligent Media Detection prevents non-RFID print jobs from printing on RFID labels, avoiding unnecessary expense
  • Advanced RFID calibration with tag profiling, custom tag configurator and auto inlaylocator for easy configuration and  versatile media throughput
  • Embedded EPC privacy logo  simplifies label  design and  system set-up
  • Integrated EPCglobal certified multi-protocol UHF RFID encoder meets global frequencyrequirements
  • XML forms printing with embedded industry standard forms and templates
  • Printronix Extensible Markup Language (PXML) interface enables real-time printer and job control

SL4M – Uncompromising Features and Performance at an Economical Price

Based on the same advanced electronic architecture  found in the high performance Printronix printers, the SL4M provides the same uncompromising reliability and quality  in a cost-effective design. The perfect solution for retail and  light warehousing applications  that are looking to develop the most economical RFID enabled supply chain.

  • Printronix industry leading MP2 RFID Smart encoding technology
  • User friendly  graphical interface offers ease of configuration and  installation
  • Consistent RFID tag support with entire SmartLine MP2 family
  • EPCglobal Gen 2 Certified Hardware
  • Interoperable with widest array of Gen 2 tags
  • Extensive embedded Printer Language Support (Printronix, Zebra, TEC, Sato, Intermec, Datamax)
  • 99.8% RFID encoding rates as reported by end users

For more assistance finding the right RFID printer for your application, contact us at Barcodes Inc.

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