Intermec Printers Now Certified Compliant With SAP Printer Vendor Program

Posted June 26, 2013

2013-06-26_0957Making integrated barcode labeling even easier, Intermec Direct Protocol printers are now certified through the SAP Printer Vendor program with Intermec device types for SAP Smart Forms and mySAP Business Suite. From industrial and commercial class printers, to rugged mobile printers for the warehouse, and desktop printers for shipping and back office applications, Intermec offers the broadest integrated printing support for SAP.

The following Intermec Direct Protocol (DP) printers are compliant with the SAP Printer Vendor Program:

Industrial and Commercial Printers

  • PX6i (203, 300 and 406 dpi)
  • PX4i (203, 300 and 406 dpi)
  • PM4i (203, 300 and 406 dpi)
  • PM43 (203, 300 and 406 dpi)
  • PM43c (203, 300 and 406 dpi)
  • PF4i (203 dpi) PB22 (203 dpi)
  • PF2i (203 dpi)
  • PD42 (203 and 300 dpi)
  • PD41 (203 and 300 dpi)

Desktop and Rugged Mobile Printers

The SAP certified device types, a technology brief entitled “Installing and Configuring Intermec Device Types for SAP” and a whitepaper entitled “Bar Code & RFID Label Printing from SAP”may be downloaded at

SAP Legacy Software

Intermec supports integrated printing directly from legacy SAP applications through:

  • SAPscript printing: Intermec printers support printing from SAP R/3 using SAPscript formats uploaded to SAP.
  • XML-enabled printing: Intermec printers support printing from SAP Auto-ID Infrastructure (AII) using XML data streams and formats stored on the printer.

In addition, Intermec partners with leading SAP-certified label design and print management software providers. See the whitepaper – Bar Code & RFID Label Printing from SAP — for more information about the various SAP printing methods and the benefits of each in the customer’s specific environment.

For assistance finding the right Intermec printer for your SAP environment, contact us at Barcodes Inc.

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