Free Seagull BarTender 9.3 Service Release Adds Translations, New Features to Barcode Label Software

Posted August 6, 2010

Seagull BartenderSeagull BarTender 9.3 was released on May 14, 2010, with all new features displaying only in English. Service Release 1 (SR1) of version 9.3 was launched on July 20 and added translations of the new features in all 22 of our supported international languages. In addition to the new translations, SR1 includes new EPC data formats for RFID tags and over 100 additional GS1 bar codes.

New EPC RFID Data Formats

BarTender 9.3 SR1 supports version 1.4 of EPC’s Tag Data Standard, which adds 7 new EPC RFID data formats:

  • GDTI-96
  • GDTI-113
  • GIAI-202
  • GRAI-170
  • GSRN-96
  • SGLN-195
  • SGTIN-198

The above formats can be used with any EPC Gen2 or ISO 18000-6 tag. To view and use the new formats in BarTender, select the Standard RFID pane of the BarTender Toolbox.

New GS1 Bar Codes

The SR1 service release adds over 100 additional GS1 bar code formats. To access them, please select BarTender’s Standard Bar Codes Toolbox pane and open the new, dedicated GS1 folder.

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