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Webinar: How to Automate Supply Chain Processes with RFID

Posted February 13, 2024

About this Webinar

How to Automate Supply Chain Processes with RFID

Thursday, February 22 1:00 – 1:45pm CT

Presented by:

Tom O’Boyle, Principal RFID Solutions Architect, Levata

John Cooke, Director of Software Development, Smart Label Solutions (SLS)

Easily Scale RFID Technology with SLS Integration

RFID is revolutionizing shipping and receiving in a more scalable fashion than ever before. Purpose-built RFID solutions are improving order to delivery time and shipment accuracy across the supply chain while reducing labor intensive manual counting.

Watch this 30-minute webinar and discover the advantages of RFID for your organization: 

  • How to improve your supply chain visibility by automating your shipping and receiving functions using RFID through improved read accuracy to the item level and sub-second event alarming
  • Why using professional grade software is an essential component of your RFID Solution, providing real-time visibility into the movement of assets and products, whether that be at a dock door, a tunnel or with a mobile device
  • How RFID is easy to scale and deploy through rapid plug and play integration

Webinar: AMRs Work Best WITH People, Featuring Vecna Robotics

Posted November 28, 2023
Vecna Robotics Human in the Loop AMR Webinar 1024x575

About this Webinar

Thursday, November 16, 1:00 PM – 1:30 PM CT

Presented by:

Anthony Moschella, SVP – Product, Vecna Robotics

Manthan Pawar, Product Manager – Robotics and RFID, Barcodes Group

AMRs Work Alongside Humans in the Warehouse to Enhance Productivity

We aren’t close to fully automated, or “dark” warehouses where robots do it all from start to finish with little-to-no human direction. Where we are right now is on the cusp of recognizing the power of humans working WITH robots to drive better, faster results. The opportunity to evolve the warehouse as a workplace is ripe. 

In this insightful webinar, industry experts will share key takeaways: 

  • Workflows > Robots: Discover how a holistic approach to automation can boost performance and satisfaction. 
  • Automation with Human Touch: Learn how automation can enhance, not replace, the human workforce, prioritizing safety, well-being, and efficiency. 
  • Human-in-the-Loop Technology: Explore technologies that troubleshoot, problem-solve, and optimize solutions using real-time data. 

Watch the Full Vecna Robotics Webinar