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Addressing Modern Business Challenges with Wearables (Webinar)

Posted July 5, 2023

About this Webinar:

Addressing Modern Business Challenges with Wearables

Thursday July 13th 1:00-1:30pm Central

Presented by:

Glenn Aspenns – Product Marketing Manager, Honeywell Safety and Productivity Solutions

What to Expect: Honeywell Wearables Webinar

Your business is under increasing pressure to increase productivity. To meet workers’ expectations, you are looking to equip them with intuitive technology and create a safe work environment. Wearable mobile devices and technologies can enhance a company’s ability to meet these challenges head on.

This discussion will cover market conditions, application areas, and potential solutions to some of the most common productivity challenges.

During this 30-minute webinar, you will learn to:

  • Identify key pain points in warehousing, transportation, retail and manufacturing
  • Detail opportunity areas to make rapid and substantial improvements
  • Discuss hands-free solutions ready for scalable deployment

Watch the Full Wearables Webinar

Tech Tip Tuesday- Mobile Computing 101

Posted June 19, 2018


Enterprises have adopted mobile computing as the new force to reshape the workplace. Equipped with mobile devices, employees are not tethered to a desk or a workstation. They have the ability to enter data. access information, collaborate with colleagues, and provide personalized service to customers, wherever and whenever it’s needed the most.

The benefits of perfect mobility deployment:

A carefully designed mobile computing solution will provide significant ROI for your enterprise:

Greater Efficiency and Productivity
Employees will be able to do their jobs more quickly and easily, resulting in greater productivity and efficiency in a shift.

Without the need or paper records or manual keying data at a workstation, accuracy will improve you to gain visibility into operations.

Improved Workflows
Streamlined processes made possible by mobile computing solutions will mean better customer service, with fewer delays and errors.

Reduced Training Time
Spend less time training overall with enterprise- grade devices with longer support life cycles.

Check out the different forms of mobile devices that we have available. Selecting the right device can lead to a greater ROI by maximizing opportunities for increased productivity, efficiency, and accuracy.

T                Tablets                            Mobile Computer                      Vehicle Mounted                        Wearables
..                                                                                                                  Computers

Is your business getting all the advantages of a mobility solution tailored to the unique needs of your business? Contact our dedicated account managers to learn more.

Read more about mobile computing, click on this link provided that will take you to our ebook on Mobile Computing 101.