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A Rugged Smartphone to Rule Them All: Samsung Galaxy XCover6 Pro Hands-On

Posted December 11, 2023
samsung galaxy xcover6 pro

Our focus today is on an unconventional smartphone for the enterprise, namely the Samsung Galaxy XCover6 Pro.

The latest rugged model from Samsung is identified as an Enterprise Edition, signifying its appropriateness for corporate usage, especially by employees working in warehouse or industrial environments. The XCover 6 Pro also caters to individuals seeking a robust phone for sports activities or challenging situations.

The base product box includes a USB-C to USB-C cable, while the XCover 6 Pro itself is presented encased in plastic, showcasing its impressive display, light form factor, and thin, yet rugged design.

The XCover 6 Pro possesses a unique design with a singular black color option, complemented by glossy red rings encircling the camera lens and red accents on the top and X Cover key.

Despite common stereotypes about rugged phones lacking aesthetic appeal, the XCover 6 Pro challenges these preconceptions with its harmonious black and red color scheme.

Another characteristic that stands out immediately is the XCover 6 Pro’s distinct tactile surface, reminiscent of rubber which feels softer than a typical consumer smartphone body. This characteristic imparts a sense of additional protection, akin to the phone already being encased in a protective covering.

The detachable battery is also a a clear giveaway that you are looking at a rugged smartphone meant for commercial use.

The exterior of the phone boasts a LED indicator on the top, a volume rocker with a power button on one side, an XCover key on the other side, and a USB-C port with a pogo pin at the bottom, allowing for charging via a docking station. Rounding out the exterior is the power button with an integrated fingerprint sensor for an additional layer of security.

Upon opening the phone to insert the battery, access is granted to the SIM and SD card slots, with a rubber lining on the back cover designed to prevent water intrusion.

The display is slightly smaller than the phone’s overall size, featuring a vibrant LCD screen with a 120 Hz refresh rate. Regarding protective gloves, the touchscreen display is more responsive than anticipated.

After several days of usage, the XCover 6 Pro has the expected weight of a handheld mobile computer, but ultimately feels lighter than expected. Its secure grip and touchscreen round out a thoughtfully designed device for workers on overtime shifts who are scanning and communicating constantly.

To see the rugged smartphone in action and see a full list of detailed technical specifications, have a look at our previous XCover 6 Pro coverage.

Get Your Hands on Your Own XCover6 Pro

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The Connected Associate (Webinar)

Posted October 2, 2023

About this Webinar:

The Connected Associate: Accessing the Wealth of Data and Work Effectively Any Place, Any Time

Thursday, October 12th, 2:00 PM – 2:30 PM Central

Presented By:

Rocky Rickard – Director of Business Development

Scot Sinnen – Strategic Channel Accounts, Samsung

What to Expect from the Samsung Connected Associate Webinar

From retail workers in stores to logistic drivers on the road and healthcare professionals in hospitals to technicians in the field, associates struggle to access the wealth of available information and communicate effectively with each other. Frontline workers far too often still rely on outdated technology and, therefore, outdated data.

During this webinar, Samsung will share how to empower your team by democratizing data, increasing their productivity and job satisfaction. The speakers will also cover how to provide busy field workers who are constantly on the move with familiar walkie-talkie experience while using a smartphone.

Key Takeaways:

  • What to do to keep teams agile in various verticals, including transportation, warehousing, retail and healthcare
  • Why rugged devices designed to withstand rough environments don’t need to be more expensive, less powerful and bulkier than consumer smartphones
  • How the Galaxy XCover6 Pro push-to-talk technology allows workers to initiate two-way or group conversations with a single press, even when wearing gloves

Watch the full recording below. If you have any questions about what a push to talk solution might look like in your organization, do not hesitate to contact us.

The Samsung Galaxy XCover6 Pro Streamlines Your Workflow

Posted August 31, 2023
samsung galaxy xcover6 pro

Need a device that can survive even the most extreme conditions? With the Samsung Galaxy XCover6 Pro, you’ll be ready for anything.

Built like a beast, without sacrificing beauty. Provide your team the ability to perform multiple tasks any place, any time, with a single device.

Galaxy XCover6 Pro: Built Tough for Commercial Environments

The Galaxy XCover6 Pro’s tough design shields a powerhouse smartphone with high-speed 5G and Wi-Fi 6E connectivity. TheXCover6 Pro has an IP68-rated design that resists dust and water1.

The rugged smartphone from Samsung also passed MIL-STD-810H testing2, including a 1.5m (4.9 ft.) drop test. That’s the testing standard designed by the US Military to determine device limitations.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

More can be seen and accomplished on the 6.6-inch screen of the Galaxy XCover6 Pro. You’ll notice a considerable improvement in the clarity and sharpness thanks to the 120Hz fast refresh rate and FHD+ resolution.

The Galaxy XCover6 Pro also tracks your finger motions even when wet or wearing gloves.

For day to day performance, you can program Active Keys to automate recurrent chores at the touch of a single button, access commonly used apps quickly, and even communicate with colleagues in the warehouse with push-to-talk or walkie-talkie functions.

Unmatched Processing Power in a Familiar Package

The Galaxy XCover6 Pro combines octa-core processing capability with 6GB of RAM for quick and efficient performance. Enjoy 128GB of internal storage and expandable storage up to 1TB3.

The Galaxy XCover6 Pro will keep you ahead of the game. The XCover6 Pro supports 5G as well as Wi-Fi 6E4 for high speed connectivity everywhere, at any time. With Knox Capture5, your XCover6 Pro can readily become an enterprise-grade barcode scanner.

Samsung Galaxy XCover6 Pro Knox Capture Scanning

Simply scan as you would take a picture and the captured barcode data are automatically integrated into your business apps.

Galaxy XCover6 Pro’s removable 4,050mAh (typical)6 battery ensures downtime is kept to a minimum. To get back up and running quickly, either utilize the 15W Fast Charging charger or swap in a fully charged spare battery. The pogo pin also allows you to charge your device quickly and easily.

See the XCover6 Pro in Action

Full Specifications of the XCover6 Pro from Samsung

Dimensions: 168.8mm x 79.9mm x 9.9mm 

Weight: 240g

Processor/CPU: Snapdragon 778G,  Octa Core (4×2.4 GHz, 4×1.8 GHz)

Display: Touchscreen, 1080 x 2408p resolution, 6.6″ FHD+ TFT LCD Infinity-V (6.4″ with corners)

Camera: 13MP in front, 50MP in rear, HDR, Dual-LED flash, panorama, and HD video recording 1080p@30fps

Storage: 128GB, Supports MicroSD (Up to 1TB3)

Connectivity:  5G8, Wi-Fi 6E4, USB-C 3.2, Bluetooth® 5.2, Earjack 3.5mm, NFC

OS: Android 12, with 4 OS updates7

Sensor Type: Fingerprint (side-mounted), accelerometer, gyro, proximity, compass

Battery: Removable, 18 hours of continuous usage on Wi-Fi, 4,050 mAh capacity6


Video Formats: MP4, M4V, 3GP, 3G2, WMV, ASF, AVI, FLV, MKV, WEBM

Ready to learn more? Contact a rugged smartphone expert today to explore applications, bulk pricing, and custom integrations and deployments from Barcodes, Inc.

1 Water resistant in up to 5 feet of water for up to 30 minutes. Rinse residue/dry after wet.

2 These devices passed military specification (MIL- STD-810H) testing against a subset of 21 specific environmental conditions, including temperature, dust, shock/vibration, and low pressure/high altitude. Real world usage varies from the specific environmental conditions used in MIL-STD-810H testing. Samsung does not guarantee device performance in all extreme conditions.

3 MicroSD card sold separately.

4 Wi-Fi 6E availability may vary due to OS version, location, network conditions, and other factors. Requires a Wi-Fi 6E router, sold separately.

5 Knox Suite and Knox Capture sold separately

6 Based on average battery life under typical usage conditions. Average expected performance based on typical use. Actual battery life depends on factors such as network, features selected, frequency of calls, and voice, data, and other application-usage patterns. Results may vary.

7 Availability and timing of Android OS upgrades and features may vary by market. Years of hardware availability and years of security updates are calculated from date of global product introduction.

8 5G network connection available in select markets. Download and streaming speeds may vary based on market, carrier, content provider, server connection and user environment. Check with your carrier for availability and details.

ELD Enforcement is Here

Posted April 30, 2018

The Electronic Logging Device (ELD) Mandate took effect on December 18, 2017. Since then drivers were given some leeway. If they were caught without the proper ELD equipment, documents, or training they were written up, but neither they nor the companies they drive for were penalized for it. That leeway officially ended on April 1st.

Under the Compliance, Safety, and Accountability program (CSA) any driver now caught without the proper ELD equipment will have CSA points levied against them and their companies. Furthermore, according to Kerri Wirachowsky, Director of the roadside inspection program at the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance, trucks will be put into the penalty box, in most cases for up to 10 hours.

With the ELD Mandate drivers must have and be able to do the following.

  1. Tell enforcement that there is an electronic user manual with instructions for using the device, on the device, in the form of help screens.
  2. Be able to produce recent data and transfer it to an inspector electronically.
  3. Instructions for reporting malfunctions and record-keeping procedures during malfunctions.
  4. Have at least an eight day supply of blank forms for recording a driver’s hours of service in the event the mobile device fails.

April 1st has come and gone, hence if drivers are not ELD compliant by now its important to do so. Mainly because just having an ELD does not mean the driver is in compliance. The driver must also be able to operate the ELD. Not being able to do so will be treated as if the driver didn’t have the proper equipment on board.

To comply with the ELD Mandate you’ll need a device, below are some of the newest mobile device options for ELD:

To learn more about the ELD Mandate or to get a free consultation on an ELD hardware and software solution, reach out to one of our Barcodes, Inc. representatives.

A POS System for Your Business Needs

Posted January 2, 2018

When it comes to the Point of Sale market there are a variety of options. Each have their own specific advantages. To better help you decide which POS system is best suited for your business needs here are some options.

Mobile POS

With wireless mobile POS systems your business will have more competitive solutions to surpass their operational constraints. You’ll be able to process payments, manage some inventory, and mange customer information. Pair it with a mobile receipt printer to truly go mobile.


Tablet POS

Tablets are becoming a popular solution when it comes to point of sale. Tablets come in many sizes and have a wide variety of features. Many have the ability to support hardeware such as tablet stands, barcode readers, cash drawers, tablet barcode scanners or a companion barcode scanners


POS Terminal System

The Point of Sale Terminal Systems are the most common. These are types most people use at counter in various applications. They include everything you’ll need to get started with POS in your business. There are systems specifically designed for retail, restaurant, bar, grocery, salon, and iPad based. Each system will provide the most efficient and productive POS experience for your business and your customers.


To learn more about Point of Sale options and applications please click here.

For any questions or a quote on any of your POS needs contact us at Barcodes, Inc.


Electronic Logging Device (ELD) Mandate

Posted September 22, 2017

eldWhat you need to know?

In 2012, the United States Congress enacted the “Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century” bill, which included a provision requiring the FMCSA to develop a rule mandating the use of Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs). The purpose of the ELD was to electronically record a driver’s Record of Duty Status (RODS), which replaces the paper log book that drivers use to record their compliance with Hours of Service (HOS) requirements. In December 2015, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) published the final electronic logging device rule, or ELD Mandate. In accordance with the mandate, fleets have until December 2017 to implement certified ELDs to record HOS. Additionally, fleets that are already equipped with ELD technology will have until December 2019 to ensure compliance with the published specifications.

What does an ELD do?

ELDs installed in motor vehicles can monitor and record a whole host of data about the vehicle and its driver that go beyond RODS – from Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIR) to driver behavior reporting on speeding, idling, and hard braking. Many systems are capable of integrating map and route optimization solutions as well, which can help drivers navigate through the best routes on any given day.

What are the benefits of ELD?

Besides being in compliance and avoiding heavy fees, many fleets are already seeing the benefits of ELDs, such as:

  • Saves the drive time by reducing paperwork
  • Keeps a dispatcher updated on a driver’s status, while letting them plan for loads better in light of HOS compliance needs
  • Reduces the hassle of keeping a paper
  • Tracks a driver’s HOS electronically
  • Ensures drive segments are capture through being “integrally synchronized” with a truck’s engine
  • Synchronizes driver with fleet manager by passing data to a system where one can see e-logs in a near real-time basis
  • Save money by reducing fuel costs

Can I use rugged smartphones and tablets instead?

Knowing that there is a cost burden associated with adopting new technology, the FMCSA has authorized the use of rugged handhelds, smartphones, and tablets as the system as a whole meets ELD requirements, including a hardwired connection to the truck’s engine. This helps address the start-up costs associated with some of the HOS compliance systems. Furthermore, most truck drivers are already using rugged devices as part of their other operations, such as direct store delivery, signature capture, route optimization, and inventory management. They also allow the drivers the flexibility to choose from a wide range of mobile devices that they are comfortable using.

What are some mobile device options?

While there are hundreds of devices to choose from, here are some of the newest technologies that are ideal for the on-the-go driver:

To learn more about the ELD Mandate or to get a free consultation on an ELD hardware and software solution, reach out to one of our Barcodes, Inc. representatives.