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POS-X XPC600 POS Computer End-of-Life and Suggested Replacements

Posted July 13, 2010

POS-X EVO TouchPCThe POS-X XPC600 all in one POS terminal has been designated end of life effective immediately. POS-X has introduced a new family of fanless systems to our product line, the EVO Touch PC. The EVO TouchPC improves upon the XPC600 by offering greater performance, a Solid State Drive (SSD) option, and up to 2GB of RAM.

Old SKU New SKU New SKU Description
XPC600-C1N EVO-TP1-A1N EVO 15″ Fanless TouchPC, Atom 1.6, 1GB or 2GB, 160GB HD, No O/S*
XPC600-C1P EVO-TP1-A1P EVO 15″ Fanless TouchPC, Atom 1.6, 1GB or 2GB, 160GB HD, XP PRO*
XPC600-C1R EVO-TP1-A1R EVO 15″ Fanless TouchPC, Atom 1.6, 1GB or 2GB, 160GB HD, POS Ready*

*Note: Solid State Drive (SSD) and 2GB RAM models not shown.

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Configure an IDTech Credit Card Reader for PayPal Virtual Terminal

Posted July 13, 2010

These directions will help you configure your IDTech credit card reader to automatically submit credit card information via the PayPal Virtual Terminal.

  1. Download paypal-virtual-terminal.cfs2 to your desktop or other easily accessible location.

  2. Download IDTech Configuration Software

  3. Install the IDTech Configuration software

  4. Plug your IDTech credit card reader into your computer

  5. Open the "MagSwipe Configuration Utility" from the Start Menu

  6. Click the “Change Advanced Reader Settings” button

  7. Click the "Data Editing" tab then click “Load from file” button

  8. Select the paypal-virtual-terminal.cfs2 file you downloaded in step #1

  9. Click "Send to MSR"

  10. Open the PayPal Virtual Terminal in your web browser

  11. Place your cursor in the "Credit Card Number" field

  12. Swipe credit card

  13. The card information should be submited and your browser will automatically go to "Review Transaction"

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BlackBerry Barcode Scanner now available from Socket Mobile

Posted July 13, 2010

BlackBerry users can quickly and easily add high-volume barcode scanning capabilities to their smartphones

Socket Mobile, announced expanded compatibility of the Socket Bluetooth Cordless Hand Scanner (CHS) Series 7 with BlackBerry® smartphones including the Bold™, Curve™, Pearl™, Storm™ and Tour™.

The CHS Series 7 brings industrial-class barcode scanning into a lightweight, pocket-sized form factor and is available in 2D and 1D scanning options with either standard or antimicrobial casing, which protects the device against the multiplication and spread of harmful bacteria and microbes and is a popular choice in the healthcare and hospitality industries. Socket provides free SocketScan™ software, which enables the CHS to connect to any BlackBerry smartphone via Bluetooth, allowing easy integration by an IT team or individual users.

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Advantage DLX Label Printers Certified with Point of Success Restaurant POS Software

Posted June 30, 2010

CognitiveTPG Advantage DLXCognitiveTPG announces that its Advantage DLX thermal barcode label printers are now certified to work with Point of Success software for any type of restaurant or food service establishment.

“Many of our pizzeria and take-out restaurant customers were replacing their Cognitive Blaster printers. We wanted to be sure they could continue to use a similar high-quality CognitiveTPG printer, so we made the development investment to certify Point of Success for use with the Advantage DLX printer. The certification went smoothly and we received all the support we needed,” said Jeff Ward, CEO of Inborne Technology Corporation, developers of Point of Success.

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Here We Grow Again! – BarcodesInc Announces Office Relocation

Posted June 19, 2010

BarcodesIncBarcodesInc is expanding to new offices in the Chicago “Loop” business district. The move will better accommodate larger sales and customer support operations following years of explosive growth.

Effective June 21, 2010 our new business address is:

200 W Monroe St
10th Floor
Chicago IL 60606

Designed for current and future growth, the new downtown location will more than double our current space and allow upgraded training areas and enhanced shipping and printing facilities, in addition to improving our ability to host customers and business partners.

The firm’s continued growth is built upon its reputation for knowledgeable sales and great customer service. The relocation is one of many new initiatives designed to serve our customers and enable continued business expansion, including employee growth and education, strategic partnerships, increased target marketing and new product lines.

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Printronix P700 Delivers the Latest Innovation in Its Flagship Line Matrix Printer Portfolio

Posted June 14, 2010

Printronix P7000Printronix’s P7000 Series Is the Technology of Choice for Companies Requiring Reliable, Low Cost of Ownership, Flexible Printers for Mission-critical Applications

Printronix, a leading industrial printing solutions manufacturer, today announced the latest introduction in its flagship line matrix product series, the P7000 cartridge line matrix printer. The new P7000 cartridge printer gives users the added advantage of a cartridge that enables easy replacement while delivering ease of change, clean-hands installation, more uniform print quality and longer ribbon life. Ideally suited for supply-chain and back-office printing applications, the Printronix P7000 series is the preferred choice of companies around the globe, offering more uptime and mission-critical dependability, while providing lower service and operating costs.

“Reliability and value are still top buying priorities in Line impact printer environments. Businesses want integrated print management, precise print quality and operating cost controls in high-volume printing for mission critical applications,” said Peter Grant, managing vice president at Gartner.

Printronix line matrix printers work predictably and consistently in challenging physical environments, performing reliably under temperature and humidity extremes and often using low quality paper or paper with a high recycled content. In contrast to laser printers, which require a pristine operating environment and high quality paper, the P7000 also works in current and legacy host environments to efficiently and reliably support critical business processes and is ideally suited for printing multi-part forms. In addition, the cost of supplies for a laser printer is six times the cost of supplies for a line matrix printer, delivering a significant total cost of ownership advantage for line matrix users.

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Patient Wristbanding: The Advantages of Thermal over Laser Solutions

Posted June 10, 2010

Executive Summary

Bar code systems help hospitals deliver accurate information in a variety of patient care and clinical settings, making them an important component in improving patient safety and process efficiencies. Therefore, these systems should be developed and executed with care, using dedicated printers that are optimized to provide reliable, accurate bar code output.

When hospitals evaluate their patient wristbanding solution, they often consider modifying existing laser printing systems to do the job. While many laser printers are capable of outputting bar codes, dedicated thermal printers are a more reliable, efficient and cost-effective option.

This white paper will explain the differences in thermal versus laser printing for patient wristbanding in hospitals and will provide an overview of the four reasons thermal printing is a better solution, including:

  • Enhanced Patient Safety

  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership

  • Patient Comfort

  • Ease of Use

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Zebra RW4-PS: RW 420 Print Station Introduction Responds to Mobile Workforce Industry Demands

Posted June 9, 2010

Mobile printer offers slimmer, lighter profile, smaller form factor for increased productivity in the mobile workforce

Zebra Technologies, a global leader in specialty printing and automatic identification solutions, today announces the new RW 420 Print Station (model RW4-PS), a printer and hand-held in one unit. The RW4-PS enhances worker productivity by delivering more efficient and effective mobile equipment management. Now workers will carry less equipment and fewer charging devices, allowing for quick end-user adoption.

The RW4-PS is designed to address the evolving business challenges of the mobile workforce by incorporating Zebra’s mobile printing technology into a single, compact, lightweight and rugged unit capable of supporting the Motorola MC70 and MC75 handheld terminals. Zebra engaged companies such as Andrews Distributing, one of the most successful beer distributors/wholesalers in the country, to gather input on the features and usability of the RW print station.

“The Zebra RW 420 Print Station increases worker output and maximizes efficiencies to the supply chain,” said Marty Johnson, product marketing manager, Zebra Technologies. “This new product helps the mobile worker visit more customers, reduce service time to serve existing customers and relieves the burden of carrying multiple devices and products or making multiple trips to the vehicle.”

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How Mobile Printing Benefits Warehouse Operations

Posted June 8, 2010

Mobile Printers

Executive Summary

To maintain accuracy and efficiency in warehouses and distribution centers, bar coding and radio frequency identification (RFID) systems are indispensable. Businesses can enhance these benefits by using mobile printers to produce and attach bar code and RFID labels at the point of application. Supplementing stationary bar code and RFID printing operations with mobile printers can reduce operator errors, streamline operations associated with labeling in inconvenient locations, and eliminate costs associated with correcting errors.

Using mobile printers to eliminate the distance that workers travel to pick up labels can boost productivity, often providing a full return on investment (ROI) in less than a year when used in warehouse, distribution center, and other industrial environments. The ROI is especially strong for facilities with existing wireless LANs, because a relatively small incremental investment in mobile printers creates new ways to increase efficiency, reduce operator errors, and leverage the wireless infrastructure investment.

RFID is an automatic identification technology that relies on radio frequency (RF) waves to read encoded digital data. RFID is similar to bar code technology in concept. Unlike a bar code, RFID does not require a visible tag or label to read its stored data.

This white paper shows where it makes sense to supplement bar code and RFID labeling operations with wireless and/or mobile printers by:

  • Identifying common operating procedures in warehouses and distribution centers that mobile/wireless printing can improve.

  • Illustrating how businesses can prevent common operator labeling errors by printing at the point of activity.

  • Providing real-world examples of how mobile printing systems have improved operations.

  • Presenting formulas and guidance for creating an ROI calculation.

  • Describing how mobile printers can be integrated with wireless LANs and batch operating systems.

  • Presenting an overview of mobile printing technology and capabilities.

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Star TSP700ii Receipt Printer Speed Duel Animated Video

Posted June 8, 2010

Have you ever wanted to see animated receipt printers duel featuring the Star TSP700ii and set to the tune of The Devil Went Down To Georgia by Charlie Daniels? Have I got just the thing for you.

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