Zoom Room Improves Customer Service with Apple iPad and Socket Barcode Scanners

Posted November 28, 2012

Every type of business is concerned with providing the best possible experience for their customers and taking advantage of new technology tools is a great way to do so. Utilizing mobile devices like the Apple iPad and Socket Bluetooth scanners can make any application more efficient and customer friendly.

Zoom Room, a chain of dog agility training centers, delivers top-notch customer service for canines and humans alike with the Apple iPad and CHS Series 7 barcode scanners from Socket Mobile. The mobile technology enables employees to spend more time helping customers, perform transactions and registrations away from the front desk, and minimize paper usage to support corporate green initiatives.


Customers encounter the technology immediately upon arriving at a Zoom Room training center. An iPad and CHS barcode scanner are set up at the front desk as an easy-to-use self check-in station. Customers simply scan a barcode on their Zoom Room membership card or dog collar tag to quickly check into Puppy Preschool, a group agility class or even Doggy Disco social event.

Providing a self check-in kiosk enables staff to focus more time on assisting customers. “Because dog owners can handle check-in for classes or other events themselves, employees are free to answer questions, ring up sales and interact with dogs,” said Mark Van Wye, COO of Zoom Room.

The CHS Series 7 barcode scanner sends data to the iPad via a wireless Bluetooth connection. Running on the iPad is a custom web application that not only enables customers to check in, but also look up class schedules, enroll in courses or reserve  facilities for a pet’s birthday party, adoption anniversary or other event — all electronically without paper.

The iPad and sleekly designed Socket barcode scanner not only look stylish together at the front desk, but also help to promote Zoom Room’s identity as a hip, innovative, eco-friendly company in an industry not known for embracing technology.


Besides customers at the self check-in station, employees also use the iPad and Socket barcode scanner for tasks such as registering customers away from the front desk. The portable devices are also used at offsite locations such as pet fairs for gathering data from prospective customers.

In addition to dog training services, Zoom Room also sells eco-friendly dog toys, snacks and other merchandise. When there is a line at the main cash register, employees can spontaneously take the iPad and Socket barcode scanner to operate a mobile point of sale and reduce wait times (i.e., linebusting).

Zoom Room currently uses 10 Socket barcode scanners at its 10 training centers and plans to purchase more for future locations.

For more information about Socket scanners and how to make use of barcodes in any application, contact us at Barcodes Inc.

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