Wolverine Runs SAP on Pioneer POS S-Line Point of Sale Touchcomputers

Posted December 5, 2011

More often than not someone has either heard of or worn shoes or apparel made by Hush Puppies®, Patagonia®, or Wolverine®. These iconic shoe and apparel brands are just several that comprise Rockford, Michigan based Wolverine Worldwide, Inc. As Wolverine puts it, “few companies can say they have the world at their feet, both literally and figuratively. As a global marketer of branded footwear, as well as apparel and accessories, this apt saying not only speaks to our focus, but also to the bright future before us”.

Since Wolverine manufactures and sells high quality shoes and other apparel, they needed a high quality POS hardware solution for their retail stores. When they found out their current hardware solution was being discontinued, they started looking for a new solution.

Wolverine’s retail stores are used to peak performance from their previous POS hardware, and looked to continue that consistency and durability. The Pioneer POS S-Line with integrated Epson thermal printer was the perfect fit. The S-Line will run SAP Retail to handle the storefront POS, which interfaces with SAP’s own backend ERP server.

With approximately 100 stores located in the US and UK, every Wolverine Worldwide store requires 2 POS hardware units for their retail stores. Pioneer POS was able to do a fully customizable solution for Wolverine by adding a RAID solution plus an internal CF reader, as well as both changing and cleaning up internal cabling for the S-Line to fit Wolverines needs. Wolverine also was able to implement Motorola’s MC75A wireless enterprise digital assistant handhelds for storefront inventory control, and OKI Data printers for Wolverine’s back office printing needs. Chris said that “for 2 years we have been extraordinarily happy with Pioneer as a POS company. Their serviceability and more importantly they customization abilities is second to none”. The S-Line runs most Windows operating systems and offers a wide range of integrated peripherals, such as magnetic stripe readers, biometric reader, barcode scanners and secondary displays making it ideal for retail point-of-sale.

The The S-Line Series is an all-in-one design, allowing for easy set-up by integrating a touchcomputer with a compact design. Chris said that the footprint of the S-Line “reduced counter space to improve sales” which is perfectly appropriate and in line with what Pioneer is all about…reducing cable clutter and generating additional revenue. The S-Line is also available in 3 sizes freeing up counter pace besides your POS terminal by eliminating the need of an external printer. Additional space can also generate additional revenue by displaying advertisements or selling other merchandise. The S-Line also helps conserve energy since it powers its printer internally eliminating the need for an additional power.

Chris also mentioned that the S-Line is “now the standard POS for all stores and implementation will reach about 150 units with 50 installed so far with the total amount project being about $450,000 over for the entire Wolverine Worldwide retail footprint”. He went on to mention that “because Pioneer POS was willing and able to customize the end product, I would say that they far exceeded Wolverine’s expectations”. Training at each store only took 1-2 days with all remaining replacement system installations currently in progress. Over 100 remaining retail stores are due to have customized units delivered and installed over the next year.

In the end, Wolverine and their world renowned brand names that make up their diverse portfolio needed a POS solution, and Pioneer POS to provide the perfect answer. With such a diverse business model and established global footprint covering 190 countries and territories Chris conclude that with the overall installation is still in progress, Wolverine “very happy“ with the progress and Pioneer POS.

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