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Pioneer POS Touch Terminal

Pioneer POS touch system has a flexible design capable to fit into various applications/markets, such as fine dining restaurants, fast food chains, hospitals, Internet browser, information kiosks, manufacturing automation, and time attendance.

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Pioneer StealthTouch M7 POS Touch Terminal

Pioneer StealthTouch M7

The Pioneer StealthTouch M7 is a 17" all-in-one touchcomputer powered by Intel Pentium-M technology, up to 2GHz. It can be setup to run fanless and diskless as thin client, therefore reducing dust and grease intakes, and improve life of the...

$1,902.50 to $3,484.90

Pioneer CYPRUS

Pioneer CYPRUS

The CYPRUS offers a stylish and powerful solution for today's demanding applications. It runs Intel's Core technology, and allows data to be communicated via its Intel Gigabit network or USB 3.0 ports. Every CYPRUS"s screen is protected against...

$1,547.40 to $3,608.00

Pioneer StealthTouch II

Pioneer StealthTouch II

The StealthTouch II has a sleek and modern look, and is rugged to withstand harsh and demanding environments. A wide range of peripherals can be seamlessly integrated onto the StealthTouch, such as magnetic stripe reader (MSR), smart card reader...

$1,882.00 to $3,068.20

Pioneer S-Line II

Pioneer S-Line II

The S-Line II redefines the all-in-one design by integrating an EPSON thermal receipt printer into a touchcomputer. Its compact design allows easy setup, and will save precious counter space, reduce cable clutter, and last but not least, generate...

$1,481.10 to $3,196.60

Pioneer STEP-5e

Pioneer STEP-5e

The STEP-5e offers an outstanding value and speed in the retail and hospitality environments. It prints up to 300 mm/second, and has an auto-cutter life of 2 million cuts to meet the high-volume printing application. In addition to text and...


Pioneer DASH T2 Tablet Computer

Pioneer DASH T2

The T2 is a robust 7" Tablet PC, designed to provide mobility in many vertical applications. The T2 is sealed against spill and dust, and able to withstand a 4-foot drop. With Windows 8.1 preloaded, application developers will take less time to...


Pioneer DASH T3

Pioneer DASH T3

The T3 is a 10.1" Windows Tablet PC, designed to provide portability and mobility in many vertical applications. The T3's versatile design offers several integrated device options, such as magnetic stripe reader, smart card reader, biometric reader,...

$838.50 to $2,186.40

Pioneer CarisTouch 18M

Pioneer CarisTouch 18M

The CarisTouch CT18M is a state-of-the-art 19" mobile computer designed for various types of clinician documentation. It is powered with our RXchange hot-swappable battery system that will provide a 24x7 mobile computing, virtually eliminating the...

$2,874.00 to $4,629.90

Pioneer CarisTouch 15M

Pioneer CarisTouch 15M

The CT15M is a purpose-built 15" mobile computer that allows the clinicians to work more efficiently over the use of laptops. During daily documentation tasks, a laptop needs to be plugged onto the wall for charging, thus interrupting the workflow....

$2,643.40 to $2,808.00

Pioneer Accessories

$29.30 to $846.80

Pioneer Service Contract

$171.40 to $955.60

Pioneer Parts

Products and parts from Pioneer.

$15.60 to $9,206.40

Pioneer AIO-XV - Discontinued.

Pioneer StealthTouch M2 - Discontinued.

Pioneer StealthTouch M5 - Discontinued.

Pioneer StealthTouch M5/LX - Discontinued. Replaced by the Pioneer TOM-M5

Pioneer Stealth S-Line - Discontinued.

Pioneer Magnus XV - Discontinued.

Pioneer Magnus XV-2 - Discontinued.

Pioneer BOXi - Discontinued.

Pioneer TOM-M5 - Discontinued.

Pioneer TOM-M7 - Discontinued.

Pioneer StealthKiosk - Discontinued.

Pioneer 17inch CarisTouch - Discontinued.

Pioneer 21inch CarisTouch - Discontinued.

Pioneer ST-EP4 - Discontinued.

Pioneer Asterix DASH - Discontinued.

Pioneer StealthTouch PXi - Discontinued. Replaced by the Pioneer AIO-XV

Pioneer StealthTouch Infinity - Discontinued.

Pioneer 15inch Caris Touch - Discontinued.

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