Why Automate Your Picking Solution?

Posted August 30, 2016

Being right 99% of the time seems like a quality percentage – until you calculate what that 1% actually costs an organization.

  • Babies born annually in the United States = 3,932,181
    • At 99% accuracy 39,322 babies are sent home to the wrong parents
  • Prescriptions filled annually in the United States = 4.27 billion
    • At 99% accuracy 42.7 million Rx are filled incorrectly
  • Distribution Centers pick 250 million units annually
    • At 99% accuracy 2.5 million units are picked incorrectly
      • That’s almost 7,000 units picked incorrectly every day if working 365 days/year

According to recent survey results from Honeywell, organizations that measure the cost of mis-picks are on average losing >$400,000 a year due to mis-picks in the picking workflow! These costs include:

  • Wasted man-hours
  • Incremental shipping costs
  • Increased customer service resources
  • Loss of customer satisfaction

As you can see it is important to have a warehouse fulfillment center that is accurately delivering your customer’s products on time. Click here to learn more about picking or call one of our representatives for a free consultation on a picking solution.

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