Unitech’s Newest 2D Scanner Additions – FC77 and FC75

Posted September 4, 2014

2014-09-04_0814Unitech is launching the FC75 and FC77, two different hands-free scanners that offer unique features to customer-facing applications. They are currently available and will be showcased at Vartech 2014 in New Orleans next month.

Both devices are able to read 1D and 2D barcodes off screens quickly and aggressively, making them great for reading coupons and capturing payment on smartphones. Their powerful scan engines make it easy to capture data from any angle, and their compact design makes them easy to place on a front counter or somewhere behind the scenes.

Whether it’s error-proofing and product tracking in manufacturing spaces or streamlining check-ins by reading boarding passes in transportation, the FC75 is an exciting scanner to add to the Unitech line. The tiny FC75 can be mounted onto the side of a register or POS system. It’s equipped with a scan trigger for on-demand scanning and is available with a stand. It’s simple to switch between hands-free and on-demand scanning, simply consult the handy Quick Start Guide included with every scanner.

Compact, 2D, and adjustable–the FC77 is the perfect scanner for the front counter. Enjoy the versatility provided by 102 degrees of adjustment and the ability to capture composite, stacked, and digital barcodes off screens. The FC77 presentation scanner is equipped with visible and audible good read notifications for ultimate usability. The expanded scan window grabs data from any 1D or 2D barcode in an instant.

Unitech is continually expanding their collection of scanners that read digital barcodes off of smartphone, tablet, and computer screens. Other Unitech products that offer this functionality include the MS840 corded and MS840P wireless scanners, their 2D counterparts the MS842 and MS842P, and our MS920 2D pocket scanner.

For assistance finding the right Unitech scanner for your needs, contact us at Barcodes Inc.

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